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Women's Long Distance Running Committee Minutes

2002 USATF Annual Meeting
December 6-7, 2002 Kansas City, Missouri

Session 1 - December 6, 2002 - 8:00am - 10:00am

The meeting was called to order at 8:20am by chair, Carol McLatchie.

Carol reminded that there would be elections for committee chair during this annual meeting. Election time was posted 24 hours in advance and scheduled for 3:45pm today. Member Services have been notified and will conduct the election. Candidate nominations and presentations are schedule for 9:45am today as posted. Carol thanked the search committee for their efforts during the past year: Linda Honikman, Julie McKinney and Dave Oja.

Rules and L&L - Bill McKee & Nina Kuscsik

Due to a tight timeline by the Rules Committee, Bill McKee, assisted by Nina Kuscsik, reviewed LDR related rules. WLDR voted to support Items 35, 53, 54, 55, 130 and 131. Items 127 was reviewed and WLDR voted to reject. Item 128 - WLDR voted to continue to support U.S. Women's only road records and reject this item. Nina Kuscsik noted that L&L meetings have finished. The group chose to eliminate all National Clubs effective January 1, 2004. Nina led discussions to recommend to AAC the best way to determine active international athletes that would be inclusive to LDR athletes. Nancy Hobbs asked to include events under IAAF patronage- ultras, trails, mountain, as well as cross-country.

Officials - B. J. Palma

A big focus this past year has been geared for funding assistance for USATF officials at National T&F Championships. The Officials Committee requested national budget for $30 hotel and $30 food allowance per official per day. At this stage that funding request has been moved to the contingency list. The committee is gearing up for official certification for the next Olympiad. There are several officials training classes scheduled today from 1-4pm. The committee has extended a plea for new certified officials as ranks are thinning.

National Championships - Joy Smith

Joy noted that the Women's National Championships subcommittee had received bids for 5K, 10K, 25K distances. She has received two 20K bids that include both women and men but has been asked by the men's LDR committee to delay consideration until this afternoon.

Kristin Murphy, Tuft's 10K race director, could not attend this meeting, as she is snow bound in Boston. Marja Bakker reviewed the Tuft's Health Plan 10K bids for 2004 and 2005. The 2004 bid includes $33,000 total prize money, with $20,3000 for US athletes and teams. The 2005 bid includes $34,900 total purse and $21,900 US only prize purse. In addition, Tuft's has provided $2000 each year for the AADP program, which has accommodated 6 athletes. Marja noted that their US women's prize purse has increased each year they have hosted the 10K Championships. Motion made by David Oja to accept the 10K bids. Motion passed.

Joy Smith presented the Fifth Third River Bank 25K bids for 2003, 2004, and 2005 on behalf of event director, Kristen Aidif. The event will continue to provide U.S. only as well as international prize money. For 2003, the bid includes $10,600 US only and $7,500 open prize purse for both men and women. The event budget is determined on an annual basis, so 2004 and 2005 cannot be finalized at this time. An AADP component was included in 2002 and the race will be encouraged to continue AADP support. A motion to accept all uncontested championship bids was made by Julie McKinney. Motion was seconded and passed.

George Regan, director of the Freihofer's Run for Women 5K, reviewed his 2003 and 2004 5K bids. The 2003 and 2004 bids include $30,000 US only prize purse, $6000 elite athlete travel, athlete hotel meal service plan, in additional to travel funds for top regional athletes. George noted that 2003 will be the 25th Anniversary of the Freihofer's event and highlighted the vast impact of that race on the community.

Chair Nominations

At 9:45am Carol opened the floor to nominations for WLDR chair. Nancy Hobbs nominated Elizabeth Phillips. Linda Honikman nominated Lisa Dorfman. Nominates were closed. Elizabeth Phillips spoke to her candidacy. Linda Honikman spoke for Lisa Dorfman, as she had not yet arrived. Linda passed out candidate profiles that had been published in "On the Roads". Julie McKinney, George Regan and Freddi Carlip spoke on behalf of Elizabeth Phillips.

2003 Marathon Championships and 2004 Trials - Nancy Lieberman, President

Carol welcomed Nancy to the WLDR meeting and asked her to update the group on 2004 Marathon Trials and 2003 Championship planning. Nancy invited all to plan to attend the upcoming St. Louis events: US Women's Marathon, April 5, 2003 and the Women's Marathon Trials, April 3, 2004. She noted that St. Louis hosted the 1904 Olympic Marathon and World's Fair. Course maps were distributed and reviewed. She noted a Saturday 7:00am start for both events at Washington University on the track area where the start of the 1904 Olympic Marathon was held.

Nancy described her unique children's program: Read, Write, Run Marathon where 60 area schools have participated leading up to the Marathon weekend- by first reading 26 books, performing 26 acts of kindness and running 25 miles. The Spirit of St. Louis Marathon will invite the Trials qualifiers to join the kids in their final 1.2 mile run on Sunday the day after the Trials.

