1999 USATF ATHLETE BIOGRAPHY (written by Jeff Hollobaugh)

Kareem Streete-Thompson


Born: March 30, 1973, in Ithaca, NY

Current Residence: Houston, Tx

PRs: Long Jump 28-3.75 (1994); 100m 9.96 (1997)

High School: Cayman Islands HS, Georgetown, Cayman Islands '90

College: Rice '95

Height: 6-0

Weight: 198



Club: Nike

1988: bests of 22-5.25 and 11.30…22nd in LJ qualifying at World Juniors; 6th in 100 heats.

1989: bests of 25-8.25.

1990: bests of 26-1 and 11.03…11th in Commonwealth Games LJ; 8th in quarterfinals of 100…bronze medal in LJ at World Juniors.

1991: bests of 26-6.5 and 10.59…no mark in LJ at NCAA Indoor…2nd in LJ (26-3.75w), 7th in 100 (10.50) in SWC Champs…5th in LJ in NCAA Champs (26-0)…38th in LJ qualifying at World Champs.

1992: bests of 26-7.75 and 10.57…won LJ (25-1.75) at SWC Indoor…won LJ (26-7.75 PR) at SWC; 9th in 100 (10.57)…no mark in LJ finals at NCAA; led-off 7th-place 4 x 100…38th in LJ qualifying at Olympic Games; 5th in 100 heats.

1993: bests of 27-5.25 and 10.30…won LJ (25-5.25) at SWC Indoor, 3rd in 55 (6.31)…5th in 55 (6.27), 3rd in LJ (26-6.5) at NCAA Indoor… won LJ (26-7) at SWC; 2nd in 100 (10.25w)…3rd in LJ (27-3.25) at NCAAs; 6th in 100 heats (10.85)…4th in LJ (27-2.5w) at USA Champs; 8th in 100 semi (10.33)…ranked #4 in world (#3 U.S.) at LJ by T&FN.

1994: bests of 28-3.75 and 10.21… won LJ (26-7.75), false started 55 semi at SWC Indoor…won USA Indoor LJ (26-10.5), 4th in 60 (6.61 PR)…2nd in LJ (26-8.25), 5th in 55 (6.24) at NCAA Indoor…redshirted outdoor season for Rice…2nd in LJ (28-4.25w) at USA Champs; 4th in 100 heat (10.29)…ranked #2 in world (#2 U.S.) at LJ by T&FN.

1995: bests of 28-1 and 10.16… won LJ (26-11.25) at SWC Indoor…4th in LJ (26-1.75) at USA Indoor; made 60 semi (6.65 heat) but did not compete…won LJ (26-4.25), 6th in 55 (6.29) at NCAA Indoor… won LJ at SWC (26-6.5); 2nd in 100 (10.18w)…won LJ (27-2) at NCAA; 3rd in 100 (10.16 PR)…3rd in LJ (27-5.25w) at USA Champs…14th in LJ (25-11.5) at World Champs…2nd in LJ (27-9.25) at GP Final…ranked #4 in world (#2 U.S.) at LJ by T&FN.

1996: bests of 27-4.5 and 10.23…2nd in LJ (26-1.75), 6th in 60 (6.61) at USA Indoor…10th in LJ at Olympic Trials (25-11.5)…ranked #7 in world (#5 U.S.) at LJ by T&FN.

1997: bests of 26-2.25 and 9.96…4th in LJ (26-3.75) at USA Indoor…no mark in LJ final at USA Champs; 5th in 100 semis (10.17)…ranked #5 in U.S. at LJ by T&FN.

1998: bests of 26-9.75 and 10.07…4th in 60 at USA Indoor (6.55; 6.54 PR in semi)…5th in LJ (26-1.5) at USA Champs; 5th in 100 heats (10.19w)…ranked #5 in U.S. at LJ (#6 U.S. at 100) by T&FN.

The Rest of the Story: was born in the United States and lived in the U.S. for a month before spending the next 18 years in the Cayman Islands…in the fall of 1992 he opted to represent the United States internationally, even though that meant tougher competition for Olympic and World Championship team berths…jumped 26-1 in high school, despite the fact there are no all-weather tracks in the Cayman Islands…made headlines in May 1991, when Carl Lewis joined a long jump competition as an "exhibition competitor"…Streete-Thompson leaped a wind-aided 27-6.75, the longest jump under any conditions by a Junior; Lewis couldn't get within a foot of that. Had Lewis been an official competitor, his 10-year win streak would have been ended by Streete-Thompson, rather than by Mike Powell at the World Championships later that summer…earned a degree in political science…finds that he is now faster (9.96 in 100) and that has changed his jumping: "My whole way of thinking about long jumping is changed forever. It's a great problem to have, but it's a problem nonetheless. I've been jumping at the same speed so long, and all of a sudden, things change. It's been a huge adjustment."…winter training went well and Streete-Thompson says, "I want to end the year in the top five in the long jump and 100."