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2008 USA Track & Field Annual Meeting
Reno, Nevada

Menís Long Distance Running
Executive Committee

December 4, 2008

Attendees: Executive Committee Members: Glenn Latimer (Chair), Mark Winitz (Secretary), Philip Greenwald (Treasurer), Fasil Bizuneh, Dan Browne, Creigh Kelley, Brian Mastel, David Martin, Ed Moran, George Regan, Tomy Sitton, Allan Steinfeld.

A quorum was present.

Guests: Bob Latham (Champs Subcommittee), Scott Simmons (Champs Subcommittee), Bob Sevene (Team Selector), John Tope (Team Selector), Bill Roe (USATF President), Fred Finke (LDR Division Chair), Chris Boinie, Greg Evans, Brian Jones, David Katz, Jean Knaack, Ron Pate, Jerry Quiller, Lil Mahoney, Mike Sayenko, Dave Shrock. Alemena Monique White.


  1. Call to Order: Menís LDR Chair Glenn Latimer convened the meeting at 11:10 a.m.
  2. Roll Call
  3. Introductions: The Chair confirmed two new Executive Committee members (Brian Mastel and Carey Pinkowski. The Chair and Dan Browne reaffirmed the LDR athletes on the Executive Committee.
  4. Agenda Amendments/Additions: The Secretary asked for any additions or amendments to the agenda. The agenda was approved without any additions or amendments.
  5. Approve Minutes: The Secretary asked for any amendments to the 2007 Executive Committee minutes. The minutes were approved without any amendments.
  6. Housekeeping: The Chair explained the Annual Meeting expense reimbursement process for Executive Committee members.
  7. Continuing the MLDR Path: The Chair reported that our menís long distance runners and teams had a very good year. The depth in the menís LDR ranks continues to grow, the Menís LDR Championships were successful, and there was more prize money than ever before offered via the USA Running Circuit.
  8. USATF Organizational Restructuring: The Chair briefly explained that the USATF Board has approved restructuring and explained the process in which the USATF delegation would receive information about the restructuring package and vote on the measures.
  9. 2008 Elections: The Chair and Secretary briefly explained the nominating and elections process for Menís LDR Chair and how the election will be conducted in the Menís LDR General Session. It was noted that the elected Menís LDR Chair must subsequently be approved by the USATF Board if the USATF delegation passes restructuring measures. The process, and times, for the election of the USATF President and LDR Division Chair were also explained.

    A motion was made, seconded, and approved to have the three candidates for USATF President participate in a short ďcandidates forumĒ in the MLDR General Session.
  10. 2012 Olympic Trials-Menís Marathon Bids and Selection Process: RFP's will go out in Spring, '09. A MLDR subcommittee, including 50% athletes, will review the proposals/bids. A selection will be made and forwarded to Fred Finke, which will, in turn, go the National Office/CEO for approval. A preliminary target for announcing the host/site is summer, 2009.
  11. USATF Distance Project and Grant Process for U.S. Distance Runners: In the absence of Jim Estes, this informational item was deferred to the Menís LDR General Session.
  12. USA Teams - 2008 Review: Allan Steinfeld reported on the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in Rio de Janeiro. There were tight flights/arrivals for three athletes. The U.S. menís team placed 10th. John Tope reported on the International Chiba Ekiden. He noted that it was a good learning experience, in particular, for our young athletes. He suggested that improvements can be made in the process for selecting team relay legs.

    Tomy Sitton volunteered to create a team leaderís manual that could be used for both menís and womenís teams. Details pertaining to specific trips can be posted online.

    The Chair felt that restructuring will not affect the process for selecting team leaders.

    Mike Sayenko reported on the Marathon International Team Challenge at the AT&T Austin Marathon. Each team had four members, with the top three scoring by place. Team USA won.

    Creigh Kelley proposed offering appearance fees/stipends for athletes competing on international teams, noting that some federations support their athletes in this way. He suggested that U.S. Road Championships which serve as selection races might fund these appearance fees/stipends. Discussion followed. The Chair asked Creigh to work on details of this proposal with input from athletes and others, including Jack Wickens (USATF Foundation Board Member).
  13. Future Major Events: The following future major events were briefly discussed: 2009 IAAF World Cross Country Championships (Jordan), 2009 IAAF World Championships in Athletics (Germany), 2009 IAAF World Half Marathon Championship (England).
  14. 2012 Olympic Trials-Menís Marathon Qualifying Standards : The following standards, which were established at last yearís Annual Meeting, were reiterated: 2:19:00 (marathon) / 1:05:00 (half marathon) / 28:30.00 (10,000m-track). Full details are available on the USATF web site at:
  15. Cross Country Report: The 2008 USA Cross Country Championships/World Team Trials in San Diego, CA were a success. The full cross country report was deferred to the Menís LDR General Session.
  16. 2008 Menís LDR Committee Awards: The Secretary announced the winners of the annual awards bestowed by Menís LDR. (See the MLDR General Session minutes of 2008-12-4 for details).
  17. USATF Bylaws and Rules Amendments: Mark Winitz (MLDR representative on the Law & Legislation Committee) reported that this yearís legislative activities are primarily related to USOC-mandated restructuring of USATF. Committee members were encouraged to attend the informational sessions regarding the restructuring package.

    Phil Greenwald (MLDR representative on the Rules Committee) provided a brief report of proposed rules amendments impacting LDR. Regarding proposed rules amendment item 73 (requiring athletes who achieve a national record at distances recognized by the IAAF for records to submit to a drug test at the end of the event, and pass the test, for record ratification): The Executive Committee voiced approval, however recommended that, if passed, the effective date of actuation of the new rule should be July 1, 2009 to give events (where national records might occur) time to implement doping control in accordance with IAAF rules and procedural guidelines.
  18. 2008 Menís LDR Championships and 2009 Championship Schedule: Bob Latham reported on the 2008 MLDR championships. He also discussed the 2009 MLDR championship selections and beyond. A motion was made to accept the 2009 championship slate, seconded, and unanimously passed. (See the MLDR General Session minutes of 2008-12-6 for details).

    The remaining agenda items were deferred to the MLDR General Session.

    The meeting adjourned at 12:58 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted by:
    Mark Winitz, Secretary
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