After questions the session was recessed.

Session 2 - December 6, 2002 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Carol McLatchie called the session to order. Minutes from the 2001 meeting had been passed out during the morning session. Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick made the motion that the minutes be approved as written. Nina Kuscsik seconded motion and minutes were approved as written.

Carol reviewed highlights of meetings and events in 2002. Travel included a visit to St. Louis in May for course review, staff meetings and Marathon Trials contract updates. She recognized the WLDR executive committee members and subcommittee volunteers that were present and thanked them for their continued efforts on behalf of WLDR.

National Championships - Joy Smith

Joy Smith continued the review of National Championship bids. The New Haven 20K submitted a women's bid for 2003 and 2004. Maria Bakker moved to accept the New Haven bid. Motion was seconded and passed.

Joy reviewed an October 11, 2003 Akron Marathon Road Relay bid for an association clubs championship. The event will have prize money for an international men's division and a club champs for both women and men. The conflict of the race date with other championships was discussed. A motion to accept the bid was made by Marja Bakker. Motion was seconded and approved.

Association Athlete Development Program - Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick

Kim noted that there were two AADP events in 2002 held in conjunction with WLDR championships. The Fifth Third Bank Old Kent 25K hosted 5 AADP selected athletes. Four of the five AADP women finished in the top 11 in the champs.

The Tuft's 10K Championships in Boston hosted 6 AADP athletes that had some top performances. Kim noted that the association response to the program continues to be good. Many AADP athletes have gone on to improved performances as members of our US National teams.

The only confirmed 2003 AADP event is slated for the Tufts 10K Champs.

Athletes Advisory Committee - Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick assisted by Joy Smith

Kim reviewed the AAC election results:
Chair- Sandra Farmer-Patrick
Event chairs-
Road & XC: Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick and Teddy Mitchell
3,000-10,000m: Deena Drossin and Tony Cosey
800-1500m: Sasha Spencer to be assisted by Pricilla Hein and Thomas Johnson

Kim reported that the top 10 athletes by event would be funded to the 2004 Olympic T&F Trials. Concerns were expressed about the AAC annual meeting funding process. Kim plans to work with the national office staff in order to recruit more distance runners for the 2003 annual meeting.

Women's Marathon Development - Ray Lapinski

Ray reviewed the year 2002 and noted that 2003 grant proposals were submitted in August.

There was a very successful Women's Marathon Summit at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center in 2000. Space was not available in 2001 and 2002, so the program could not continue. As an alternative in 2002, Marathon funds were used to help cover selected athlete travel, lodging and perdiem for altitude training for the month of September to Mammoth Lakes, California. Joe Vigil hosted these athletes in conjunction with the Team USA California training center. Selected athletes were: Monica Hostetler, Sharon Servido, Katie Blackett, Rosa Gutierrez, Nicole Hunt and Kim Pawelek. These athletes trained together and had several clinics with Coach Joe Vigil. These athletes went on to race at the Twin Cities or Chicago Marathons.

Ray expressed his concerns about the lack of funding for marathon development in 2003. The High Performance Division ranks Olympic events as Best Bet, Promising or Target. The marathon is not ranked in any of these categories, and therefore receives little or no USOC funding. Peter Davis from the USOC has presented additional funding opportunities through a Performance Enhancement Team (PET) that is scheduled to focus on endurance events beginning in January 2003. Jerry Crockett is working with Peter Davis on this program.

Carol recognized and welcomed Lisa Dorfman who had just arrived in Kansas City. Lisa spoke to her background and interest in serving as WLDR chair.

International Competition Subcommittee - Carol McLatchie on behalf of Kathy Nary

The International Competition subcommittee selected U.S. teams for ekidens in Beijing (6th place), Seoul (7th place) and Chiba (9th place). This years World Half Marathon Championships was held in Brussels, BEL on May 5 with the team in 10th place. For the first time in the 20-year history of the Yokohama Ekiden, a US women's team was not invited.

Continued thanks are due to Linda Honikman and Ryan Lamppa at the RRIC for athlete tracking information and communication. Maria Ghizzoni, Charlotte Lanahan and Wendy Nelson-Barrett have spent countless hours assisting Kathy with team selection over the past year. Thanks to all team staff for their time and energies with our teams. There is a new teams coordinator in Indianapolis, Michael Cain.

Carol welcomed all to sign a poster to be presented to Kathy Nary, as she was unable to attend the Annual Meeting as she is undergoing cancer treatments at this time.

Elite Athlete Support Committee - Julie McKinney

Julie reported that the USOC Basic Grants would be available again for the top 5 finishers in our 2003 Marathon Championships, the same amounts as all T&F events.

A short break was taken to snap a photo of all WLDR committee chairs: B.J. Palma, Nina Kuscsik, Julie McKinney, Julia Emmons and Carol McLatchie.

