AT&T USA Outdoor Championships Athlete Quotes - Saturday


Jill Geer
Director of Communications
USA Track & Field

Athlete Quotes - Saturday

Kevin Eastler - men's 20km walk champion: "It went OK for a national championship. Usually we don't have the fastest times [at championships]. Tim [Seaman] and I came off of a great race in Spain a few weeks ago, where I got the [IAAF] A standard and he got the B. Today went OK, but it was a little early for us. It could have gone better, but I'm pleased with the result.

Mary Grene - Women's Masters Mile champion

The facility and the atmosphere were fantastic. It's such an honor to race here at the Championships.

Jim Sorensen - Men's Masters Mile champion

I was happy with what happened today. I'm happy to be here at the Championships. I just gave it what I had the last lap.

Reese Hoffa - Men's Shot Put champion

I was confident throwing in the ring. I got some good throws off. Today was my day. I established myself with good marks off the bat. That's my first ever outdoor national championship. It's an absolutely incredible feeling. I was very consistent. I wasn't as comfortable as I could be because it was wet out there. I just accepted that it was going to be wet and there's nothing I could do about it.

The victory lap is all about saying hello to the fans. I did the lap with the turkey leg. That is something that started at the Drake Relays to be different.

Dan Taylor - Men's Shot Put runner-up

It was a lot different than any other U.S. Championships I've been in. The rain made me apprehensive at first. Everyone seemed down except for Reese. In the end, the crowd support got better. It started out slowly, but it got better.

Adam Nelson - Men's Shot Put 3rd place

Today was an interesting competition. With the weather the way it was, it slowed us down a little bit. You just have to stay focused and make sure you're executing at a higher level. I've got a hamstring pull, but I wanted to take one honest throw. It turned out it wasn't bothering me quite as badly, so I took two throws.

James Carter - Men's 400m Hurdle champion

For me, it just means that I'm where I am as far as the shape I want to be in. I just try to stay as relaxed as possible. I was able to do that today - I knew Kerron was coming, but I stayed relaxed. There are a lot of things I want to improve, but I've got time before Osaka (World Championships) to improve, so I think my chances are pretty good.

Derrick Williams - Men's 400m Hurdle 3rd place

I'm pretty happy with the way I ran my race today. I've been working hard all year and I think it just paid off today. As soon as I crossed the line, I was very excited. I'm just glad it's over with - I've been nervous all day.

Angelo Taylor - Men's 400m champion

It was a gutsy race. LaShawn Merritt is a fighter like me and I believe I just wanted it more today. It was a great race, a gutsy race. I'm pleased.

I haven't given up on the hurdles. I was feeling more comfortable in the 400m than in the hurdles, so I decided to run the 400m here. My goal is to be ranked in the top in the World in both the 400m and 400m hurdles this year.

LaShawn Merritt - Men's 400m runner-up

I felt comfortable coming down the straightaway, but it wasn't enough for the win. I'm pleased with the time. I wanted to win - everyone wants to win - but I guess you can't win every time.

DeeDee Trotter - Women's 400m champion

I was hoping for the win. I've been struggling through a hamstring injury, so I've been going through some stuff lately. The important part is to make the team. I just wanted to be in the top 3 and get through this. The victory was a blessing to me. It was a dream. I didn't think I was ready for a PR. I just put it out there. It came as a surprise to me.

I'm used to people passing me. The hardest part is staying in your race. I don't get frustrated about people passing me.

Mary Wineberg - Women's 400m 3rd place

It was basically the race of my life. I had to push it to make the top 3. I have a lot of support here, and I wanted to make them proud. I did today.

Sanya Richards, women's 400m 4th place- "I lost my thinking. In thought I was already on the team. I didn't fight for that third spot. I' really, really disappointed. I've still got the 200. I'm going to come out and win that.

Christin Wurth - Women's 1500m runner-up

I was trying to remain as comfortable as possible. I was trying to relax and go with the leader. With 300 left I wanted to put the hammer down. It happened with 400 to go. I was really nervous going into the prelims. Now it's just relaxed.

Ginnie Powell - Women's 100m Hurdles champion

I was definitely focused on my start. I feel that it's the strong part of my race. I knew if I could get out like I normally do and stay in the lead the whole way, I could get the win. This means everything to me. I think it's definitely a reflection of the hard work I've been putting in. It's both a thrill and a satisfaction. Now I know I'm definitely going to the World Championships and I have a chance at the gold medal.

Michelle Perry - Women's 100m Hurdles runner-up

I didn't get out, so I'm disappointed about my start. I've got a little to work on, but I'm satisfied. You win some, you lose some, but I'm a fighter.

Lolo Jones - Women's 100m hurdles 3rd place

The first five hurdles were good. I have been struggling lately. I had lost my start and was too high in the blocks. This is my first world team. The way I look at it is first through third is the same since we all go. I need to focus on the smaller things like keeping myself low in the blocks. I know I can hang with the Nike women.

Wallace Spearmon - Men's 200m prelim

It's just windy. I didn't like the wind, but you have to deal with it.

Jeremy Wariner - Men's 200m prelim

The wind was pretty bad. It was strong, but I stayed relaxed. I got a better start and stayed relaxed down the stretch.

