Sell, De Reuck win USA 25 km Championships


Jim Estes
LDR Programs Manager
USA Track & Field
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GRAND RAPIDS-Brian Sell, a member of the U.S. 2005 World Championships marathon team and 2004 U.S. Olympian Colleen De Reuck cruised to USA 25 km titles today at the Fifth Third River Bank Run in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Both Sell and De Reuck had to contend with an open international field as well as other contenders for the USA Championship. While eventual winner Simon Wangai, who would go on to post the fourth fastest 25 km ever with his 1:13:27 win, set a fast early pace. Sell made his usual brave effort to maintain contact with the early leaders but was left on his own after four miles to savor his first USA title in the third fastest championship time of 1:15 27.

"I wanted to be a little more competitive with Simon and Julius," said Sell after running the seventh fastest U.S. performance ever for 25 km. "I just think we as Americans need to learn to compete on that level, that's where we need to be, but I'm happy to win a USA title."

On the women's side it was De Reuck that would leave the international field in her wake; as she went on to post her first USA 25 km title in 1:25:15, the second fastest U.S. women's time ever, as well as a World and U.S. Masters record.

"I went out a little too quickly," she recalled. "But the first half is quick; I was with a group of guys who were running 5:20's and 5:25's, I kind of got drawn in, so I was a little tired the last half."

Sell and De Reuck each earned $4,000 for their championship wins, with De Reuck earning another $4,000 for the open win and $1,500 for the Masters title. This is the tenth year that the Fifth Third Riverbank Run has hosted the USA 25 km Championships, which is the fourth stop for men and the third for women on the 2005 USA Running Circuit (USARC).

The USARC is a USA Track & Field road series, featuring USA Championships from 5 km to the marathon and attracts the best U.S. distance runners. The eleventh edition for the men and tenth for the women, the 2005 circuit has nine events for men and seven events for women.

The first ten U.S. runners earn points at each USARC race (15 for first, 12 for second, 10 for third, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1), with a final $12,500 grand prix purse ($6000, $4000, and $2500) for the top three men and women point scorers overall. The USARC points at the USA Marathon Championships will be doubled. Sell now leads the men's circuit with 31 points and Jen Rhines leads the women's with 27.

The mission of the USA Running Circuit is to showcase, support, and promote U.S. runners. Since its inception in 1995, the USARC and its races have provided over $4 million dollars to U.S. distance runners.

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