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Stretch Study Wrap-Up & Injury Report Form

Please complete this form if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You experienced an injury that kept you from running for at least 3 consecutive days
  • You've been enrolled in the study for your full 3-month period without an injury
  • You were unable to complete the study due to a reason unrelated to running

Note:  If you experienced an injury, please wait 3 weeks after the injury to submit this report. Your participation in the study as a stretcher or a non-stretcher terminates upon experiencing such an injury. We ask, however, that you wait 3 weeks to fill out this form so that you will be more informed about your injury, even if the 3 weeks takes you beyond the 3 months of your active participation in the study.

Your Study ID
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Injury Status

Compliance with Assigned Protocol

Be honest and let us know how well you stuck to the stretch program. It will help us know better if stretching before running prevents injury.

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