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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
Phoenix, AZ
March 9, 2002

Youth Athletics Committee met at 9:00 AM.

In Attendance: Bob Flint, Nancy Seifert, Bob Kreutz, Carl Wallace, Lefty Martin, Norine Richardson, Linda Phelps, Larry Seifert, Dorothy Dawson, Erika Baxter, Rita Ramsey, Mark Springer


Complaint from San Diego regarding comments made at the Annual Meeting: Norine suggested that Bob send them a letter or e-mail telling them we feel the issue is has been resolved.

Shortage of Rooms in Omaha, NE

Bob has contacted John Wissler and he John assured us that there are more than enough rooms for the meet.

Association and Regional Championship Results

Results not getting on the Internet. National Office getting many inquiries. This is a request, it is not mandatory.

LA Jets requesting payment for airline tickets purchased based on incorrect dates

The National Office is not responsible for this situation; it will be presented to the Illinois Association for them to look into.

2002 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships, Lincoln, NE

Many complaints were received regarding the results of the midget boys. Larry, Frosty and Bob handled them. We will also be working on manual guidelines for these major meets.

Bill Roe establishing New Committees

Bob mentioned that of these committees pertain to Youth and he is questioning why Youth people are not involved. He is looking into this matter.

Regional Championships complaints to Bob

Bob asked the individual regional coordinators to handle. Region X was handled by Ron Mascarenas and Region 1 by Bill Mongovan.

Bob's meeting with the USATF National Staff in Indianapolis, IN

He discussed the breakdown in communications between them and the Youth Committee. They will work on this problem. He also discussed the rights fees for our National Meets. They will be changed as will the 10% apparel clause. A discussion about changing the grants to 20 at $500 instead of 10 at $1,000 will also be considered.

Future Bid Forms

These are being worked on and will be ready for the next bids going out.

List of the National Staff for Youth Athletics Championships

This was handed out to the executive committee.

Possibility of a Youth Magazine

Lionel Leach is looking into this matter and Bob will keep us updated.

Funding for Regional Coordinators Representative

Dorothy cleared this up at convention and a representative was voted in, Larry Seifert.

Guidelines for running a Regional Meet

This was presented to Larry by Frosty and DeEtte Anderson (Region 8 Coordinators) and will be made available to those interested.

Update Keith Lively on the Association Web

Larry will ask the regional coordinators to get information to Keith to update the web.

Committee shirts for National Meets

Mark and Rita will be handling this.

Junior Olympic Award Request Applications and Entry Forms for Youth and JO

Rita passed out the Award Request form and Entry Forms. These will be available to the Associations and Regions having meets this year. A cover sheet will go out explaining the procedure to be followed. Forms are also available on the web site.

Adding sub-bantam to Association meet

Those associations that want to have sub-bantam will be need to add that category on the Award Request and Entry Forms on their own.

2003 World Youth Championships

The meet will be held in Sherbrooke Canada on July 9-13, 2003. Staff and coaches will be chosen by June 1.

Nike Shoe offer to clubs

A concern about the survey asking if you are an AAU club also. We felt it was just part of the survey, and was not a determining factor in getting the shoes to the club requesting.

Using Palm Pilots at National Meets

We will check with Robin for the Youth Meet to find out if they will be used. It is much faster and more accurate. We will still require paperwork as a back up plan.

Dual meet being held for USATF and AAU

The Association that reported this to us was advised that they needed to get documentation to us and we will then look into the matter.

Confidentially of Bids

All discussions with the Executive Committee must remain confidential as well as those involved on the site visits.

Future Bids

Bids will go out for 2004 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships. All other bids are up to date up to 2004.

Video Equipment for JO Cross Country

Larry will get the information and make sure it is in the new bid proposal.

Other Business

Track & Field News' February Issue -- there was editorial stating that Grass Roots started at the AAU. We will ask Craig Masback to get this cleared up and ask that a clarification be made in a future copy of the magazine.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM

Respectfully submitted by
Nancy J. Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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