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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
Phoenix, AZ
April 12, 2003

Meeting called to order at 8:15 a.m. In attendance were Larry Seifert (Regional Coordinator representative), Dorothy Dawson, Mark Springer, Kim Haines, Lefty Martin, Glenn Fortune, Rita Ramsey, Bob Kreutz, Linda Phelps, Erika Baxter, Norinne Richardson, Robin Beamon (JO Presentation) Nancy Seifert, Bob Flint, Hali Robinson (World Youth Presentation).

Nancy asked for approval of the agenda. Additions made. Agenda approved. Minutes approved from the February teleconference and December meeting. The minutes will be put on the web site.


A new form for Pole Vaulting was presented from Pat Pretty showing name, weight, pole rating and signature of coach and athletic director. This form will be implemented at the Youth and Junior Olympic Meets.

The Youth National Championship needs to be looked into, as far as raising the numbers. We may consider it being held by USATF or possibly having the different Zones holding it. Bob Flint and Mark will look into the possibilities.

Information for all USATF Youth meets is on the Web site. Online registration is being tried for the Youth Meet in Buffalo. Mark passed out samples of the new medals that will be used this year for the Youth Meets.

Erika asked that we go back to using certificates of participation for the Youth Meets. It was suggested they be put in the Packets handed out to the athletes. This will be done at the meets starting this year.

Should we require USATF membership at the preliminary meets? This is an Association decision.

Ray Vandersteen presented a waiver form for the athlete to sign, that would be good for the calendar year. Board felt it was a good idea. Mark will work on it.

The concept of a USATF National Youth Club Relay Challenge was mentioned, to be held during the summer. The Board felt it would be a bad time and also the question of mixing age groups we felt would not work out.

At the convention the Associations were presented apparel packets. Mark would like us to consider ordering, and will send information to youth chairs for an optional Association and Regional JO program T-shirt. The board feels that the Associations should consider ordering.

Lionel gave a report on the Youth National in Buffalo. Everything is right on schedule. More hotels are being added to the web site. You can use your credit card on the web. A mailing is going to each Association to encourage online entries.

Robin gave a presentation on the Junior Olympic Meet in Miami. All is in order and on schedule. There will be a video board put up at the meet. There will also be some additional seating put in for the meet.

Bob Flint reported that the Youth National meet for 2004 may have to change their site. A time frame of six weeks will be given to them to let us know what they are going to do. Bob will get a letter regarding the above out to the committee in charge.

Larry presented changes in the forms for the JO meet. These were approved by the Board. The cross country entry form will be looked at for approval at a later time. If a problem with advancement comes up this should be worked out with the Association Youth chair person and the Regional Coordinator, and then the Zone Rep. If the problem can't be resolved it should then be presented to the Youth Chair.

Some of the Associations are asking that the entry fees be raised. Lionel made a motion that the Executive Board make a recommendation at convention that the maximum entry fees be raised $1.00 across the board for track & field. Bob Kreutz made a motion that the Executive Board make a recommendation at convention that the national Cross Country fee be raised to $10.00. Motions carried.

It was suggested that Meet Results from the Youth Meets be given to Regional Coordinators only upon request to Rita. Larry requested the full results be put on the USATF web.

The problems at the Cross Country meet in Carrollton were mentioned. Some felt the boxes too small, and the starting procedure not acceptable, and the course closed because of inclement weather. The Board concurred that there were just a few complaints and the overall consensus was that it was a good meet considering the weather.

USATF events and Association event date conflicts. We need to make this a rule that Associations and USATF organizations cannot put on events that conflict with a National meet.

Glenn will present a change in the rule 240 3b regarding the 400 meter track at the Regional meet. He will request that the "shall" part of the rule be changed.

Lionel and the Coaches Background Screening Task Force reported they would like to come up with a generic type of coaches investigation. They will continue to work on this.

Hali reported that the World Youth team will be selected by end of April or beginning of May 2003. He discussed the qualifying standards for the athletes chosen. Bob Flint feels we should take the highest ranked persons. The list of athletes is being updated based on their best times, etc.

Travel will be done with buses for the athletes only.

Security will be taken care of possibly by the USOC.

Lefty suggested that we have a functional committee regarding the World Youth Program and have some permanent guidelines as to how matters should be conducted. Rita and Mark would handle matters from the National Office.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Nancy Seifert
Youth National Secretary

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