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Restoration Run Half Marathon

Distance: 13.10 miles / 21.09 km
Location: Start: Coulter City Park
Beeds Lake State Park - Hampton, IA, US
Attributes: point-to-point, mostly flat, unpaved path
Description: The Beeds Lake Restoration Run begins in Couler, IA where runners are bussed to from Beeds Lake State Park. The starting point is at the SE corner of the city park on Main St. Running north 1/4 mile, turn right onto the Rolling Prairie Trail and run east about 6.55 miles on a crushed limestone hardpacked rail trail. The trail is smooth, wide and flat which makes for easy running. Turn left onto Nettle Ave where the route becomes a paved trail suface and run north to the 8.3 mile mark. Turn right onto 165th St at the entrance to Beeds Lake State Park and run East to the park campground entrance and turn right onto Lake Drive. Running South for a short distance on the wide and well maintained shoulders of the road a gradual turn to the east will become a short hill climb up and over a RR viaduct. At 9.5 miles turn North on Olive Ave where runners will meet the only real hill on the route after passing over the Spring Creek Bridge. Turn left at the 170th St intersection and run west about two miles then turn left on Beeds Lake Drive and back to the East about 1/2 mile where anouther right turn will take runners into the park. The trail becomes grass and crushed limestone as it follows the lake shore west to a parking area where a left turn will take runners across the lake on the causeway to the finish line at the jetty. A short cool down walk across the lake on the causeway will bring runners to the park lodge where modern facilities and a bait shop offer a relaxing, restorative finish to the run! A short walk around the lake to the CCC era spillway offers a cooling mist and excellent photo oppertunities where the water cascades 40 feet over a 170 foot long limestone dam constructed in 1935.


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Added by David Heyden on 4/10/2013
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