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Youth Athletics Committee 2006 Annual Meeting Minutes

Indianapolis, IN
December, 2006

November 29, 2006 - Session One
Session called to order at 3:45 p.m. - Quorum present

Lionel Leach called the meeting to order and asked those outside please come in. He welcomed everyone as Linda is in an Executive Board of Director's meeting and she will be a little late.

He went over protocol regarding cell phones. We have a microphone in the middle of the floor so please use it when making comments after you are called upon.

Nancy asked that everyone read the booklet that they received regarding the Frank Sevigne and Bill Hargrove awards as well as Association certificates. Please make sure you hand them in at the end of today's session.

Nancy then asked for Agenda additions:

  1. Site Selection and forming a Committee: John Wissler
  2. Chips for XC: John Wissler
  3. Mark Springer award status: John Wissler
  4. T.C. Logic Inc. regarding background screening: Lionel Leach
  5. Alternate medals for Regional Teams: Earl Thomas

A motion was made to accept the agenda with additions. Motion was seconded and approved.

Nancy asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the 2005 published Annual Meeting minutes. Motion was made, seconded and approved.

Lionel invited all new members to stand up and be acknowledged.

Lionel mentioned TC Logic Inc. being brought in tomorrow at 1:30 p.m.

Grass Roots Program Manager Report

Lionel introduced Liz Turner Suscha to report as the Grass Roots Program Manager. She spoke to her position of working on the Annual Meeting and telling us that she will be attending our meetings as often as she can get away. She then proceeded to introduce our new Youth Grass Roots assistant McKenze Murphy who will also be in and out of our meetings. Liz said that booklets were printed with reports and she suggested that we look at them. She touched on the Mark Springer travel Grant fund. 40 youth clubs received $1,000 from the foundation for 2006. Grants, amounting to over $130,000, have been awarded to over 55 clubs in the past few years. USATF has initiated the Youth Experience project. Planning for the 2007 World Youth Meet, which is in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, is in full swing. Part of the 2005 group participated in the World Championships.

The Rhode Island National CC was a great success despite the bad weather.

The Youth meet in June in Greensboro had a good turn out.

There were around 6700 athletes in Baltimore for the National JO Championships.

Liz thanked all for their help in making the meets successful.

2007 will bring more administrative support for the world Youth, the Zonal meets and of course the 2007 JO season.

Liz will be out for two months on maternity leave. McKenze, National Office and our Youth Chair will be handling matters.

She thanked everyone for their support.

Bid Procedure - Site Visits

Lionel asked Nancy to speak about the on sites and mentioned how they came about.

There were initially twelve bids received when we started out, but Linda felt that we should review them to ensure that bids were viable before we conducted the actual on-site visits. Linda, Bob Kreutz, Liz and I made calls to make sure the submitters met the requirements stated in the Bid Document. We were able to narrow it down to eight bids,s which would have on-site visits.

Linda asked me to lead the on-site team. I set up the on site-visits and they were done through the month of October and November. Those that did the on site visits were: Shirley Crowe, Lefty Martin, Inez Finch, Bob Flint, Bob Kreutz, Larry Seifert and myself.

Bid Procedure - Site Visit Reports:

Bob Kreutz reported on Cross Country. He asked everyone to read the evaluation sheets and listen to the presentation to make their decisions, as we have many good bids.

Bob Flint reported on the Junior Olympic Track and Field evaluation in Omaha. They are our only bid. They have done a very good job in the past and based on the information we have thus far we feel that they will continue to do so.

Lefty Martin made a report on the Youth Athletics Track and Field. He mentioned that we pay close attention to the evaluation sheets and ask questions.

Proposal - New Youth Operating Procedure

Bob Flint and Inez Finch introduced a new by-law to be included in the Youth Operating Procedures regarding the four zone elections. Currently, in our by-laws, the zone representative can choose a person that they want to represent them when they can't make a Youth Executive Committee meeting. In addition, it was noted that our practice has been to elect the Alternate Zone Representatives; however, in last years election it was determined that we had used several different methods in the zone breakout elections.

