America’s Running Routes to serve as the largest searchable database of running routes in the U.S.


Tom Surber
Media Information Manager
USA Track & Field

Using cutting edge technology provided by Google Maps, USA Track & Field (USATF) has developed a revolutionary service, America's Running Routes, that allows runners to map and measure their favorite running routes and then save them to what will be the largest searchable database of running routes in the U.S.

America's Running Routes provides the running community with an array of functionality and shows USATF's continued commitment to offer runners of all ages and abilities information and services to enhance each running experience.

Ever wonder how far your run was? Just visit America's Running Routes, map out your run using satellite views, and the distance will be displayed, including mile markers along the route. Think others might enjoy your running route? Click the "save" button, and your route will be added to the database for others to enjoy.

America's Running Routes allows runners to search for routes in a particular city or to narrow their search to find running routes from hotels, parks, schools, trail heads, or running stores. Business travelers and vacationers can now find running routes near their hotel or other destination.

"We are excited about the ability to offer the 30 million runners in the U.S. this free service," states USATF CEO Craig Masback. "Just the other day I ran a new route from work, then was able to map it, measure it, and save it using America's Running Routes. Now others in Indianapolis, and those coming to Indianapolis for next year's USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships, can run the same route and know that it is 3.3 miles."

To learn more about America's Running Routes, visit, and then click on the America's Running Routes icon.

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