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Top 25 Moments

The Moments

  1. Johnson's 200m world record named Top Moment of last 25 years
  2. Joan Benoit's 1984 Olympic women's marathon win named 2nd Top Moment
  3. Edwin Moses' 122-race win streak named 3rd Top Moment
  4. Lewis winning four gold medals named 4th Greatest Moment
  5. Powell breaking long jump world record named 5th Greatest Moment
  6. Johnson's 400m world record named 6th Greatest Moment
  7. Jones winning five Olympic medals named 7th Greatest Moment
  8. Lewis winning fourth consecutive long jump gold named eighth Top Moment
  9. JJK setting heptathlon world record named 9th top moment
  10. Flo-Jo shattering 100m world record named 10th top moment
  11. Batten & Buford-Bailey both bettering a WR in the same race named 11th top moment
  12. Deckers double victory at 83 Worlds named 12th top moment in track & field of last 25 years
  13. Greene's double sprint gold at 1999 World Outdoors named 13th Top Moment
  14. Dragila winning first women's Olympic pole vault named 14th top moment
  15. Brisco winning three gold medals named 15th top moment
  16. Carter's prep shot put record named the 16th top moment in track & field of last 25 years
  17. Ashford defeating two world record holders at World Cup named 17th top moment
  18. Devers second Olympic 100m title named 18th top moment
  19. Flo-Jos 200m world record named 19th top moment
  20. Salazars third NYC Marathon title named 20th top moment in track & field of last 25 years
  21. Jennings' third World XC title named 21st top moment
  22. Youngs world record named 22nd top moment
  23. Webb prep record named 23rd top moment of last 25 years
  24. Khannouchi world record named 24th top moment of last 25 years
  25. JJK kicks off USATF Top 25 Moments

About the Moments

To help mark the 25th anniversary of USA Track & Field, track & field fans can join USATF in selecting the top 25 moments in American track & field during the past 25 years. Fans can help select what they consider to be the top moments in the sports of track & field, long-distance running, and race walking by voting online at USATF's website.

The "moments" can have occurred on or off the field of play in any of the sports disciplines, at any level--from youth to masters. Events must have occurred between 1979-2004 (the past 25 years). They need not have taken place at a USATF event, but all athletic performances must have been recorded by an American athlete.

The Process

Suggestions for USATF's Top 25 Moments were taken through February 22, 2004. Fans voted for their favorite moments beginning February 28 and ending on June 20. The Top 25 Moments will be announced in reverse order, one per week, leading up to the USATF Annual Meeting in December, where the top three moments will be revealed.

The Top 25 Moments have been selected by a panel of the sport's experts, in conjunction with fan voting.

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