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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that have not been answered by this page or by the Informed Consent or the Study Protocol, you can get a response to your questions from Dr. Dan Pereles, Principal Investigator, for technical questions, and Dr. Alan Roth, Study Coordinator, for administrative questions, by e-mailing Stretch*no-spam* or by calling 301-534-0989.

  1. Why do you mention only Lupus, Arthritis, Neuropathy and Diabetes as illnesses and conditions in "Your Medical Background"?
    Because these are 4 conditions that are known to make people more vulnerable to a running injury.
  2. Why do you mention only Lipitor, Cipro, Zocor and Levaquin as medications in "Your Medical Background"?
    Because these 4 medications can make people more vulnerable to a running injury.
  3. How do I report more than one injury?
    We need information only about your primary injury. If you experience more than one injury during the same run, determine which injury is primary and report on that. For example, if, on a run, you experience an injury but decide to keep running, you may injure a different muscle or tendon by compensating for the first injury. The first injury is the primary injury. However, if you experience an injury that appears minor and then later during that run you experience a more serious injury that is independent of the first injury, the second, more serious injury is the primary injury.
  4. What do I do if I experience an injury from an activity other than running and cannot continue to participate in the Study?
    Please fill out the Wrap-Up & Injury Report Form to conclude your participation in the Study. For the "Injury Status" question, select the option for "I did experience an injury during my study participation period." Then for Question 3 ("When did you notice the injury pain?"), select the option for either "during/after other recreational or physical activity" or "time was unrelated to a recreational or physical activity."
  5. How do I inform you that I was not able to fulfill my participation in the Study due to a problem other than an injury?
    Go to the Wrap-Up & Injury Report Form; you will see a question specific to your situation.
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