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Cross Country Masters Harriers of the Year

This award was established to honor the outstanding Masters Male and Female Cross Country Runners.

Year Male Winner Female Winner
2013 Peter Magill and Ray Pugsley Carmen Ayala-Troncoso
2012 Matt Ebiner Kathryn Martin
2011 Peter Magill  Kathryn Martin
2010 Rick Becker Carmen Ayela-Troncoso
2009 Simon Gutierrez Carmen Ayela-Troncoso
2008 Peter McGill Kathryn Martin
2007 Peter Magill Kathryn Martin
2006 David O'Keeffe Kathryn Martin
2005 David O'Keeffe Carmen Ayala-Troncoso
2004 Tom Dalton Kathryn Martin
2003 Tom Dalton and Robert Winn Kathryn Martin and Shirley Matson
2002 Tom Dalton Kathryn Martin
2001 Tom Dalton Carolyn Smith-Hanna and Joan Ottaway
2000 Tom Dalton Carolyn Smith-Hanna


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