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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
August 23, 2001 - 9:00 p.m.

Those taking part on the conference call were: Bob Flint, Linda Phelps, Erika Baxter, Lionel Leach, Dorothy Dawson, John Wissler, Nancy Seifert, Bob Kreutz, Mark Springer, Rita Ramsey.


Regional Coordinators representation at Board Meetings.

By-law changes regarding bids three years out.

Racewalk being restricted to first two and third on performance standards at Junior Olympics.

Standards for Youth be enforced.

Who has control at our major meets? Meet management or referee?

Associations and sub-bantam. Contact Regional coordinators for feedback. Also check on time it would take to run sub-bantam at major meets.

Be more firm with athletes and clubs found cheating at meets.

Find out why more athletes are being sent in some regions then allowed.

We need to adhere more closely to the rules of our contracts. Fines should be applied.

Check into the Hytech program.


A motion was made to have one Regional coordinator at the Miami Executive Board meeting. Seconded and carried.

Conference Call ended at 10:05PM

Respectfully submitted by,

Nancy J. Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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