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The Broad Street Run

Rating: Gold based on 51 reviews
Distance: 10.00 miles / 16.09 km
Location: Start: Fisher And Broad
Broad Street - Philadelphia, PA, US
Attributes: point-to-point, all flat, roads
Description: Downhill 10 Mile Run. USATF Certification PA 99008 WB


Total climb: -- feet / -- m
Total elevation change: -- feet / -- m

Added by Bill Brasington on 2/13/2007
DISCLAIMER: USATF and the author of this route make no warranties as to the conditions, safety, distance accuracy, or suitability for running of this route. Run at your own risk!

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Rating: Route rating: Gold
by: Dennis on 5/1/2018 6:01:45 PM
Great experience to be able to bond with the people and various neighborhoods along the way. Well organized and managed. nothing else like it.

Rating: Route rating: Gold
by: Hank on 4/29/2018 6:51:31 AM
I love this course and the entire experience. It is a wonderful celebration of both running and the neighborhoods of Philadelphia featuring both enthusiastic cheering sections, very creative signs. Also many great bands and cheering sections from local schools. The slight downhill is a great psychological boost. Potentially very fast if you start at the front of your corral. Mile markers are nice. Water and gator-aide are more than adequately available although crowded as you would expect. Pre-race transportation via subway is packed but workable. Bag busses have always been available even as late as race time. Last corral gets off about the time the seeded runners are finishing which means 10 full miles of runners on Broad Street around 9 AM. What a sight. If you are thinking about doing BSR, go for it. Have a great run.

Rating: Route rating: Silver
by: John on 5/3/2017 9:10:29 AM
Very fun run that gives novice runners a great idea of those "big race" feels and quite possibly convince them to give the Philly Half a whirl in the fall. The course is fast and relatively downhill sans two small bridge hills early on in the race. Water stations are spread out every mile and crowds get significantly bigger closer to the finish line, which is great motivation for that final push. My only complaints against the race is the start. 40,000 people going almost all at once. I think the separation between the corrals needs to be slightly longer and there should be volunteers working the crowd to make some of the slower runs go back to the corrals in which they are meant to start in. The log jam for the first 2-3 miles can be extremely frustrating.

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