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Women's Long Distance Running Committee 2008 Annual Report

The highlight of the year for the USATF WLDR Committee was the Olympic Trials which was hosted by the Boston Athletic Association on Sunday, April 20, the day before the Boston Marathon.Taking advantage of an event structure already in place with an organizing team with excellent experience, all participants received a great reception.

With the start and finish a few steps from the host hotel, The Sheraton, it was easy access for runners and their families. The four loop course passed the finish line four times and the crowds increased dramatically with each loop.Spectators, coaches and friends ran to several viewing points on the course to cheer on their favorite athlete.

Taking a commanding lead for the first 20 Miles, Magdalena Lewy Boulet was cheered as she continued on a steady pace. On the 4th loop Deena Kastor went into the lead and won the trials. Magdalena finished in second place and Blake Russell held off challengers for 3rd place.

An hour television broadcast a week later shown on the USOC Road to the Gold Series caught the enthusiasm of the crowds and the drama of this great race.Many thanks to the staff and volunteers of the BAA.

1st Place		Deena Kastor			2:29:35
2nd Place		Magdalena Lewy Boulet		2:30:19
3rd Place		Blake Russell			2:32:40

Our year was filled with an outstanding list of National Championships for women and a record amount of prize money.  We thank the USATF Associations, Race Directors, Event  Organizers, Sponsors and most of all the athletes for their support of our programs.

Aramco  Houston Half Marathon

	Kate O’Neil		1:11:57
	Desiree Davila		1:12:10
	Serena Burla		1:12:22

Gate River Run 15K

	Deena Kastor		49:36
	Katie McGregor		50:53
	Tara Storage		52:33

River Bank 25K

	Paige Higgins		1:30:49
	Kristin Price		1:32:04
	Annie Gasway		1:35:08

New Haven 20K

	Jill Steffens		1:08:48
	Elva Dryer		
	Ilsa Paulson		1:08:55


	Shalane Flanagan	15:28
	Renee Metivier Baille	15:53
	Molly Huddle		15:56

Akron Community Foundation 8K

	Sara Slattery		25:54
	Katie McGregor
	Amy Rudolph

Twin Cities 10 Mile

	Kara Goucher		53:16
	Katie McGregor		55:04
	Kelly Liljeblad		57:06

Tufts 10 K

	Molly Huddle		32:52
	Amy Rudolph		33:05
	Renee-Metivier Baille	33:13

Our women also competed around the world.

Yokohama Ekiden
	Allison Grace		6K
	Mandi Zemba		10K
	Alvina Begay		10K
	Stephanie Rothstein	10K
	Delilah Di Crescenzo	 6K
	Stephanie Bylander	5.195

World ˝ Marathon Championship – Rio
Our USA Women’s Team came in 4th place overall.
	Melissa White		21st place
	Dorothy McMahon		24th place
	Kristin Nicolini		25th place
	Stephanie Herbst		27th place
	Jill Steffens		30th place

		Deena Kastor		45 points		$6000.00
		Katie McGregor		36 points		$4000.00
		Molly Huddle		32 points		$2500.00

We thank the staff of USATF for their continued hard work and support of our program and our athletes. Jim Estes is our liaison to the athletes and race organizations and his expertise and knowledge of our sport is instrumental in the success of our program.

I want to thank my Committee for their support and hard work in providing the best opportunities for our athletes. Their enthusiasm and long hours at our Boston Trials was appreciated by the athletes.

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