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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
Phoenix, AZ
March 20, 2004

The Meeting was called to order at 9:15am by Chairman Bob Flint. In attendance were Larry Seifert, Linda Phelps, Mary Aude, Dorothy Dawson, Kim Haines, Rita Ramsey, Lionel Leach, Harold "Lefty" Martin, Bob Kreutz, Erika Baxter, Bob Flint, Norine Richardson, Nancy Seifert.

Bob thanked everyone for attending the meeting

Minutes and agenda: Nancy passed out the previous minutes and they were approved. The agenda was then handed out to the committee for approval and several items were added for discussion under new business.


Bob Flint passed out an agenda that we will utilize with the LOC when we go to on-sites.

At the Annual Meeting, Bill Roe appointed Alan Roth chair over the committees consisting of Youth, Masters and Associations. Alan wants to start a site access sub committee for all athletes to practice. Lionel volunteered to be part of the committee. Bob will advise Alan.

World Youth Staff Selection: Bob presented an outline for picking the staff for the World Youth Team. The Board agreed to the outline. Some names will be submitted by the Ex. Board. Bob Kreutz would like to see the people from last year's youth trip get together with the new committee and discuss problems, etc. The board felt this was a good idea. We have concerns about the location and the cost. Kim suggested we cut down on the number of athletes. This will be considered. A close watch on what is going on in that part of the country is being done.

Zonal Meets: Linda reported the Zonal meet in New York went very well. There were about 500 athletes. We entered into this as an already established meet. Lefty reported that the meet in Illinois had a little over 150 entries and went well. He felt it was a great location and would recommend we go there next year. Information will need to get out earlier next year. It will be given out at the Annual Meeting, with dates established before the Youth and JO Meets. We are recommending that the date be set for the President's day weekend.

New Sponsors: Rita informed us that we now have Sunny-D and Ben Gay as new sponsors. Sunny D has given monies for the "Pursuit of Excellence" travel grants. She will discuss with Mark Springer what the budget will be. That will determine how many clubs will be considered for funds.

Regional Coordinator Report: Larry showed us the new JO entry form and showed the new additions. He suggested we let all the Youth Chairs know that they need to have their club numbers for the new form. This will make it easier for the Hy-Tek entries to be done.

Cross Country rule & Vendors: Bob Flint feels that the rule regarding the width of the starting line and elevation is ambiguous. This is going to be discussed with the present Cross Country chair Ron Boemker and the past chair Bob Kreutz as to how we can clarify this in our rule book. There were some problems with vendors at the Cross Country Meet. Kim suggested that we talk to the LOC about these problems at the onsite visit.

Cross Country Nike/New division in USATF Cross Country: They are not replacing Foot Locker, which goes head to head with their program. Nike is calling it a "Team Championship". They will be going with eight regions, and taking the top 25 teams ranked by high school groups. Nike is funding the entire program. All athletes and clubs would have to be USATF members. The date is the first week in December (2-3-4). The eight region division is still being worked on. Information on our new High School division for cross country Nationals will be put in our Youth and JO Passport. Bob Kreutz and Larry will discuss how we can get the teams.

Term of Office (by-law change): Lefty would like to see the Youth Committee follow the same procedure as the National Officers and go with election every four years rather then every two years. This will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

Emergency Weather Plan: Lefty feels that we need some kind of a plan for the final day of the meet. The Youth committee will work on some ideas to implement this plan.

Background Check: Lionel reported that the Associations not involved in the pilot program can do background checks. It is not mandatory. An individual at this time can call the National Office if you want someone checked. This would be at your own cost. At this time we have 10-12 Associations involved in the pilot program.

Religious Service and Meets: Linda had an inquiry about having a religious service at a track meet. Norine stated that they can pass out flyers but it can't be tied into the track meet. It can be held before or after. It can be held during, as long as it involves a small group that does not interfere with the meet.

Youth Web Site: Lefty would like to develop a better manner of getting information out to the membership. Lionel suggested USATF to link to the information you need. Lionel will be our web master and it will be up and running by April 1, 2004.

National Qualifiers to JO: Larry quoted the rule as to how entries are to be handled. Lionel stated that someone will be delegated at Buffalo for the Junior Nationals. They will send the entry forms to the Regional Coordinators. Rita said she and Mark will make sure the World Youth Team entries are sent in.

Credibility of Coaches: Dorothy feels that we need to implement a punishment for coaches that are caught cheating at a National level. Norine said we do not have anything in our rule book that addresses this issue. Lionel is going to propose a grievance procedure to the Board for their approval.

Hammer sub-committee: Bob Kreutz feels that we need to make sure that the athletes have some kind of knowledge of what they are doing before they are allowed to throw the hammer.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm

Respectfully submitted by,
Nancy Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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