Celena Mondie-Milner


Events: 100m, 200m, 400m

Height: 5-6.5

Weight: 125

Born: August 6, 1968, in Milledgeville, Ga

PRs: 100m: 11.17 (1996); 200m: 22.55 (1996); 400m: 51.14 (1989)

Current Residence: Clemson, SC

High School: Baldwin HS (Milledgeville, Ga) '86

College: Illinois '90

Coach: self

Agent: Flynn Sports Management

Club: unattached

Career Highlights: 1995 World Champs gold medalist (4x100m); 3rd in 100m, 200m at 1995 U.S. Outdoors nationals; 2nd in 100m at 1989 NCAA Outdoors; 1988, 1989 and 1990 Big Ten 100m, 200m champion; 2nd in 200m at 1991 U.S. Indoor nationals; 6th in 200m at 1996 Olympic Trials1984: bests of 11.7 and 24.3.

Mondie-Milner started running at age eight, when she saw a movie about Wilma Rudolph: "A light went on in my head. 'I want to do this' She had such a hard road to get where she was. I thought, 'Gosh, I'm healthy as far as I know. This should be a fun thing.' I remember falling on my face in that first race. I was able to get up and win. I've been running ever since"a 10-time All-America at Illinois, and a part of three national championship teamswon 17 Big 10 titlesher name is hyphenated even though she is singleat age 21 she took her stepfather's last name to show her appreciationhas a masters degree in athletic administrationafter college, she had some down years, courtesy of a bad left foothad been working several jobs and trying to train in Austin, Texasin 1995, she returned to Champaign to work again with college coach Gary Winckler, and opened eyes by making the World team in both sprintsis now the assistant coach at Clemson; she says of trying to coach and train at the same time: "It's one of the biggest challenges I've had as far as time management is concerned, but it's made me stronger as an athlete and a person. It's a crafty balancing act, but once you've managed it, you feel really accomplished"married on November 14, 1998 to Walker (Slip) Watkins, formerly a star sprinter for LSU (10.15, 20.40 PRs)says she will resist, for now, the idea of adding another hyphen to her last name: "That would be a bit much."

1999: Did not compete at USA Outdoors...bests of 11.59 and 23.43.

1998: 3rd in 200m (23.33), 5th in 60m (7.27) at USA Indoors5th in 200m (23.09) at USA Outdoorsranked #6 in U.S. at 200m, #10 in U.S. at 100m by T&FN...bests of 11.25 and 22.90.

1997:  6th in 100m (11.40), 8th in 200m semi (24.03w) at USA Outdoorsranked #9 in U.S. at 100m by T&FN... bests of 11.28, 23.26 and 53.39.

1996:  3rd in 60m semis (7.21), won 200m heat (23.43) at USA Indoor6th in 200m (22.55 PR), 5th in 100m semi (11.19) at Olympic Trialsranked #6 in U.S . at 200m, #10 in U.S. at 100m by T&FN...bests of 11.17 and 22.55.

1995: 5th in 60m, 7th in 200m at USA Indoors3rd in 100m and 200m at USA Outdoors5th in 100m semis, 8th in 200m semis at World Champs; led-off winning 4x100mranked #9 in world (#3 U.S.) at 100m by T&FN; #3 in U.S. at 200m...bests of 11.22, 22.90 and 53.35

1994: 7th in 400m heat at USA Outdoors...bests of 11.55, 23.29 and 53.09.

1993:  8th in 400m, won 200m heat at USA Indoors...bests of 11.44w, 23.68 and 53.25.

1992: 6th in 400m quarters (52.97), did not compete in 200m quarterfinals (23.78 heat) at Olympic Trials...bests of 11.49w, 23.57 and 52.97.

1991: 2nd in 200m, 4th in 60m at USA Indoor5th in 200m semis at World Indoor7th in 400m at USA Outdoorsranked #8 in U.S. at 400m by T&FN...bests of 11.75, 23.40 and 51.86.

1990:  6th in NCAA Indoor 55m; second leg on 5th-place 4x400mwon 100m and 200m at Big 102nd in 100m, 3rd in 200m at NCAA Outdoors; anchor on runner-up 4x100m6th in 200m, 5th in 100m semi at USA Outdoors ranked #4 in U.S. at 200m, #8 in U.S. at 100m by T&FN...bests of 11.34, 22.66 and 52.36

1989: 4th in NCAA Indoor 200m, 5th in 55m; anchor on 4th-place 4x400mwon 100m and 200m at Big 103rd in 400m, 6th in 200m at NCAA Outdoors; anchor on 2nd-place 4x100m; anchor on 4x400m (5th in heat)3rd in 400m at USA Outdoors6th in 400m at World University Gamesled-off 4th-place World Cup 4x100mranked #6 in U.S. at 400m, #8 in U.S. at 200m by T&FN...bests of 11.37, 22.98 and 51.14.

1988:  5th in NCAA Indoor 55m, 6th in 200m; anchor on 3rd-place 4x400mwon 100m and 200m at Big 108th in 200m, 6th in 100m heat at NCAA Outdoors; anchor on 6th-place 4x100m; anchor on 5th-place 4x400m4th in 400m at USA Outdoors5th in 400m semi, 8th in 200m semis at Olympic Trials...bests of 11.50, 23.19 and 51.45.

1987:  5th in 55m heat at NCAA Indoor; third leg on 4x400m (3rd in heat)anchor on 7th-place 4x100m at NCAA...bests of 11.71 and 23.4.

1986: Bests of 11.59, 24.60 and 54.45.

1985: Bests of 11.80 and 24.34.