Inez presented the proposal. Because this is not a by-law year, the committee will need 80% of the voting members this for consideration. She read the new by-law, which was in our booklet on page 25 and presented the reason for the change. The proposal states:

A second vote shall be conducted to select an alternate Zonal Representative. In the event that a Zonal Representative is unable to attend a Youth Executive Committee meeting, the elected alternate Zonal Representative shall represent the zone. In the event the Zonal Representative can no longer serve this position, the alternate Zonal Representative will succeed to the office and perform the duties of the Zonal Representative.

We need to be consistent with all of the zone representatives. John Wissler would like discussion after the 80% vote. We have a quorum of 43 and we only need 33. Discussion followed. Question called. The Motion was made by Inez Finch and Bob Flint to accept the new by-law. It was seconded and carried by a vote of 42 in favor.

On Saturday, the Youth Committee will elect the Alternates by the new procedure for the remaining year of the current Zone Representative term.

Youth Chair Report

Linda Phelps arrived from the USATF Board of Directors meeting. She thanked Lionel for handling the meeting to this point. Linda asked that we be prepared by reading our booklet that she sent out on line; there are also copies available for you to pick up here. We will adhere to the time limits and schedule.

She introduced our Youth Executive Committee, the Zone Representatives, the Legal Advisor (our time keeper) and Regional Coordinator Representative. She also introduced the Regional Coordinators. She also introduced the rest of the working part of the youth committee.

Cross Country: Linda commented on the 2005 Junior Olympic Cross Country National Championship Meet. Ron Boemker and his Rhode Island staff did a tremendous amount of work getting through the snow, sleet, rain, etc to put on the event. The sun came out for the competition, but the course had some snow which challenged the athletes.

Championship Meets - General: Linda described some of the process steps that we are now using to improve the championship meets.

For site select, the Youth Executive Committee has worked on the bid documents and standardized these for each meet. We start out by requesting an intent to bid, followed by bid document submission, and then follow up with a review/phone interview of all the other elements prior to visiting the sites.

For meet management, the following tasks have been introduced: monthly phone conferences with the championship event's Local Organizing Committee; a checklist to keep everyone on target; and a walk through the day before the actual meet to ensure everything is in order. The end result is having problems resolved before they happen.

It has helped immensely this year with both the Greensboro Youth Meet and the JO Meet at Morgan State. These activities have blended the National Staff and Local Organizing Committees into a focus group to manage each event. While not all challenges are eliminated, most are identified and targeted for action. Both meets ran well and it should be noted that for Morgan State an added challenge was the record number of athletes who participated in the meet.

Membership fees: The increase in fees is something we are all concerned about. Originally, this was to be tabled until the Annual Meeting, but it was brought back on a phone conference by the Executive Board and passed. There were two abstention votes and Linda was one of them. She was advised after the fact, that like a "no" vote, a person abstaining also could not bring back the topic for re-address.

Volunteers: To make our meets and our committee happen, we need volunteers. Volunteerism has dropped off considerably. We need to get more people involved. Hopefully our Youth Experience project will be helping our cause. There are many issues that we need to address; please see any committee officer to volunteer where you have an interest.

Values and integrity: We have about 1% of coaches out there that try to beat the system. A coaches meeting has been instituted at our National Meets by the Youth Chair to go over the rules. She needs you to take this message back to your coaches and people involved with our Youth. We as administrators and coaches need to set the example for our youth. USATF is under scrutiny like every other sport - we must lead our kids to develop the ethics needed for fair competition and to work for the elimination of the drugs and doping in our sport.

New Business

As we have completed all of the topics for today's session, it was suggested and approved that we address the new business items in the time remaining.

Item #1: Site selections. John Wissler made the motion to have a committee selected by the chair to bring back to the committee recommendations for improving the site selection process. Nancy suggested that John Wissler be made chair. Robin feels that we should decide on whom, what and why before we select a chair. Nancy said that she suggested John because he has the experience and expertise to be the chair. Bob Kreutz made a second to the motion based on what John wants us to do. Linda would like to see some people that have done on-sites to give John some feedback and have John present some pointers to the committee. Bob Kreutz, Denise Smotherman, Earl Thomas, Andrew Reynolds, and Mary Watters will meet after this session to discuss some items to present on the Saturday Session. This is a plan of action.

Item #2: Chips for Cross Country by JohnWissler: John made a motion that in 2009 that chip timing being used. There was no second. Motion failed.

