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Doping Suspensions

The following individuals are currently serving doping suspensions. During their suspension period, these individuals are ineligible to participate in the activities of USATF and/or in Athletics competitions.

Lifetime Bans

Name Substance Ban
Randy Barnes Anabolic Steroid 03-25-98 to life
Kenta Bell Engaging in and orchestrating prohibited doping conduct 09-25-17 to life
Anthony Dees Norandrosterone 09-17-01 to life
Trevor Graham Conspiracy and cover-up 07-15-08 to life
Rian Ingram Amphetamine 08-16-00 to life
Remi Korchemny Conspiracy and cover-up 03-12-07 to life
Gregory Trafralis Methandienone 02-16-99 to life
Jerome Young Erythropoietin (r-EPO) 11-03-04 to life

Current Suspensions

Although their suspension periods may have ended, athletes are not eligible to compete until they have completed all requirements and conditions for reinstatement. Athletes noted as retired must be in the USADA Out-Of-Competition (OOC) drug testing pool for a minimum of 12 months before resuming competition, and must also undergo reinstatement testing.

Name Substance Suspension Period Notes
Atalelech Asfaw Ephedrine 5-18-14 to 5-17-16  
Cody Bidlow Growth hormone releasing factors (GHRFs) 08-09-16 to 08-08-20  
Mark Block Various Anti-Doping Rule Violations 1-1-09 to 1-1-19  
Kayla Bushey Ostarine and Arimistane 12-19-16 to 12-19-18  
Andrew Carnes Synthetic Erythropoietin (EPO) 10-25-13 to 10-24-15  
Chris Carter Ostarine 03-13-17 to 12-13-17  
Thomas Cawley Growth hormone (GH) releasing factors (GHRFs), GH-releasing hormone (GHRH) analogs, and synthetic growth factors 06-16-16 to 06-15-20  
Marcus Clavelle Methandienone 08-23-02 to 08-23-04  
Michelle Collins Conspiracy and cover-up 12-09-04 to 07-17-08 Reinstatement Pending
Jessica Cosby-Toruga Extrogenous Androgenic Anabolic Steroids 09-12-16 to 09-11-22  
Brian Coushay Amphetamine 09-09-15 to 09-08-17  
Crystal Cox Conspiracy and cover-up 01-26-10 to 01-25-14  
Shawn Crawford Three Whereabouts Failures in 18 month period 04-17-2013 to 04-16-2015   
Royce Dates Ostarine, and tampering, administration and complicity 11-08-17 to 11-08-21  
Walter Davis Three Whereabouts Failures in an 18 month period 04-16-14 to 04-15-15  
Matthew DiBuono Adverse CIR 08-17-11 to 01-14-16  
Reginald Dixon Three Whereabouts Failures in an 18-month period 05-30-14 to 5-29-15  
Trey Downing Refusal to Test 5-29-2013 to 11-28-2014  
Jon Drummond Possesion, trafficking, and administering 12-17-2014 to 12-16-2022  
Byron Duhon Refusal to Test 10-21-11 to 10-2-20-13  
Debbie Dunn Anabolic Androgenic Steroids 08-01-12 to 08-01-14  
Marquise Goodwin Three Whereabouts Failures in 12 month period 04-01-17 to 04-01-18  
Alvin Harrison Undetectable Steroids and Erythropoietin (EPO) 10-18-04 to 10-18-08  
Calvin Harrison Modafinil 07-26-04 to 07-26-06  
Scott Henning Methandienone 05-02-02 to 05-02-04  
Christian Hesch Erythropoietin (EPO) 09-26-12 to 03- 26-14  
Jeremy Hicks Three Whereabouts Failures in an 18 month period 06-05-14 to 06-04-15  
Cottrel J. Hunter Nandrolone Metabolites 03-08-01 to 03-08-03 Retired 03-08-01
Kathy Jager Adverse CIR 9-26-11 to 9-25-13  
Regina Jacobs Tetrahydrogestrinone 07-17-04 to 07-16-08 Retired 08-02-04
Mark Jelks Three Whereabouts Failures in 18 Month Period 08-31-10 to 08-23-12  
Marion Jones Admitted having used a prohibited substance 10-08-07 to 10-07-09 Retired 11-09-07
Lisa Knoblich Failure to provide sample 04-14-98 to 04-14-00  
Trell Kimmons 1,3-dimethylbutylamine 04-14-16 to 04-13-18  
Tod Long Nandrolone 12-20-01 to 12-20-02  
Chris Lukezic Failure to provide sample 08-31-10 to 08-31-12 Retired 04-29-10
John McEwen Tetrahydrogestrinone and Modafinil 04-19-04 to 04-19-06  
Timothy Montgomery Admitted having used a prohibited substance 06-06-05 to 06-06-07  
Darien Moore Methandienone metabolites epimetendiol, 17-epimethandienone and 17β-hydroxymethyl-17α -methy-18-norandrost-1, 4,13-trien-3-one 03-04-17 to 03-03-21  
Nicholas Mossberg Growth hormone releasing factors (GHRFs) 04-25-16 to 04-24-20  
Cliff Nielson Growth hormone (GH) releasing factors (GHRFs), GH-Releasing Hormone(GHRH) analog modified GFR (1-29), GH Secretagogue (GHS) impamorelin, and GH Releasing Peptide (GHRP) GHRP-2 04-26-17 to 04-25-21  
Imani Oliver Ostarine 07-07-16 to 07-06-17  
Liz Palmer 17β-hydroxymethyl-17α-methyl-18-norandrost-1,4,13-trien-3-one 03-05-16 to 09-04-19  
Vikas Patel Ostarine 01-27-17 to 01-27-21  
Greg Pizza Exogenous anabolic steroid 09-11-15 to 05-10-17  
Tori Polk Peptide hormones, growth factors, related substances and mimetics 04-25-16 to 04-25-18  
Quintaveon Poole Methylhexaneamine 07-27-14 to 01-26-15  
Mitchell Pope Boldenone Metabolite 01-15-09 to 01-15-11  
Brianna Rollins Three Whereabouts Failures in 12-month period 12-19-16 to 12-18-17  
Serene Ross Hydrochlorothiazide and Triamterene 07-27-06 to 07-27-08 Retired 01-26-06
Jonathan Sanford Ostarine 06-02-17 to 06-02-18  
Stephen Craig Shumaker Adverse CIR 9-9-11 to 9-8-13  
Wallace Spearmon Methylprednisolone 8-27-14 to 11-26-14  
Eric Thompson Benzoylecgonine 07-18-07 to 07-18-08  
Kevin Toth Tetrahydrogestrinone 05-03-04 to 05-03-06 Retired 02-17-04
Mohamed Trafeh Repeated use and possession oferythropoietin (EPO) and evading sample collection 12-02-14 to 12-01-18  
Jordan Vaden Stanozolol 02-04-09 to 02-04-11  
Atlanta Westbrook Ostarine, and tampering and complicity 10-31-17 to 10-31-21  
Kelli White Undetectable Steroids and Erythropoietin (EPO) 05-17-04 to 05-16-06 Retired 08-03-06
Kenna Wolter Ostarine and methylstenbolone 12-13-16 to 12-13-18  
Jason Young Growth hormone releasing factors (GHRFs) 11-17-16 to 11-16-20  

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