Rodney Martin - Men's 200m prelim

I'm just opening my body up. It's just a blessing to be out here with all the talented athletes.

Tyson Gay - Men's 200m prelim

I'm a little fatigued. The wind was pretty bad, but everybody had to run in it.

Sanya Richards - Women's 400m finals and 200m prelims

It was really tough. I haven't been able to train consistently for a long time. Hopefully I'll run really well tomorrow. I think the three rounds were too much for me today. I didn't realize I was 4th (in the 400m). That was tough for me. Being a champion is not about how you fall, it's about how you get up. It's hard for me because I want to be a World Champion.

Hyleas Fountain - Women's Heptathlon champion

This means so much to me. I've gone through a lot this year. My mom's really sick right now. I really wanted to dedicate this event to her. I believed in coming out and competing hard, but I didn't know I could do this. I didn't believe I could get it (the 800m), but I just thought in the last 100m, 'If I don't do this, I'm going to give it (championship) away.'

Rachelle Smith - Women's 200m prelim

I feel really good about my race today. I saw the forecast this morning and saw that we were supposed to get rain, so I'm just thankful it stayed dry for our race. I'm always confident. I'm expecting good things this weekend to come out of this 200 meter dash.

Allyson Felix - Women's 200m prelim

It felt good. I was really relaxed. I just wanted to get through as easy as I could today. I'm going to get some rest tonight and be ready to go for the final.

Miki Barber - Women's 200m prelim

It felt great. I just tried to stay relaxed. It was a very tough heat so I just tried to stay out there and tried to redeem myself from yesterday (100m). I was very disappointed. I really want to make this team (World Championship) so I'm trying to make it in the 200m.

Dominique Arnold - Men's 110m hurdle prelim

The sharpness isn't quite there yet. But I felt good. I haven't competed much, but I'm confident. I just want to run fast.

David Oliver - Men's 110m hurdle prelim

The wind made it really hard. You just have to try and keep your technique. I tend to run better in negative winds. I think the hurdles are the hottest event right now in track and field and that makes it real fun. I love competition.

David Payne - Men's 110m hurdle prelim

I was really anxious and I think that's why I false started. I just tried to focus on my race. I wanted to make the last nine (hurdles) better than my first one. Now I just have to take each race individually.

Allen Johnson - Men's 110m hurdle prelim

I just wanted to make it through. I felt decent. I'm healthy now and this is all about advancing. Everyone wants to make the team.

Brittany Riley - Women's Hammer Throw champion

I didn't even make finals last year so this feels really good. I just kept working at it. My technique has gotten better. I came here and was really energetic and I had a lot of fun. This is much larger than at NCAA's. There are more people cheering for you.

Amy Acuff - Women's High Jump champion

It was a crazy meet. The wind was blasting, then it died down, then it got really strong. I'm glad I won today. My mark wasn't very good, so I feel lucky. I'm so relieved to be going to Japan (World Championships).

Grace Upshaw - Women's Long Jump champion

I had a hard time getting a consistent run. Luckily I was able to get the winning jump on my final attempt. I just knew I could do it. I felt confident and just tried to stay as focused as possible. I'm extremely relieved and extremely happy (to be going to the World Championships).

Rose Richmond - Women's Long Jump 3rd place

It feels great, as far as making the (World Championship) team. I'm not happy with my performance, but I am happy to have made the team. I want a medal (at World Championships). The way I was jumping last year and feeding off today, I think that's definitely within my grasp.

Jennifer Barringer - Women's 3,000m Steeplechase champion

I'm really thrilled. My race a couple weekends ago at NCAA's was terrible for me. This whole week, the preparations haven't been in the race, they've been in my head. That (last) 100 meters in the fastest Jenny Barringer goes. It's a big decision (going to World Championships or running collegiate cross country) that I'm going to have to go back to my coaches and make. Osaka (World Championships) is great, but I realize I only have four opportunities to win a cross title and I really want to win a cross title.

Anna Willard - Women's 3,000m Steeplechase runner-up

I really haven't been pushed hard this year, but she (Jennifer Barringer) pushed me. At first, I was a little disappointed because I wanted to win, but I'm really excited. This was my first USA's so it's exciting.

Lindsey Anderson - Women's 3,000m Steeplechase 3rd place

I'm just ecstatic. I'm so excited. I knew I would have to take it out hard (to place in the top three) because this is a great kicker's field.

Tom Pappas - Men's Decathlon Champion

Physically I know I have the ability to score more. I'm trying to get back to the level I was at. The biggest thing for me this week was to qualify. To get in company with guys like Dan O'Brien is really special.

Paul Terek - Men's Decathlon runner-up

This feels really good since I have had a lot of stuff going on. Sometimes it's tough to get up that second day. It feels great to get back to the world stage. Now I am going to take a week off and start getting ready for Osaka (World Championships).

Robert Arnold - Men's Decathlon 3rd place

I knew I had to run close to my PR in the 1,500 (to qualify for World Championships). Looking up at the scoreboard and being third took all the pain away. To come up with third I'm ecstatic. Making the transition from NCAA to the pros, it's the best you can do.