Item #3: John Wissler said that at the last meeting we agreed to have a Mark Springer award program. We need to pull this together. Linda and Nancy will look up the minutes and report on this tomorrow. [Follow-up Note: the youth committee voted to establish this award program in 2005. The Youth Executive Committee needs to bring a plan/recommendation to the 2007 Annual Meeting to establish this.]

Item #4: Earl Thomas said that medals for alternates need to be given out. Linda has been honoring requests by coaches for medals the past two years after the meet. Linda would like to see that all alternates receive these medals at the meet in a formalized process. Cindy Long suggested that it be communicated to the operations trailer so that they can make sure it goes to awards.

Item #5: TC Logic Inc. made a presentation regarding background checks to the Committee.

Linda commented on why we have let this group come in and make a presentation. Choice Point has been approved by USATF. However, some associations can't use Choice Point as they cannot provide service in some states. As a result, some associations are looking for alternative options / services. Linda thanked them for coming in. Linda suggested that we ask them questions either now or possibly later.

Lionel suggested that we attend the General Competition meeting tomorrow morning and ask Alan Roth about TC Logic Inc. being an alternative for background checks.

Session adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

November 30, 2006 - Session 2
Session called to order at 1:45 p.m. - Quorum present

Linda welcomed everyone to this session.

Nancy gave out the Frank Sevigne and Bill Hargrove awards for 2005.

She also asked that the ballots be brought up for the 2006 Frank Sevigne and Bill Hargrove awards.

Tanya Rush reported on the 2006 Junior Olympic meet at Morgan State in Baltimore Maryland. She gave her individual thanks to all those who helped put on a great meet.

Update on upcoming championships:

Lawrence KS, Cross country 2007… Tim Weaver, Bob Sanners. They went over the package that they have for those coming to the meet. Greetings were brought from the Mayor of Lawrence KA. Their web site is

Spokane WA Cross country 2006… Abbie Dalton gave her report and said that everything is ready to go. She opened up to a question and answer period.

Walnut CA JO 2007… Mo Haneff and Lori Smith Thompson reported that they have been working on getting everything together. The web site is up. They handed out a flyer with information about the meet. They opened up to questions and answers.

Lisle IL: 2007 Youth Athletics… Larry Slade, Marc Jones, Dave Kunka reported that the meet is well on its way and everything is falling in place. Please pick up flyer and pens and maps at the table.

Youth Experience Project:

Dorothy Dawson spoke about the project and why the Youth Executive Committee agreed to support the project which was proposed and funded by the USATF Foundation. She introduced Brian Fields the project specialist. The task force met with Brian at a meeting in Indianapolis to develop the surveys and she felt that they had some very good results from those surveys. She asked Brian to come up and give his report. Linda further explained what was involved with their process.

Brian thanked everyone for being here for the presentation. He also thanked the entire task Force, Dorothy Dawson, Mary Elizabeth Aude, Sam Germany, Inez Finch, Nancy Seifert and Linda Phelps. He went into the details of the surveys that were taken and explained how they went about securing information from the Coaches, Parents, Regional Coordinators and Youth Chairs. Brian opened the session to questions and answer. He was asked about a flyer. Dorothy told Linda that she will have some out at the next session.

Linda said that Brian will have this survey done by the end of this year. The information will come to us based on the data that they have collected. All of the information will go to the foundation and they will determine what will be given to Youth.

Committee Reports:

Linda asked for any reports from chairs that were ready to be made.

Report - Site Selection Recommendation:

John Wissler reported on the results from the group that met yesterday regarding site selection committee.

This is what their Mission Statement is for 2007 to be enacted by 2010.

  1. Site Selection Committee will review all sites and select site we will go to.
  2. SSC will narrow down site to 2 for presentation at the Annual Meeting.
  3. Looking at the possibility of only one bid that an additional bid or bidders from another geographic region which had presented a provisional bid in advance would be allowed to bid and make a presentation at the Annual Meeting.
  4. A bidder must put on the Youth National before being eligible to bid for the JO meet.
  5. SSC shall give a rank order of all of the sites visited.
  6. Establishment of back up sites.
  7. SSC should have the ability to replace an awarded site if the site has not complied with the agreed to's or do not have a plan of action in place.

The configuration of the Site Selection Committee shall be eleven members appointed by the Youth Executive Chair.