Chair elections- 3:45pm - Member Services Committee

Election was conducted by ballot by the Member Services Committee with Elizabeth Phillips selected as the new WLDR chair with a two-year term.

Session recessed.

Session 3 - December 7, 2002 - 10:30am- 12:30pm

Carol McLatchie called the session to order. She recognized Elizabeth Phillips as the newly elected chair of WLDR and presented her with a WLDR fleece vest.

WLDR Awards - Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick

Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick announced the 2002 WLDR awards that had been presented at the USATF Annual Awards Breakfast earlier that morning:

Road Running Athlete of the Year- Marla Runyan
WLDR Contributor of the Year- Kathy Nary Special
WLDR Continuous Service Award- Carol McLatchie

L&L and Rules - Nina Kuscsik

For L&L Nina reviewed the new definition of elite athletes that will be listed in Amendment A- Bylaws Article 2-C page 3. An extensive discussion was held with proposed ideas that would be more inclusive for LDR athletes on the AAC committee, for "international athlete" designation and as annual meeting delegates from each association.

From the Rules committee approved items include 35 and 130. Items 53, 54, 129 and 131 were accepted as amended. Item 127 on 50% start/finish separation was rejected. Item 128 was rejected so USATF rules continue to recognize women's only road records.

Records - Linda Honikman

Linda distributed handouts summarizing WLDR records that were considered. Record items 1-5 and 7-9 were recommended for recognition. These include 3 American and 1 World Record. Motion to accept records as presented was made. Motion was seconded and approved.

Association Committee - Irene Herman

Irene announced that Alan Roth won reelection at Association Committee chair as Bob Fine withdrew. Vice chairs are Ed Parrot and Ron Munoz. She presented brief updates on insurance and sanctions.

WLDR Budget - Carol McLatchie

Carol reported that the USATF Board of Directors conducted a new zero based budgeting process for 2003. The WLDR committee requested $25,845 for 2003 committee operations. WLDR has been awarded $11,000 for committee administration and $8000 in a National Championship Programs budget to be shared with Men's LDR. This total amount compares to the $15,000 WLDR budget for 2002, down from the $17,500 budget allocated in 2001. The US Road Running Circuit remains funded at $25,000 combined for both the Women and Men's LDR Championship circuit.

Running USA is listed at $30,000 but may be pulled at the final USATF session for discussion. The 2003 IAAF World Half Marathon team survived intense discussion with a $14,000 budget.

Marathon Trials Qualification Discussion

Carol reviewed an appeal for Olympic Trials Qualification from a US woman that received a 2:47:58 chip time in the 2002 Chicago Marathon, but gun time recorded was over 2:48.00. Concerns were expressed on the types of transponder times that are being submitted to the Road Running Information Center (RRIC) for Marathon Trials qualification purposes. As per USATF rules, Trials qualification times must be record quality times (i.e. gun times). Julie noted that the women's Trials standards have always been generous and that the ultimate goal of our Olympic Trials has been to select an Olympic team. There has been only one exception granted on appeal for Trials entry since 1984 and that was when the race director documented the lead vehicle went off course and he calculated the time lost for that athlete. Julie McKinney made the motion that for Olympic Trials qualifying purposes that WLDR continue to use only gun times. Motion was seconded and approved. The athlete appeal for 2004 Trials entry was not granted.

National Championships - Joy Smith

Joy Smith announced that she is still waiting on final bid details from the race director for the 2003 Women's 15K Champs. The 15K bid is a joint women and men's championship. She noted that if the completed bid was satisfactory, the subcommittee would approve the 15K as soon as possible after the annual meeting.

Joy announced that the 2002 US Running Circuit paid out $12,500 to our top scoring athletes: Colleen DeReuck (first) $6000; Libbie Hickman (second) $4000; Marla Runyan (tie third) $1250; and Jill Gaitenby (tie third) $1250. Previously awarded 2003 Championships include: Marathon- April 3, St. Louis, $50,000 total prize purse; Half Marathon- June 21, Duluth, MN, $25,750 total purse; and 10K- October 13, Boston, MA, $18,800 total purse.

Old Business - none

New Business

Ray Lapinski presented the motion that the top two finishers at the 2003 5K Championship be offered automatic 5K positions on the 2003 U.S. Chiba Ekiden team. Motion was seconded and approved.

Freddi Carlip, RRCA president, highlighted the club's activities. She referred to some financial concerns, but noted there are 40 new member clubs. RRCA insurance is fine for 2003. Their annual spring convention will be held the first weekend in April in Arlington, VA.

Carol reminded that there was one additional afternoon WLDR roundtable session scheduled at 3:30pm. All members were encouraged to attend that informal session with newly elected committee chair, Elizabeth Phillips.

Mickey Piscitelli made the motion for adjournment. Motion was seconded and passed.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Carol McLatchie

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