adidas Track Classic - Athlete Quotes


Vicky Oddi
Communications Coordinator
USA Track & Field

2008 Adidas Track Classic, Carson, Calif.

Galen Rupp, Men's 3,000m Run

I ran today just to continue to work on my speed. I think I'm going to run a 5,000 next week. This works well, I'll get something shorter in. I'm still working on my kick. This is all preparation for the Olympic Trials. I like running in heat. I've always run well in hot conditions. It helps a lot to have Josh (Rohatinsky) there with me. When I get my teammates around, it's just a great mental boost for me. My goal coming in was to improve, compete better. I'm still doing a ton of training."

Erin Donohue, Women's 800m

It was a pretty competitive field. I just wanted to hang in there for the first 400-500 meters and I was able to do that. It was a tough day with the heat and a little bit of wind, but I'm really happy to come out with the win. I'm in a good position. I already have the "A" standard in the 1500. Over the winter I've been working on the 800. I think I'll be in a good position going into the Trials.

Shannon Rowbury, Women's 1,500m

The faster the better. The better the competition the better the Americans will be. Last year I had a stress fracture in my hip so its taken a lot to get here. But this sets me up well for the next 2-3 monthes. My goal is still to make the team. I take nothing for granted. I want it so much, to make the team would just be amazing. I work for it every day.

Bershawn Jackson, Men's 400mH

I feel really good. I'm happy. I'm more fit, my timing has been going pretty good. (With this race), I wanted to get my confidence back, I just wanted to win again. I wasn't ever doubting myself, my rhythm was off, I was stutter stepping. Now I've got everything back.

Veronica Campbell, women's 200m winner

I was hoping to run fast today. A win is a win and I'll take it. I think I have a few little things to work on. I 'm looking forward to competing in and preparing for Beijing. In competition like this, you just have to expect anything. I just maintained my focus and was able to execute.

Allyson Felix, women's 200

I just had a rough week. My boyfriend's father passed away. I got back from Doha and went to the funeral Tuesday. Just an emotional week, up and down. Bobby decided to pull me (from the 200). I was definitely a little disappointed. I would definitely like to be in that 200, but I just have to trust him. I would have liked for the week to be happier for the graduation, all my family was there. It was a really special moment.

Novlene Williams, Women's 400m winner

The race was a little tough. It was really windy, but everyone else had the same conditions. I'm happy with the time. My training is going well, I'll be alright for our Trials next month. Everybody is coming out with their A Game this year, the Olympic year. We compete against the same people a lot. They're not hard to beat, we just have to be ready.

Bernard Lagat, Men's 1,500m

My intentions were to come here and win the race. I didn't even notice anything happened. I didn't know there was someone who fell. I wanted to be the one to follow the pacemakers. I was careful not to swing wide. I wanted to run a smart race and be able to kick at the end. This is a very good measure of where my training is going.

Allen Johnson, Men's 110m hurdles

I just didn't have it today. I was expecting to run faster than I did. I'm disappointed with today but happy with where I am overall. I'll be ready in July.

Anwar Moore, men's 110m hurdles winner

The heat is ridiculous. After the time and the headwind, I'm okay. With no headwind, the time would have been faster. I'm happy, I'm pleased. I'm healthy and I'll be ready for Prefontaine and the Trials.

Chaunte Howard, women's high jump

God is good. I came out feeling good. We had great competition, Tisha Waller, Amy Acuff - lots of good people. Pretty much a tune up for the Olympic Trials. I was able to come out here and relax, I was able to come out and redeem myself on this track. It felt like the American record was in my feet. My training has been going well, I've been jumping well at practice. I feel like there's a lot more I can do, so after this week, I'm going to shut it down and just focus on the Trials. Last year I just got really frustrated. There was such great competition last year, it made me very thirsty this year. I don't take for granted any practice day. I want to be in the thick of things come the Olympics.

Jeremy Wariner, Men's 400m

As I was warming up, I felt really good. We told everyone it would be a Sunday decision, so after I warmed up, I told everyone I was ready to go. I take every year the same,. I take every week and every day the same. This year I'm just fighting for what I want to do. I just need to stay healthy from here on out. I was a little timid to come out of the blocks. My first 150 would have been better had I not had this hamstring problem. Times will drop no matter what. I know that come Trials I'll be able to run with everybody else. I've said it before, I run a lot better when I have rounds to run.

Jenn Stuczynski, women's pole vault

I think I come into it expecting the worst. I'm pretty prepared technically. When it was warm out, it made me happy. The first one was too short. I got hit with a little bit of a headwind, the third one I let it go. It just didn't work out this time, you have to have three good jumps at it. I came in with high expectations. We got 90 and we'll build off that.

Muna Lee, Women's 200m

I kind of didn't get out hard. I was more worried about who was in the race with me, but I'm happy with win. It's been a long time since I've ran (in a field this big). It was a PR (wind legal). Hopefully I'll run another 21 this year. I just have to stay focused and not worry about everyone else.

Tyson Gay, 100 and 200m winner

I was slightly confused because of my time in the 100. I've been running pretty good in my practice. I actually felt better today in the 200 than I did in the 100. I'm just glad I came out today with two wins. I wasn't unhappy, I just had to go back and check what I'd been working on. I have to make sure I warm up my body better. I was happy, I was relaxed. I saw Doc winning, so I started to relax. I just have to go back and make some minor adjustments with my blocks so I won't shake so much. I should be pretty relaxed going into New York. I really believe I don't have run fast times right now, I just have to win. It does a lot for my confidence. It was a pretty fun race. As you saw, Darvis and I were both leaning at the line.