Note from Doug Logan about scoring tables for the USA Indoor Championships


Vicky Oddi
Communications Coordinator
USA Track & Field

We have received inquiries from some athletes, coaches and agents regarding Visa Championship Series scoring of events at the USA Indoor Championships at Albuquerque, wondering if there will be an altitude adjustment to the scoring tables.

International standards set by the IAAF do not take into account altitude adjustments for scoring tables, records or rankings. That will hold true for the USA Indoor Championships as well, given that the scoring for the Visa Championship Series uses official IAAF tables. Rather than arbitrarily make an adjustment based on nothing more than a guess, which would result in vast inequities in the tables, it is far more fair to have athletes compete and have their performances compared as they always are.

I can assure you that well before our sport committee chairs approved awarding the Indoor Championships to Albuquerque, the relatively moderate altitude of the site was discussed extensively by USATF staff, with input from coaches and members of the sports science and sports medicine communities as well.

We look forward to seeing you in Albuquerque, and to some great competition.

Best regards,Doug Logan

Ps: One change that you should be aware of is that this year, indoors and outdoors, Visa Championship Series money will go to the top three scorers for men and women. The male and female Visa Champions will receive bonuses of $30,000, with the first runners-up receiving a bonus of $15,000 and the second runners-up earning $5,000, for a total of $100,000 in athlete bonuses.