  1. Chair
  2. Three past bidders of JO, Youth and CC
  3. Members of Sports Commissions who have bid
  4. Members of the Youth Executive Committee
  5. A coach
  6. One person who has served on a site visitation committee for track, field, cross country and technical.

All in favor by paddle count. We had a total of 40 votes.

Linda said we will establish the committee and get information regarding the committee establishment through e-mails.

Report - Disabled Athletes:

Charlie Shepherd reported regarding Disabled Athletes. They will meet in 2007 in Las Vegas for able bodied and disabled. There will also be a Wheelchair games, and National Wheelchair games. Long Island will have a CC meet for the disabled. Wheelchair sports have come up with guidelines for disabled athletes and able bodied. They do have documents.

Indoor Meets:

A question was asked about any indoor meets coming up. The zonal meets are continuing; however, there are very few general youth indoor competitions. Linda commented that we have very few facilities for indoor meets and that they have become cost prohibitive.

Bid Presentations for the 2008 Junior Olympic Track & Field Meet:

Linda explained the presentation rules for the bidders.

We only have one bidder for the 2008 JO meet Omaha NE.

John Wissler introduced those involved in the meet. The association is completely behind the meet.

A slide presentation was given to show the venue and the City Highlights.

A fifteen minute presentation was given followed by a fifteen minute question and answer period.

Omaha NE was awarded the Junior Olympic Track & Field Meet for 2008 by acclimation.

Rules Review:

Kenny Emerick reviewed the process of review. There is a time limit for each event and the timekeeper will be monitoring. The group may vote to extend the time on an item. An individual may only speak once about an item until everyone is through; then if time allows they can speak again.

Kenny then presented rules for the committees consideration based on the recommendations of Youth Executive Committee.

The Youth Executive Committee had requested items to be pulled for discussion. Kenny additionally asked the committee for additional items which they would like to have discussed. These are: #73, #81, #79, #65, #66, #80, #75, and #64.

Youth Executive Committee asked for approval of 16,23,61,62,67,68,70,71,72,76, and 78. Motion to approve. No discussion. Items passed.

Youth Executive Committee recommended rejection of items 30, 31, 55, 63, 74, and 77. Moved and seconded. Items passed.

The pulled items were ordered numerically. The summary of each discussion and recommendation follows:

#24: Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Questioned called. Item rejected.

#32 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to amend to remove commercial manufacturer substance. Motion to amend carried. Motion to accept item passed.

#35 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to accept item passed

#64 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to oppose unanimous.

#65 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to accept item passed. Effective in 2007

#66 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to remove 'shall' and put in 'may'. Motion to amend passed. Motion to accept item passed.

#73 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion is opposed.

#75 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Friendly amendment to remove wording and Regional. Motion to amend passed. Motion to accept item passed.

#79 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Amendment to replace the word relay with combined. Move to table the amendment. Seconded. Motion carried.

Straw vote to take two failed. Item rejected unanimously.

#80 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to accept passed,

#81 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to accept passed.

#82 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion. Motion to amend. Moved and seconded. Amend to remove item 305.4 and 305.5 and put in … see in Youth Guide

#83 Motion to accept moved and seconded. Discussion Motion to accept passed.

#55 Motion to reconsider. There was not 2/3 of the original vote. Motion failed.

Kenny thanked everyone for their help and will be back if he has anything that we need to reconsider. He will present our recommendations to the rules committee.

Session adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

December 1, 2006 - Session Three
Session called to order at 2:15 p.m. - Quorum present

Linda called the meeting to order and welcomed Alma Jan Price to give us an update from USADA. Jan gave us information on the latest drugs and supplements that we can take and should stay away from.

The bid process and voting rules were explained by Linda. This information was published in the Youth packet. Because of the five presentations, we would establish the voting delegates at the beginning. The roll call determined that the total number of voting delegates present is 77. We require a majority vote of 39 for a single ballot vote.

Bid Presentations for the 2008 Junior Olympic Cross Country Meet:

Presentations of Cross Country started at 2:45 p.m. with Spartanburg South Carolina.They were given fifteen minutes presentation and fifteen minutes question and answer

Long Island New York was the next Cross Country presentation. They were given fifteen minutes presentation and fifteen minutes question and answer.

We had a fifteen minute break between presentations.

Roll call was done again.

