Athlete Quotes – adidas Track Classic


Vicky Oddi
Communications Cooardinator
USA Track & Field

Breaux Greer - men's Javelin winner

"I've been waiting for years to do this (break his American record), so I can't say I'm surprised by it. This is the first year I've been healthy since 2001. I'm looking forward to this season, for a good year at the U.S. Championships and Worlds."

"I don't think about the javelin every day and I think that's taking the pressure off. I wonder sometimes why I keep doing this but I have unfinished business. I've never started anything and not finished it. I've always said that I want to be the first man to throw 100 meters, that sounds ridiculous, but if there's ever a chance it will be this year or next year if I can stay healthy."

Jenn Stuczynski - women's pole vault winner

"Entering today I was not feeling my best, I was happy I did so well. I couldn't put it together (on my first attempt at the American record), but the second time I cam down I just got it. It is inspirational to see other women jump at 17 feet."

Stacy Dragila - women's pole vault

"It's great motivation and I'm glad she (Jenn) was able to do it (break the American record). Right now, I'm working on some issues and my running is coming together."

Kenny Ferguson - men's 400m hurdles winner

"This was a great field on a fast track. It was the perfect race. I was on the outside so I had to concentrate on my race. I'm just trying to make my first team."

Anthony Famiglietti - men's 3,000m winner

"It was a good race, you never know how you're going to feel. I just let the race come to me, just ran my own race. I would have run faster, but it's not always about fast, sometimes it is just about winning (the race you're in)."

Michelle Perry - women's 100m hurdles winner

"That was really my goal (to run that fast). I still have a long way to go. I think it is going to be a great year. My start is what I need to work on. I'm happy with my race. I believe I can break the American record."

Terrence Trammell - men's 110m hurdles winner

"I didn't know what to expect. I just came off an injury. I felt a little sluggish. I was surprised at the start. I focused on my tempo and regained my composure after hurdle number 6."

Torri Edwards - women's 100m winner

"I really didn't have any expectations. I just wanted to compete to the best of my ability. Hopefully take top three but 10.9, I really wasn't expecting that. This is definitely a great way to come back and start the season. I knew last year was going to be just getting back into it and running fast here and there but this year I want to be more consistent."

Wallace Spearmon - men's 200m winner

"When they shot the gun, my first goal was to catch Xavier. I came off the turn where I wanted to be. I didn't finish good but I'm happy with my race."

Meseret Defar - women's 2 mile winner

"I expected to run well, but before I started I was vomiting. I was surprised, but with two laps left I knew I was going to do it. As soon as I started the race, I was ok. I'm doing fine now, maybe it's because I am in top shape. My plan for Osaka is to run the 5,000m."

Tyson Gay - men's 100m winner

"I wanted the wind to be more friendly. My goal was to run under 10 at this meet. When I came out of the drive phase, I just relaxed and drove through the finish. When USA's come, I will be ready."

"I think we (U.S. sprinters) have something to prove, especially in the 4x100m. I take lot of pride in the 4x100m. I want to take gold at World Champs."

Maurice Greene - men's 100m

"I'll be good for Nationals. My goal is to get stronger each week because me legs are still weak. (I came to the adidas Track Classic to compete) to help the meet out."

On asked what he expects to do a Nationals: "I will win."

Allyson Felix - women's 200m winner

"My (first) 100 needs a little more work. We've been focusing on the start and staying close to the curve. For nationals, I'm looking to run the 100 and 200."

Jeremy Wariner - men's 400m winner

"I didn't get out too well on the first turn. To run under 44 seconds, I need to put the best parts of my races together. I'm looking at staying consistent throughout my races."