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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting
July 26, 2001

The meeting convened at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: George Mathews, Ken Weinbel, Becky Sisely, Dick Hotchkiss, Cortland Gray, Rex Harvey, Mark Cleary, Sandy Pashkin, Bob Fine, Doug Schneebeck, Suzy Hess, Ruth Welding, Bob Cahners

George Mathews called the meeting to order and since it was going to be an informal exchange of ideas asked the members for their suggestions on topics for discussion. The following topics were chosen: National Club teams, convention schedule, status of Puerto Rico, budget, relays, Games Committee responsibilities, Senior Games.

National Teams

Courtland Gray gave the report for the committee. Roz Katz was against the concept of national teams. Mark Cleary was for the idea and Courtland was somewhat neutral. The committee conversed by email and the regional coordinators were polled for their ideas. There was not a lot of response and an indication of apathy. The negative responses did not appear to be backed up by any concrete facts. Mostly just unsubstantiated opinion. Most people who did have opinions in favor of national teams wanted to achieve things that were unavailable through their regional associations. While no one wanted to minimize the importance of the local associations and clubs, there was support among the Executive Committee members that a rule change proposal addressing the subject of national teams and the support and development of local clubs be prepared by Courtland's committee. The rule change proposal would be presented at the National Convention.

Convention Schedule

George noted that past convention meetings had been too freewheeling and unstructured and that the upcoming convention in Mobile would have to be more structured. There will be a time schedule for everything so that it doesn't turn into a marathon. The schedule would be prepared and sent out in advance and hopefully with more structure and direction, more creativity can be utilized. All of the subjects to be covered at the convention should be distributed well in advance so that everyone has sufficient time to think about it and be ready to make decisions and keep debates to a minimum.

The Convention is running Tuesday 11/26 through Saturday 11/30 not Wednesday through Sunday as in the past The Executive Committee Meeting will be Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. By October 1st, all committee reports have to be remitted to the Secretary (Bob Cahners) so that they can be disseminated to everyone and entered on the website. We will try to get the names of the delegates in advance of the National Convention so that material can be sent to them in advance and they arrive at the Convention ready to make informed decisions. A time for the Regional Coordinators meeting was set at Tuesday 11/26 at 2:00 p.m. The Awards Committee meeting was set for 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday 11/27. George Mathews asked that a leader be chosen to lead the Regional Coordinators meeting. This person would put together the agenda and lead the meeting. Becky Sisely would arrange things for this initial Regional Coordinators meeting.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans will not be competing as U.S. citizens in USATF Masters National Championships and will therefore receive duplicate awards and will not displace U.S. citizens. Bob Fine will draft a proposal that will address the issue of Puerto Ricans.


Budget was handed out.

Team Manager

George suggested that we have an election for Team Manager and this should be put on the agenda for the Executive Committee meeting in Mobile. Also George suggested that the Executive Committee should to consider having an additional Team Manager just for the Track and Field responsibilities.

It was also agreed the Team Manager and members of the Executive Committee should help new WMA competitors adjust to the new experience of WMA competition. George asked members to suggest candidates for the Team Manager job.


It was decided to keep the same WMA representatives until the next WMA World Championships.

Senior Games

We will have to decide if we ever want to have the Masters Championships this close to the Senior Games Championships. The scheduling for the near future does not have the two meets occurring this close together.

Games Committee

We need our own two-way radios for communication with Team Managers and Rules Committee members. It has been difficult to reach the members of the game committee when problems have come up.

We need to have better communications with the meet organizers and officials so that there is a mutual understanding in advance how the meet is to be run and an understanding of the role of the Games Committee. The Games Committee should arrive at the meet a day or so early to be able to meet with officials to clarify rules, flights, etc. The officials need to know that they cannot make changes unilaterally without Games Committee approval.


The Baton Rouge organizing committee wants us to come back for our outdoor and indoor championships. It was pointed out that the two people who were organizing the meet on the Foundation side had no track and field experience and the person who had major responsibility for the meet was an intern who would not be back.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Cahners

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