Lexington KY was the next Cross Country presentation. They were given fifteen minutes presentation and fifteen minutes question and answer.

Orlando, Central FL was the next Cross Country presentation. They were given fifteen minutes presentation and fifteen minutes question and answer.

Richmond VA was the next Cross Country presentation. They were given fifteen minutes presentation and fifteen minutes question and answer.

Roll call was done to distribute ballots.

Linda announced that Richmond VA was awarded the Junior Olympic Cross Country Meet for 2008.

Motion to destroy the ballots seconded and carried.

Report on Youth Elections

Linda asked Dorothy to present the Committee with the current nominations for Youth Offices:

  • Secretary: Nancy Seifert
  • Vice Chair of Administration: Dorothy Dawson.
  • Vice Chair of Operations: Sam Germany
  • Executive Vice-Chair: Bob Flint
  • Youth Chair: Robin Brown Beamon, Lionel Leach and Linda Phelps

Dorothy asked for any nominations from the floor for Secretary, there were none; for Vice chair of Adm., there were none; for Vice Chair of Operations, there were none; for Exec-Vice Chair, there were none; and Chair, there were none.

The only contested office at this time is that of Youth Chair.

A candidate forum will be held before the next session; Lynn Cannon will moderate the candidates.

Report on Restructuring:

Ken Ferguson reported on the current process for restructuring. They have established a task force. Ken is asking that we think about giving input to the restructuring committee, as it is very important to Youth. We need to know what role we will be playing in the restructuring. This is a serious process such that we need to ask ourselves 'Where does the Youth want to be?' Dorothy asked about suggestions or instructions. Ken said he could not be objective because he is on the committee. Andrew Reynolds (Tennessee) asked to whom we give this information.

Ken said we can get it to any member of the committee. He will get us the list and hand it out to the committee. Inez feels that our name has been stolen as far as the grass roots program is concerned. We need to have a voice. Linda and Ken had to fight to have him put on the restructuring task force to represent Youth. Linda would like to have someone at the meeting tomorrow.

Final Items of Session 3:

Linda acknowledged the President's Awards that were given to Youth committee members: Inez Finch and Lawson Van Kuren. Nancy Seifert acknowledged Linda Phelps who also received a President's Award.

Kenny Emerick had item #67 rewritten and he needs a vote to reconsider. Motion passed and seconded. Discussion. Inez made an amendment. You must be a valid member club prior to the time of registration. Moved and seconded. Discussion. All in favor of the amendment. Moved and seconded to accept item 67 as amended.

Linda went over what we will be covering at the next session tomorrow.

Bob Kreutz asked that we all bring copies of the standards that were handed out back tomorrow.

Session adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

December 2, 2006 - Session Four
Session called to order at 9:30 a.m. - Quorum present

Bid Presentations for the 2008 Youth Athletics Track & Field Meet:

Linda went over the rules we have in place regarding the bids. Once the bids are done we will have a roll call to distribute the ballots for the vote.

The first presentation was made by Norfolk, VA for the Youth National Outdoor Championship for 2008. They were given a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer period.

The second presentation was made by Charlotte, NC for the Youth National Outdoor championship for 2008. They were give a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer period.

We have fifty four delegates that signed in. We will need a majority of 28 votes.

Roll call was done by Nancy Seifert

Linda announced that Charlotte North Carolina was awarded the Youth Meet for 2008.

Motion made to destroy ballots. Moved and seconded.

World Youth Team - 2007

Cliff McKenzie reported on the World Youth. He introduced the staff. - Brian Dempsey, Patricia Hanna, Matt Lydum, James Engel, Marc Cizek, Beverly Sigler, and Lori Smith-Thompson. The pool of athletes has been established from our three Youth Meets this past summer. Please have coaches update their athlete's qualifications. With additional information, letters will be sent out to the athletes asking if they can participate. Linda said that the budget has been approved, between 30-36 athletes will be going, plus the staff. We are the only team in USATF that travels together as a group thus the need to provide chaperones. The approved budget is ~$70,000. The team will go in early for a clinic.

The discussion turned to how individuals are selected to become Pool Managers. For Youth at this annual meeting, Bob Flint and Jim Murphy have been placed on the A list of pool managers and Marc Cizek and Cliff McKenzie have been placed on the B list of pool managers. Additionally, Robin Beamon has been on the pool managers list for the past two years. Linda opened up for a question and answer period. Anyone can apply to become a pool manager. This information is on the USATF web site.


