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Texas Marathon

Rating: Silver based on 8 reviews
Distance: 6.50 miles / 10.46 km
Location: Start: Greentree Pool
Kingwood Trails - Kingwood, TX, US
Attributes: out & back, all flat, paved path
Description: 4 loops of 6.5 miles each for the Texas Marathon on New Year's Day every year. Flat, fast course with aid stations and port-a-cans every 1 1/2 miles. Snacks and sodas at the turn around at Greentree Pool. Picnic at the finish. Custom medals and shirts for all participants.


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Added by paula boone on 2/14/2007
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Rating: Route rating: Silver
by: Cara on 1/2/2015 8:53:27 AM
I thought the course was great! I thought 4 loops out and back would be terrible, but because of the loop around the lake, it broke up the trail, and was really a pretty run....despite the rain! Having the lake, surrounded by beautiful homes, was pleasantly distracting for me. I think it is a good route.

Rating: Route rating: Silver
by: Robert Harrigal on 1/4/2012 12:07:57 PM
Pro's... A nice calming scenery on greenbelts covered by heavy woods. There are some cute wooden bridges to cross and part of the route is through fairly open areas with big trees adjacent to lakes. Pretty tranquil as compared to an urban run. Con's... The sidewalk is narrow and cracked with sometime significant up/down offsets with occasional difficult terrain adjacent (holes, roots, rocks, etc). It is okay for two way single file running but hard when groups of 2 don't run single file or upon encountering the occasional DOUBLE-WIDE STROLLER being pushed by a participant (the stroller takes up the entire sidewalk width). Also there are a significant number of acute angle turns and the turn arounds use small cones to perform 180's that tend to take extra care to navigate successfully if not quickly. Also, there are several neighborhood streets that must be crossed which takes some attention as well. All in all it takes quite a bit of attention to navigate without incident (stumble on the pavement, twisted ankle along the side of the sidewalk, or shoulder smack from oncoming traffic)since there is a wide range of paces (6 min/mi - 19 min/mi) on the course and alot of passing going on along the same about 3.25 mi stretch.

Rating: Route rating: Gold
by: PR on 1/4/2011 6:44:25 AM
I thought the course and support was great. It is on concrete the entire time so that was a bit tough but it is in a really gorgeous area. And I went faster than I have so how can you beat that.

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