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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
Indianapolis, IN
March 17, 2001

The Youth Athletics Committee met at the USATF office at approximately 8:00AM.

Members present: Bob Flint, Dorothy Dawson, Nancy Seifert, Lionel Leach, Bob Kreutz, Erika Baxter, Linda Phelps, John Wissler, and Carl Wallace. Non voting members present were Kim Haines, Mark Springer, Rita Ramsey, Norine Richardson, Mary Watters, Marlene Flint, Thomas McLean.


USATF Board of Directors Report

Regional Coordinators at Cross Country

Appointments and Recommendations for the Youth and Junior Olympic Meets

Directing Association and Regional Problems to proper people

Youth National Office Report by Mark Springer

Youth National Update by Mary Waters

Report of World Youth Championships by Kim Haines

Educational Sports Programs presentation by Ron Boemker (Turbo Jav)

Junior Olympic National Championships - Sacramento

Craig Masback speaks to the Committee

Junior Olympic Entry form and Regional Hytek Disc.

Cross Country Nationals - Lincoln. How many Regional Coordinators should attend?

Officials Compensation

Schedule Conflict - AAU

Youth Club Support moneys.

New Business: Web-Site and E-Mail, At Large Members, Sub-Bantam participation in National meets, Utah Lawsuit, New bid contract, Per-Diem for ex-board.


Regional Coordinators at cross country Nationals: If moneys left in Regional Coordinators budget, they are allowed to use for cross-country. This would apply to Regional Coordinators. In the area of bidding. Motion made and carried.

Educational Sports Programs: John Wissler asked that Ron Boemker implement a "how to" on officiating the Turbo Jav. Ron will do so.

Junior Olympic National Championships - Sacramento: John Wissler made a motion to have removed from the web site the Central Housing contact and the non-refundable deposit requirement, and put on the list of the hotels and rates. Motion carried by all. A motion was made by Linda Phelps to have a form sent to each Association so they can print up what they need along with their information sheet for their meet. Motion carried. Lionel Leach made a motion for the committee to review changes on the form and get printed ASAP. Motion carried.

Junior Olympic Entry Form & Regional Hytek Disc: Linda Phelps will have ready within the week. On the relay form: John Wissler made a motion that the roster form has the 6 boxes removed from the front, add distance on the front, add team on back and boxes on the back showing 4x1, 4x4, 4x8 etc. All approved except Nancy Seifert and Lionel Leach. Motion carried.

Schedule conflict - AAU: Mark Springer will ask Bill Roe to discuss with them about our dates of meets and trying to work this out.

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM

Respectfully submitted by,

Nancy J. Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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