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Rockville Millennium Trail

Rating: Bronze based on 3 reviews
Distance: 10.66 miles / 17.16 km
Location: Start: Fallsgrove Recreation Center
Rockville - Rockville, MD, US
Attributes: loop, mixed flat & hills, sidewalks
Description: Run around Rockville - literally. Rockville has officially chosen to call this a trail but it's entirely on sidewalks.


Total climb: -- feet / -- m
Total elevation change: -- feet / -- m

Added by Don Libes on 4/9/2006
DISCLAIMER: USATF and the author of this route make no warranties as to the conditions, safety, distance accuracy, or suitability for running of this route. Run at your own risk!

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Rating: Route rating: Gold
by: Thomas Hoyt on 7/25/2010 10:07:54 AM
Great continuous running or biking trail, gives you a full trip around Rockville. Passes through a couple busy intersections, so a few excuses to stop and catch your breath. It's a well maintained, fun trail to spend an afternoon on and see the entirety of our city.

Rating: Route rating: Bronze
by: Flexman on 9/3/2006 11:35:24 PM
10 miles of pavement, with some good long stretches of wide sidewalk paths. Hills aren't too bad but can be a mental challenge more than physical. At least 3 major intersections on busy streets include 355/Gude, Viers Mill/First, and 355/Wooton pkwy. This is not good if you're looking for a continuous run because you will definitly have to stop several times. There is one section that goes though a neighborhood parallel to Norbek Rd (not actually on Norbek where there isn't any sidewalk so you basically run in the street - but there is not much traffic as it is a residential neighborhood) Half mile markers painted on the sidewalks which is nice, but the green sign markers don't point you in any direction so if you don't know the course route ahead of time, it can be easy to get lost or get off course. Poor planning on the green signs in my opinion.

by: Don Libes on 5/2/2006 11:09:47 AM
Harvin, I cycled the route (specifically John Sissala's carefully measured version of it for the MCRRC) before making the USATF map and noticed the same thing - that Google currently has Fallsgrove in the wrong place. However, Google's misplacement doesn't affect the Millinium Trail map itself which is never on Fallsgrove. If you look at Google's satellite view, you'll see the route isn't even close to Fallsgrove (real or imagined).

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