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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
Jacksonville, FL
November 30, 2005

Our Youth Chair Linda Phelps called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. In attendance were Dorothy Dawson, Lionel Leach, Larry & Nancy Seifert, John Wisner (for Harold "Lefty" Martin) Lance Turley, Erika Baxter, Bob Flint, Mary Elizabeth Aude, Norine Richardson, Liz Turner Suscha.

Linda welcomed the Committee and Visitors. The visitors were asked to sign in for our records.

Nancy asked for an approval of the minutes from our phone conferences and our October meeting. They were approved as read.

Additions to the agenda were given:

  1. Background checks by Bob Flint
  2. Closed session by Mary Elizabeth Aude

Issues Discussed:

Linda reported that 32 athletes went to Morocco for World Youth. She then introduced our new Manager of Grass Roots, Liz Turner Suscha. She also mentioned that Andy Martin is Director of Grass Roots and Mona Mascher is Youth Program Coordinator.

At the Annual Meeting, Mona will be handing out information booklets for the Executive Committee. Agendas will be available for everyone the entire week. Linda would like to see these booklets made up for the entire Committee next year.

Liz reported that we are looking forward to the CC Meet. She commented on the LOC From Morgan State, Greensboro and Spokane for 2006. They have been in discussion with them to move the events forward. Work in Baltimore is progressing. Completion should be on March 31, 2006. It has been decided by the Youth Ex. Committee that if a facility is not complete that the site committee will not consider it for a bid. Bob feels that it should be stated in the bid document. National Office is trying to get a definite time for bid contracts going out and coming in. Liz explained how the event calendar on the web site works and how helpful it is. Information from the Youth Chairs and Regional Coordinators has to get to National Office in a timely manner.

Linda went over the agenda for the Youth Committee Meetings at the Annual Meeting. She feels we need to attend the General Competition Division Meeting to find out about what they are proposing. Nancy mentioned that all 2006 and 2007 bidders have been told we will be using a 6-day schedule. John asked about the field schedule. Linda will make sure that the field referees will be involved in the scheduling.

The World Youth 2007 will be Ostrava Czech Republic July 18-22. Linda has asked Erika to check on cultural events. Larry & Lefty are reviewing the World Youth application.

NARTB will be getting a Grievance decision to us by Wednesday 12-7-05.

Bid applications will be on the web by 2-1-06. The team will be Linda, Nancy, Norine, and Liz. They will go over them to make sure they are okay.

The indoor Zonal Meets will be: East 2-26-06 at New York Armory. South at LSU indoor facility on 2-18-06. Midwest at Aida Ohio on 2-18-06. West at Reno University on 2-11-06. The funds look good for the Zonal Meets.

Spring Executive Committee Meeting will be in Baltimore on April 7-8-9.

Linda would like us to recommend what we need to discuss regarding L&L to the Youth Committee. Lionel will meet with Norine, and Ken to go over the items. Regulations were pulled by Linda and she did housekeeping and submitted to L&L. We asked to have page 17 removed.

Bob Flint is concerned about the background checks and why they aren't in place yet. Linda will present to the Board of Directors and find out what the hold up is.

Linda thanked our visitors for coming and asked them to leave for an Executive Closed Session.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Nancy Seifert
Youth National Secretary

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