Lane posts world record at USA Masters Championships


Tom Surber
Media Information Manager
USA Track & Field

CHARLOTTE, N.C - Trent Lane set a men's 95+ shot put world record on the opening day of the 2006 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships Thursday at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. The Championships will continue through Sunday.

The USA Masters Championships features 1,400 athletes from around the country ranging in age from 35-95+. The competition on Thursday was suspended due to excessive heat beginning at 12:30 p.m., with action continuing at 7 p.m.

The oldest athlete of this year's competition, Trent Lane, was the winner in the men's 95+ year-old age-group shot put with a world record throw of 6.61 meters/21 feet, 8.25 inches.

An airplane pilot for 67 years, who still flies his own plane from the airstrip on his farm in Baker, La., Lane has set dozens of world records during his five-year track career that began after a conversation with his daughter. "She came to me and said 'you're in good shape, why don't you get involved with the Senior Olympics,' and I'd never heard of it," Lane said. "I decided to give it a try and did what I had to do to get started."

A recent weight change in the shot put for the M95 age division from four kilos to three kilos in May should have made it easier for Lane to throw far, but he disagrees. "It would have been a world record if I had thrown the four kilo shot," he said. "I've thrown over seven meters with a four kilo shot put, so it really doesn't matter much."

Although Lane enjoys his success in track and field, he gains much more out of his involvement with the sport than medals and accolades. "It's real nice to be associated with all these nice people, and that's the key to the whole thing," he said. "You really feel like a member of a large family."

In the next three days Lane will seek additional national titles in the discus, hammer and javelin throws in Charlotte.

Other men's shot put winners today include Michael Shiaras (14.55m/47-9), Charles Roll (M60, 15.53m/50-11.50), Gerald Vaughn (M70, 14.85m/48-8.75), Richard Mulkern (M80, 10.06m/33-0.25), John Anoka (M85, 7.53m/24-8.50), Thomas Steed (M65-13.47m/44-2.50) and Leland McPhee (M92-7.34m/24-1).

In 5,000m men's action winners included Roger Busch (M30, 16:04.85), Chad Newton (M36, 16:02.99), Bill Iffrig (M70, 20:39.97), James Sutton (M75, 23:57.60), Roy Englert (M80, 23:32.20) and Frank Levine (M90, 46:52.67). The M60 winner was Steven Annan in 18:33.87 and Joseph Burgasser won the M65 national title in 19:23.05. Additional national 5,000m national men's champions were Brian Pope (M40, 16:33.61), Gregory LeBlanc (M51, 17:44.01) and Tom Bernhard (M55, 18:18.88).

Women's 5,000m national champions include Sheri Kidwell (W30, 23:01.60), Imelda Gonzalez (W35, 18:47.06), Michelle Simonaitis (W40, 17:52.97), Lynda DeBoer (W45, 21:07.02), Kathryn Martin (W50, 18:57.63), Jeanette Groesz (W56, 20:43.29), Rusty Barnett (W64, 26:47.26), Margie Stoll (W65, 24:00.80), Margaret Hagerty (W80, 45:22.74) and Gerry Davidson (W85, 49:08.73).

In men's javelin action on Thursday, Travis Farren won the men's 30 division with a throw of 39.18 meters/128-6, and Robert Luciano captured the men's 35 group with a throw of 54.46m/178-8. Kenneth Hall of Portsmouth, R.I., won the M40 with a throw of 57.65m/189-2.

Georgia Cutler of Eugene, Ore., won the women's W60 discus throw with a toss of 21.45m/70-4 and Carol Young captured the women's W65 division with a best throw of 22.09m/72-6.

Women's discus throw winners were Christel Donley of Colorado Springs, Colo., won the W70 division with a throw of 19.13m/62 feet, 9 inches. Other women's discus winners were Ruth Welding (W50, 39.49m/129-7), Mary Hartzler (W55, 38.91m/127-8), Gloria Krug (W75, 16.16m/53 feet) and Betty Jarvis (W90, 10.26m/33-8).

Daniel Holton of Burlingame, Calif., was the winner in the men's M35 pole vault with a clearance of 4.55m/14-11. Other men's pole vault winners were Curt Roth (M40-4.10m/13-5.25), and Paul Babits (M45, 4.70m/15-5).

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