Jim Duncan and Lance Turley reported on the standards. Lance commented on what a wonderful job Jim has been doing for the past 15 years. This was acknowledged by the entire committee.

Jim gave his report and made some minor corrections. The corrected version will be put on the web site. John moved that the standard report as corrected will be accepted. It was accepted unanimously. Lance will get to Nancy for distribution.

Lance would like us to change the word standards to guidelines. He would like us to think about this and possibly discuss this at a later time.


Glenn Fortune discussed the proposed calendar. There was discussion regarding inconsistencies. Inez asked that the calendar be brought back after corrections are made

Session adjourned 12:45 p.m.

December 2, 2006 - Session Five
Session called to order at 2:15 p.m. - Quorum present

Youth Records

Denise Smotherman asked the records be approved with the exception of item #6. John made a motion that they be accepted with the exception of item #6. Discussion. Motion was seconded and carried. Item 6 was the United Stars 2005 relay record. There is missing data from this record that the Records Committee requires before the record can be approved. Denise asked for support of the committee to obtain the information.

Regional Coordinators

The report by was given by Larry Seifert. Minutes will be posted on the web site for everyone to review.

Youth Coaches Association

John Wissler gave the report. They had several discussions on how to be a delegate, rules, background checks, and coaching issues. Last years coaches of the year were Bill Mongovan Northeast, Andrew Reynolds South, Darryl Hampton West and Ann Mahone Midwest.

Election of their officers was held. This information will also be on the web site.

Youth Awards

Linda requested Nancy announce the recipients of our First Annual Youth Chair Awards. (See the listing of the award winners in Attachment 1.) The Frank Sevigne award went to Inez Finch and Harold "Lefty" Martin and the Bill Hargrove award to Greensboro NC for 2006.

The names of the outstanding persons in Associations were mentioned. Nancy will get those names to Sherry Quack so that she can send out the Certifications of Appreciation.

Coaches Education

Pat Pretty reported on Coaches education. All level one registrations are on line, as well as, material and forms. They would like to have a DVD but no funds available. Please let him know when you can put on clinics. The bid form is on the web site. Level two must be held on its own. It can't be held in conjunction with a meet as it is too time consuming.

Youth Committee Elections

Elections were turned over to the members of the Organizational Committee and the Vice Chair of Operations, Dorothy Dawson. Dorothy read the order of voting.

Secretary: Previously nominated: Nancy Seifert. Mona Mascher was nominated from the floor by Mary Aude - accepted, moved and seconded.

Inez spoke for Mona Mascher. Nancy Seifert spoke for herself.

Roll call was done by Nancy Seifert and ballots were passed out.

There was a dispute in the number of ballots as to the number of votes. A motion was made to go ahead with the election. Moved and seconded.

The position of Secretary was filled by Mona Mascher.

Vice Chair of Administration: Previously nominated: Dorothy Dawson. No nominations from the floor.

The position of Vice Chair of Administration was filled by Dorothy Dawson by acclimation.

Vice Chair of Operations: Previously nominated: Sam Germany. A nomination was made from the floor and then withdrawn.

The position of Vice Chair of Administration was filled by Sam Germany by acclimation.

Executive Vice Chair: Previously nominated: Bob Flint. Nomination from the floor by Susan Stine Melgares for Mathias Wickes - accepted, moved and seconded.

Bob Flint spoke for himself. Mathias Wickes spoke for himself.

Roll Call was done by Nancy Seifert and ballots were passed out.

The committee elected Bob Flint for position of Executive Vice Chair of Administration.

Chair: Previously nominated: Robin Brown Beamon, Lionel Leach and Linda Phelps. There were no nominations from the floor.

Rod Larson introduced Robin Beamon and she spoke for herself. Lionel Leach spoke for himself. Linda Phelps spoke for herself.

Roll Call was done by Nancy Seifert and ballots were passed out.

The position of Youth Chair was filled by Lionel Leach

Motions made during the election process:

John Wissler made a motion to have the totals announced. Friendly amendment was made that the candidates may ask for the count in private. Motion carried.

