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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  1. Why is my route being measured as short?

    Answer: Routes mapped at a wide zoom level could be measured as short because of the lack of accuracy in placing the turning points (when mapping, the closer the zoom level, the greater the accuracy of placing turning points, and thus the greater the accuracy of the distance calculation).
  2. Why can't I zoom in close using "Satellite" or "Hybrid" in the area where I run?

    Answer: Google Maps has detailed satellite maps for much of the U.S. and world, but there are areas where the maps are not in high enough resolution for zooming in close. We expect that Google will upgrade these areas over time, so we encourage you to check back at a later date.

Database Search Questions

  1. There are so many boxes to fill in when I search for routes. Can I ignore them?

    Answer: Yes; you only need to fill in boxes where you have a special interest. The more boxes you fill in, the more you will narrow down the number of routes that will appear in your search results.
  2. If this is "America's Running Routes", why do you show a listing of many countries?

    Answer: This is to help our runners who travel abroad. You can look at a place where you will be visiting and see possible places and routes to run there.

Map Creation Questions

  1. When I click on the map to make a point on a route, the point shows up an inch away from where I clicked?

    Answer: This problem has been encountered by users who have upgraded to Internet Explorer 8.0. At the top of the browser next to the refresh button, there is a new button that is called "compatibility view" that looks like a torn piece of paper. Selecting compatibility view will allow your browser to interact correctly with America's Running Routes.
  2. A mile marker is blocking my next turn when I'm mapping. How do I click "under" the marker?

    Answer: You can prevent the markers (mile, km, start, and finish) from getting in the way when you're mapping by choosing "none" for the Route Markers at the bottom of the screen. Selecting "none" hides all markers. You can re-display the markers by selecting "mile" or "km".
  3. Is there a way to clear a water station without having to clear the entire map?

    Answer: Yes. You can undo a water station by activating the Water Tool and then clicking the Undo button. (If the Water Tool is active, the Undo button undoes the last water station; if the Map Tool is active, the Undo button undoes the last mapped point).
  4. What are the differences between the "Automatic" and "Manual" options for the elevation profile?

    Answer: When the "Automatic" option is selected, the elevation profile updates each time you click on the map to add a new segment to your route. When the "Manual" option is selected, the elevation profile only updates when you click the "Update Now" button.
  5. What should I write for "City" if my route crosses a number of city borders?

    Answer: Write the name of the city where your route starts. You can add the other cities in the comments box.
  6. Will leaving my e-mail address on the submit page mean you will be sending me e-mails?

    Answer: We want to have your e-mail address so that we can verify your running route if any administrative questions about it arise that need your input. Otherwise, you will receive e-mails from us only if you request them.
  7. What do I do if, after I submit a running route, I realize I made a mistake and want to correct it?

    Answer: The original author may delete a running route by using the Manage Routes page.

Technical Issues

  1. Why don't I see any maps; why can't I use this service?

    Answer: Google Maps supports most newer web browsers (see Google's list of supported browsers). If you're using an older web browser, though, you might not be able to access the maps. Our range of browser support is limited to what the Google Maps functionality provides.
  2. Why isn't my map printing correctly?

    Answer: Not all web browsers print the maps the same. This is a limitation of the Google Maps functionality, and once Google upgrades their functionality, it will carry over to our service.


Note: This service is not currently tied to the USATF certified courses database and should not be considered a replacement for the information on certified courses.

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