Reebok Grand Prix athlete quotes - live


Vicky Oddi
Communications ICoordinator
USA Track & Field

Adam Montague, men's javelin winner

It was my first competition since surgery (elbow). I started with 70 meters and it felt good. I didn't know what to expect. My elbow held up, everything held up and things worked out.

Stephanie Brown Trafton, women's discus winner

I'm very satisfied with today. Usually my first throw is my best. Today, I had an okay first throw, but the rest got better and better. I wanted to come out and do that.

Michelle Carter, women's shot put winner

I felt good, the weather is great. I started out kind of slow. My last two throws were pretty good. My last throw was probably the best, but I fouled.

I've been training through some of my track meets, and I'm getting to my peak phase. I feel pretty good.

Tasha Danvers, women's 400m hurdles winner

When you have the Olympic champion in the race, you're always aware of the potential threat. At the end of the day, I had to stay focused in your lane so that's what I did.

It was a good performance for me. It's been a trying year for me already. We know that Melaine (Walker) can run 52 in her sleep.

It's a fabulous sunny day here in New York with a fabulous crowd.

Bershawn Jackson, men's 400m hurdles winner

My coach had a strategy and all I did was stick to the game plan. It feels great to come here and be victorious in New York.

I'm upset that I got a bronze medal in Beijing. It's time to redeem myself and show that I'm the best hurdler in the world.

Lashawn Merritt, men's 400m winner

The wind really played a part on the backstretch. By the homestretch, I was tired. I wanted to get the win and that's what I did. I felt good before the race. The wind was really strong in the backstretch.

I feel stronger, training is going well. I plan on going to Berlin and doing something great.

Christin Wurth Thomas, women's 1,500m winner

I felt good. My workouts are going phenomenal. To come out and lead from the gun is phenomenal.

Today was getting one under my belt, getting the cobwebs out. The goal is to keep improving.

Leo Manzano, Men's 1500m winner

It was a great race. All the guys ran tough. I'm excited I got this race out of my system. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I wanted to race, run and have fun.

I think I'm in really good shape. My coaches have definitely prepared me well.

Carmelita Jeter, women's 100m winner

I have a new coach (John Smith). My training is a lot more difficult, my mindset is much better, my technique is better.

With track, you can't count anyone out, anyone can beat anyone on any day.

Allyson Felix, women's 400m winner

I'm still in heavy training right now. I'm working to get better each week. I'm more focused on the 200.

Mike Rodgers, men's 100m winner

It feels good. I have to stay humble and keep working hard. The Trials are in a couple of weeks.

I had a lot to shoot for this year. Last year I raced about 45 races. This year I've raced a lot less and gotten stronger.

Terrence Trammell, men's 110m hurdles winner

Today was better. I wanted to make sure I attacked the first part of my race. I should have stayed more aggressive. I feel good how things turned out.

On the last two hurdles I didn't get my lead leg down like I wanted. It's still a month until USA Nationals. By then, everything will be okay.

Khadevis Robinson, men's 800m winner

Usually, I feel really good coming in. I had that extra confidence and get really amped up. Today I didn't feel so good getting ready to run. I wanted to run a more strategic race.

I have to really focus on the last 50 meters. I thought I had it, I was looking and not focusing

A win is a win and at my age, its time for me to start enjoying all this.

Anna Williard, women's 800m winner

The plan was to show I had another gear at 700. Even though I was third, with the last 100 I knew I could just kick and win.

Micah Kogo, men's 5,000m winner

I'm happy this is my fast race. I needed to run under my PB. I was hoping to run under 13 minutes but the wind made it very difficult.

Lauryn Williams, women's 200m winner

I always do better after a round. I always say I'm good for rounds so having to run the 100 set me up to run a better 200. I think it was a god race.