Harry Weaver made a motion that nominations must be made 24 hours prior to the posting. Jim Murphy said that we need to have this put in our by-laws next year. Motion was been made to table until next year. Motion carried.

Election of Delegates At-Large - Zonal Alternatives

Nominations were taken from the floor. The process to elect five would include multiple rounds. Each round those with a majority would be elected and then the number of remaining positions would determine the number of nominees carried to the next round for consideration.

Roll call was done by Nancy Seifert and ballots were handed out. The process required three rounds.

Delegates elected for the at-large positions are: Booker Woods, Barbara Smith, Rubin Carter, Linda Ellis, and Frosty Anderson.

Zonal elections were held to vote for the alternate's in breakout sessions:

  • Midwest: John Wissler
  • South Zone: Toni Nichols
  • West Zone: Denise Smotherman
  • North East: John Martin

Linda thanked the team from Organizational Services for their time and efforts in conducting the Youth Committee elections.

Visitors - Women's Track & Field Chair

Stephanie Hightower spoke about her involvement with the Youth Program. She is 100% behind our program, but she feels we need qualified people to do the jobs. That is what her job is, to make sure we get the right people to do the jobs. She spoke on the managers' pool that she and Linda established. Forms will be made available to fill out if you are interested in being considered as managers or coach.

Please hand in your team staff forms to Rich Terrellas or fax them.

Linda thanked her for taking the time to share the information with the committee.

Visitors - USATF President and USATF CEO

Bill Roe spoke to the Committee about our concerns, as did Craig Masback. They will try to better identify positions in the National Office. Lionel wanted to know about the membership fees being raised as we were told at last year's Annual Meeting that it would be held over until this year. Bill Roe and Craig said that the monies made will go back to those that raise the monies. Craig said they do go out and try to sell the Youth Program. It is not an easy sell.

Linda thanked them for taking the time to visit with us.

Final Business Items:

Proposed resolution and task forms were made available on the back table. Please fill out and get to Lionel Leach at

Membership Fees: A straw pool was taken regarding the resolution that John Wissler put together regarding the membership fee increase. He would like to present this on the floor tomorrow at the closing session of the annual meeting if the committee can support this. The vote was taken 26 against and 12 for. This resolution will not be presented.

Linda spoke about the fees. In the discussion on the conference call, the only change that was approved to help the youth was to allow each association to set their own discounts for the fees in their area.

Calendar: The calendar came back to the committee. The dates still need to be worked on. At issue is how the Youth Committee needs to structure the weeks between the Regional and National Meets. This will have to go to the Youth Executive Committee to make suggestions before the bid packets go out.

John Wissler has offered to change his JO meet date for 2008. Linda said that we have a non-conflict agreement for the National Meets with the AAU, which was in effect prior to her tenure as chair. Before any changes are made we need to do a full review. Motion made that calendar go to the Youth Executive Committee. Moved, seconded and carried.

Aloha! This was the final session of the Youth Committee in 2006.

Session adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Nancy Seifert, Youth National Secretary



Attachment 1
Youth Chair Awards - 2006
(First Annual)

  • Erika Baxter - North Carolina Association, Regional Coordinator, Member of World Youth Staff, Southern Zone Representative
  • Larry Colbert, Sr. - Potomac Valley Association, Head Coach and Founder of Glen Arden Track Club
  • Jack Enad - Pacific Association, Regional Coordinator, National Youth Track Referee, High School Track Coach
  • James Duncan - Ozark Association since its inception, Regional Coordinator, Founder of Optimist Club in Troy Missouri, Youth Committee Standards Chair
  • Ron Jackson - Mid-Atlantic Association, Youth Chair, National Youth Track Referee, Head Coach and Founder of the Philadelphia Flames
  • Al McDaniels - Nevada Association - Cofounder and First President - Involved in the youth programs
  • Ginger Mulanax - Ozark Association, Regional Coordinator, Founder Missouri Milers Track Club, Co-Meet Director for Youth Athletics Championships
  • Roma Poole - Ozark Association, Founder and Coach of the St. Louis Blues, Youth Committee Representative
  • Robert W. Smith - Georgia Association, Head Coach and Founder of Northside Red Runners
  • Ray Vanderstein - Founding Father of USATF and Illinois Association, Responsible for development of numerous youth indoor and outdoor championships

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