Nike Prefontaine Classic Quotes - Live


Tom Surber
Media Information Manager
USA Track & Field

Geleta Burka, winner women's 1,500m

I ran 3:58 last week and 3:59 this week. I'm very happy with my time.

Bershawn Jackson, winner men's 400m hurdles

I felt pretty good. My main thing was to be in the race. It's my second race of the season. I've been injured all season. I've had a good progression. I really got out pretty strong. I hit the second hurdle pretty hard. I stayed relaxed and came home strong. I'm really confident right now.

Bernard Lagat, winner men's 3,000m

I rested really well since New York. I've just had easy runs and today I was running relaxed. Today's race was good. I felt comfortable the entire way. Winning today was important for my confidence.

Sanya Richards, winner Nutrilite women's 400m

I felt really good today. It was really windy. When I got to to the curve I worked really hard. I definitely always like to run under 50 seconds. To run sub 50 and win decisively is a big thing for me.

MichaelRodgers, winner men's 100m

I'm running a lot fewer races this year. I'm getting my mind focused and just getting ready for Berlin.

I wanted to make a statement indoor and come out and make a big bang outdoors.

Stephanie Brown Trafton, winner women's discus

Amazing things happen here. So many PRs, world bests. Its like going to the track and field mecca. I was pretty pleased with today. I've been pretty consistent at 210 meters. I'm hoping I can come out and throw well at nationals.

Reese Hoffa, winner Visa men's shot put

It ws tough. I was tired. But the more tired I am the better I throw. It ended up being a really good day.

Carmelita Jeter, winner women's Visa 100m

It was a good race. I still have to work on a couple of things technically, but we'll get there. Every race we fix something, we fix something until I just get it. I feel good. I'm going into outdoor champs as if I haven'twon a thing.

Paul Koech, winner men's 3,000m steeplechase

The wind was high. I like the stadium and the crowd was cheering very loudly. I'm happy about the crowd.

Michelle Perry, winner women's 100m hurdles

Things are starting to look up right now. I'm just trying to stay gracious and take my time and defend my championship.

It was difficult. I was being hit a little. At the end I just told myself to stay focused and just run it out at the end.

Dwight Phillips, winner men's long jump

Last week I knew I was jumping far and I was looking at the world record.

I think I need to run a couple more 100 meters.

I knew I was capable of jumping this far. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. I'm hungry. I'm excited about the sport again.

Lashawn Merritt, winner men's 300m

I was feeling good today. This part of the season is about running well and finishing strong. I'm more of a sprinting quarter miler. The 300 is right down my alley. I'm looking forward to a great season.Vivian Cheruiyot, winner women's 2000m

For me the 2000 is a faster race. I'm happy because I won.

Nick Symmonds, winner Nike men's 800m

I felt very comfortable today. Its great having the same warmup I always have and to come out and race here.

I think 2007 and today were comparable fields. It feels nice to see those names in the paper and see my name at the top of that list.