Reebok Grand Prix Athlete Quotes


Vicky Oddi
Communications Coordinator
USA Track & Field

Usain Bolt - men's 100 winner, World Record

I had the idea that I could run the WR. I did well running 9.9 and lower. I was pretty confident coming in here.

I wasn't looking for a WR but it came to me today and I'll take it.

I was glad for the first false start. My first start wasn't that good. I knew if I got Tyson on the start I'd get him.

My coach said concentrate on the drive phase and that's what I did. It doesn't matter if I have the WR if I don't have the Olympic gold medal.

Tyson Gay - men's 100 runner-up

I knew that this track was fast and I thought that a 9.7 was possible.

The conditions were nice. The track was a little wet but the conditions were nice.

I was very comfortable in the blocks. 9.84 is my PR, 9.85 was my time today. I wasn't supposed to be this fast yet, but its okay.

This is definitely great for the sport.

Obviously I have some work to do. Right now, its hats off to Bolt. Today was his day.

We were in the same rhythm but his stride pattern covered more ground.

Terrence Trammell - men's 110m hurdle winner

I felt pretty good when I cleared the first hurdle. I brushed a hurdle again, probably 5 or 6. I tried to focus on staying tall and running all the way through the tape.

I think had Liu been in the race, I would have been sub-thirteen. I'm happy with the win.

Bianca Knight - women's 200 winner

It's different (being a pro). It requires a lot more time to put in at practice. But so far it's going really well.

I think that I'm a great competitor. I don't really get nervous, I don't worry. I just love to compete.

I was kind of upset with my 100 so I knew I'd have to work hard. I should have done better. I knew I'd have to put it all out there in the 200.

Lopez Lomong - men's 1,500 winner

I trained for this meet. I thought I'd be running the 800.

It went well for not training through.

I'll run the mile at Pre and I'm leaning towards the 1,500 at Trials.

I'm glad to be back in New York. This is my home. You need to protect your house and that's what I did today.

Lauren Fleshman - women's 5,000 winner

I tried not to think about time at all. It's not a good motivator. I don't run well when I think about time.

Fantastic conditions. It was ideal conditions for the 5000. The pace was perfect. The rain and humidity cleared out so it was perfect. I was thrilled.

I didn't know how well the distance would be received. The New York crowd came through. They were clapping a lot and I'm really grateful to New York.

Sanya Richards - women's 400 winner

I wanted to go 49-low. It was tough. We had to stop and warm up, stop and warm up.

I wanted to get out hard, push it down the back stretch, push the last 300.

Veronica Campbell-Brown - women's 100 winner

I felt great. I think it was a really good race.

The weather was okay. When I ran my PR, it was pouring. I love the rain.

I'm running good. My object is to run faster than I did last year. I accomplished that and I'm happy.

I'm so happy to come in and execute the race as planned.

I'm not accustomed to false starts.

Wallace Spearmon - men's 200 winner

I thought I was passed the line but I wasn't (when I mugged for the camera). I thought it was the world's fastest time this year, but it wasn't. I was just having fun.

We sat down for about 40 minutes and I was a little nervous. I remembered Xavier falling in the rain (at the 2007 U.S. Outdoor Championships) so I was a little bit nervous.

It was my first 200. Not a bad one, not a great one but it's a start.

Shadrack Kosgei - men's 5,000 winner

It was fantastic, really good. I was feeling strong with the last lap to go. I was feeling good.

With two laps to go, he (Abosh) came again. But I finished very fast. I am used to a very fast sprint with two laps to go.

Khadevis Robinson - men's 800 runner-up

It was a good race. My kick is there. I ran 1:45 last week so I knew my kick was there. I don't like to sit like that. But it was a good race for the crowd. We all fought for it.

My focus is the Trials now.

Sarah Jamieson - women's 800 winner

I felt pretty good. At the start I decided I wanted to race and not run for time. I don't need to chase a time. I was injured to our Trials in February, so I was preselected (for the Australian Olympic team).

Xavier Carter - men's 400m winner

It went very well for my first 400 of the season.

I can only work on what's in my lane. I was working on fundamental things in this race.

It's a hard decision (doubling). It's the 1-2, maybe the 4. I'm just going to sit back and think about it. My main focus is the 200.

This is a good sign. I'm proud with the progress.

Maryam Jamal - women's 800 winner

The conditions were very difficult, especially on the second lap.

The 57 for the first lap was too fast.

This is a positive sign for the Olympics. I ran a 1:58 last week, so 2 flat in these conditions is a good sign.

I'll run four or five more races and for Beijing I'll definitely run the 1500m.

Paul Koech - men's steeplechase winner

I was trying to run under 8 minutes.

It was too windy but I tried my best. The track was fast.

I came to New York to see if I could run my first race. I hadn't run the steeple yet this year so I wanted to run fast.

Reese Hoffa - men's shot put winner

It's getting really hot in Athens, so I cut my hair.

The conditions weren't bad. The ring may have been a little slow.

It's a great stage to compete on (here in New York). The crowd is great here. I just love competing here.

It's never an easy three for the Trials. Anything can happen at the Olympic Trials. I'm going in there like I have to earn it just like everyone else.

I wasn't exactly happy with how I threw today. I have a lot to work on.

Kerron Clement - men's 400m hurdle winner

It wasn't too pleasant out there. It was windy on the back stretch. I was fighting that.

My plan was to do 13 strides all the way around so I'm pleased with that.

I'm a very tall guy so with the wind today, I was able to stride through it.

Lashinda Demus - women's 400m hurdle winner

It's been a long road and I'm finally getting back to where I want to be.

This race today was real slow. I don't like to blame the wind cause I've run fast with wind before. It's a work in progress.

I feel strong mentally because of what I came from and what I am now.

I believe I should make the (Olympic) team. Hopefully I'm proving it with this meet and at the Trials.

Ian Waltz - men's discus winner

It was a great competition. My first throw was a little over 64m in round 3, I went 65+ to go into the lead, then Jarred went into the lead. It was my last throw that won it for me.

It felt really good. Each throw felt really good distance wise. I increased my distance with each throw. I'm exactly where I want to be going into the Trials.

Britney Henry - women's hammer throw winner

It was the kind of day when we didn't know whether or not the weather would hold up for us. The sun came out and we got it in. It was really good. I took three warm ups and with a competition of only six, it took about 20-30 seconds between throws. It made for a quick competition.

It was an "easy, quick, get-it-done" kind of day. So, now I can watch the rest of the meet."

I felt good after flying five or six hours across the country.

Aaron Armstrong - men's 100m "B" winner

I'm going to take this race. It's always good to come to New York and to this track meet.

I came off a minor injury so I kind of missed the relay season. My coach decided to miss it.

The delay (today) was good. When you wake up and see rain, it's not good as a track athlete. The hour delay gave us the opportunity to run in good weather.

Erison Hurtault - men's 400m "B" winner

I started this season with a new coach. I have to focus on getting out a little harder.

The wind was a big mental barrier today. It's one thing to get out hard and then there's getting out hard and battling with the wind.

I was glad I was able to win with such a good field.