Kim Carson


Event: 100mH

Height: 5-7

Weight: 140

PR: 100mH: 12.72 (1996).

Born: March 12, 1974, in Des Moines, Iowa

Current Residence: Baton Rouge, La.

High School: Roosevelt HS (Des Moines, Iowa) '92

College: LSU '96

Coaches: Loren Seagrave & Paul Doyle

Agent: Robert Wagner

Club: Nike

Career Highlights: 1996 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor champion; 2nd at 1998 USA Indoors; 1996 SEC Indoor and Outdoor champion; 7th at 1996 Olympic Trials.

Carson was born into track & field. Her father, Steve Carson, won the 1967 NCAA Indoor 600 yards for Iowa State; he ran 45.9y outdoors that year and ranked #8 in the U.S. in the 400m. He served as a track official for years in the Des Moines area, and organized a YMCA summer track club: "My big brother and sisters were competing so when I was six, I started running," she recalls. Two of her brothers later played football for Northeast Missouri...Carson attended the same high school as 1992 4x400m silver medalist Natasha Kaiser-Brown...graduated from LSU with a degree in general studies, minor in English and sociology...moved to Atlanta on Christmas Day 1998 to work more closely with Seagrave and Doyle, who had been coaching her long distance for the previous year... likes to read, watch movies, and explore the Internet..."I feel like I have total room for improvement," she says. "For the past few years, minor injuries have limited me in practice."

1999: 4th at USA Indoors...5th in semis at USA of 12.96.

1998: 2nd in 60mH at USA Indoors (7.94 PR)...won Mt. SAC (12.69w) and Drake Relays (13.17)...4th at Prefontaine Classic (12.94w)...did not finish heat at USA Outdoor Champs...ranked #6 U.S. by T& of 12.91.

1997: 6th in USA Outdoors Champs (13.06)...did not finish 60H at USA Indoors (injured; 4th in 8.12 in semi)... ranked #8 in U.S. by T& of 12.88.

1996: Won NCAA Outdoors (12.82w)...7th in Olympic Trials (13.04) ... won 60mH at SEC Indoor (8.05-American collegiate record)...won 55mH at NCAA Indoors (7.44 PR)...won SEC Outdoor (12.72 PR)...ranked #7 in U.S. by T& of 12.72.

1995: 2nd in 55mH at SEC Indoor (7.70)...6th in 55mH at NCAA Indoors (7.73)...won SEC Outdoor (13.23)...5th in NCAA Outdoors (13.43)...did not finish heat at USA Outdoor of 13.16

1994: 2nd in NCAA Outdoors (13.37)...8th in semis at USA Outdoor Champs (14.39)...2nd in 55mH (7.83) at SEC Indoor...6th in 55mH (7.87) at NCAA Indoors...3rd in SEC (13.55)... ranked #10 in U.S. by T&FN... best of 13.32.

1993: 2nd in USA Juniors (14.04)...bronze in Pan-Am Juniors (13.79); led-off gold medal 4x100m (45.10)... 3rd in SEC (13.47); 4th in 100m heat; ran on 3rd-place 4x100m...6th in NCAA (13.30) of 13.29.

1992: Iowa state HS indoor title in LJ; 2nd in 50mH...Iowa state title in 100mH (13.7); 2nd in LJ...3rd in Golden West (14.24)...2nd in International Prep (14.29)...4th in USA Juniors (14.18) of 14.01.

1991: Won Iowa state indoor titles in 50m, 50mH and LJ...outdoor state title in of 14.18 (LH).

1990: Iowa state indoor titles in LJ, 50mH...Iowa state title in LJ, 100mH and of 13.8 LH.