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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
Indianapolis, IN
March 19, 2005

Our meeting was called to order by our Chairman Linda Phelps at 8:45 a.m. In attendance were Mona Mascher, Larry Seifert, Liz Turner, Andy Martin, Erika Baxter, Lionel Leach, Nancy Seifert, Norine Richardson, Dorothy Dawson, Sam Germany, Lance Turley, Harold "Lefty" Martin, and (guest) Robin Beamon.

Linda welcomed everyone and introduced Liz Turner as our specials Projects liaison and Andy Martin as our Grass Roots Program Director.

Nancy asked for agenda additions. Andy asked that we add Association and Regional Championship Promotions. She also asked for approval of the phone conference minutes of February 15th that were e-mailed. They were approved.


Robin Beamon, the Event Director, spoke to us regarding the JO meet in Indianapolis. The meet is being put on by two Associations, Illinois and Indiana. National Staff will be there to facilitate the program. Lefty mentioned that there was an error in the Club package that went out. It stated club scoring for the JO meet in error. Liz will make the correction. Robin also mentioned another error with the hammer. It is an exhibition event for JO'S not a regular event. Lance also mentioned that the hammer paperwork showed different weights. Larry said we must use what is shown in the rule book. These items will be corrected. There will be a Coach's level 1 clinic held, and the LOC will be conducting it. Mona will have the Board go over the information for the Passport before it is published. The Regional Coordinators will be contacted to find out how many passports they will need as we are trying to cut down on the number to be printed. Every club will be sent one, and it will be on the web site. Lefty mentioned about Rule 146 (protests). Robin suggested we put it in the Passport.

Youth Athletics Meet in Knoxville: The final site review is set for April 22, 23, 24. Shirley, Linda and Lefty and possibly Mona or Andy will be going. The passport for the Youth Meet will be out this week for our review. Knoxville will not be using USATF online registration as they have decided to use the "Coach O" system. Sam asked about future meets. Linda has sent out agreement letters to Baltimore regarding the 2006 meet and Jill Pilgrim is working on our new bid proposal.

Cross Country: There is a possibility we may be using chip timing for the 2005 meet. Lance will discuss with our Cross Country Chair Ron Boemker and use the chip this year on a trial basis. Lefty suggested we follow the rule book regarding timing and use the chip as secondary. Linda asked that Lance and Larry do a study at this 2005 Cross Country meet and report at the 2006 January conference call.

Indoor Zone Meets: Mona reported that there were 62 athletes at the Western Zone Meet. Dorothy reported there were over 100 athletes at the Central Midwest meet. Lionel reported around 400 athletes at the Northeast Zone Meet. Erika was out of the country, but will request a report. Larry mentioned possibly adding the other age groups to increase numbers. We will also get information out sooner on the meets. A motion was made to have National Office send out a letter to all the Associations by April 1st asking them to send dates and places to their Zone rep. by May 15th.

World Youth: Duffy Mahoney will replace Sandy Snow. He and Bob Flint will be going to the onsite visit in April. There are approximately 24 YW and 24 YM from our list of athletes who have met the standards. Darrel Hampton feels we can complete the field with 34 athletes. Mona will be sending out letters to those that qualify. The staffing recommendation has changed to take four coaches and four managers due to the reduction in the number of athletes from previous years. There will be other support personnel: 1 or 2 appointed athletes from Athletes Advisory, medical staff, and possibly 1 or 2 security.

Youth Guide: Mona showed us a sample of what the new Youth Guide will look like.
Lefty suggested that we put in the Youth meet records. He will contact Denise Smotherman and Jim Duncan for their input.

Rule Change: Nancy gave a handout of rules that Glenn Fortune summarized regarding Youth. They will be sent out to Youth chairs, and Regional Coordinators. Lance gave us a handout regarding the implementing of the hammer over the years starting with 2006-2008. Linda is concerned about the education component. Lionel asked if any developmental monies available at National Office that we could use for Education regarding the hammer. We will look into the possibility. Regional Coordinators need to be told in advance that the hammer can be advanced at the Regional, unless they are able to do it as an exhibition.

Medals: Liz spoke about three new medals we will be using and how to order them from National office.

Proposals: Sam showed samples of certificates that he feels should be handed out to the athletes who participate in our National Meets. We will need to check into the cost. Mona will get a quote. Lionel said if under $900 he will get it underwritten. Sam made a motion that an All American Certificate be awarded to the IAAF World Youth Team. Motion carried.

Annual meeting planning: We need to look into some changes in our rules and by-laws for Youth. Something also needs to be done regarding disciplinary actions, possibly going to four years instead of two years for our elected officers, and look at our elections and nominating procedures.

Club Registration: Lefty asked about the $100 penalty fee. Linda spoke to Alan Roth and this year it will be a warning on the National level, Associations may hold to this. It will definitely go into effect next year. Lionel will send out a voice blast to all the clubs.

Motion to adjourn at 6:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Nancy Seifert
Youth National Secretary

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