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12 Mile Tour of W-S.

Distance: 2.84 miles / 4.58 km
Location: Start: Miller Park
Winston Salem, NC, US
Attributes: loop, mixed flat & hills, sidewalks
Description: A true tour of Winston-Salem. The good, the bad, the decent, and the not so good. Begins at Miller Park for no particular reason except it is a good parking/meeting location. Heads towards Hanes Park, once you come to the Hanes Park intercection at the SE corner, hit the trail and then cut right across the field to run beside the creek. Turn right over the bridge at the track and then take a left all the way up towards the bike shop. Follow West End Blvd. all the way up a KILLER hill and through some loops. You'll end up on Spruce, which you will follow till you get to 4th st. Take a left towards Mellow and follow until you come on the grassy field. Take the paved driveway on its right side. This begins "The Strollway". Follow it all the way down through Old Salem till you get to the bridge. Go up the stairs, across the bridge, and then take a left back up Main St. At the water pumpm move a st. over, follow it, run through the cemetary (small water pumps on your right)and then take a right at the end. At the end of the road take another right down towards Salem College where you will cut across and hit the greenway for a portion. Cut across the parking lot and hit up the greenway again & go under the bridge, come up on the sidewalk, take a left, and follow the sidealk to you come to a small arch your left. Go under follow till you hit the rest of the greenway on your right. Follow that section till you come to the Washington park dog parks where you will continue running on your right. (dont take bridge) At the end, take a left, follow the road, and take a right. Follow Huttun till you come to Granville, take a left then another on Academy- take Academy all the way back to Miller. Awesome Route, keeps you engaged entire time.


Total climb: -- feet / -- m
Total elevation change: -- feet / -- m

Added by Michael Griffith on 11/17/2013
DISCLAIMER: USATF and the author of this route make no warranties as to the conditions, safety, distance accuracy, or suitability for running of this route. Run at your own risk!

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