Team USA Saturday night quotes from Helsinki


Tom Surber
Media Information Manager
USA Track & Field
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Brian Sell, marathon

We went out nice and easy, and went through the half-marathon in about 1:05:40, and started picking people off.

Our performance was decent, but we gotta keep our eye on the prize, and go forward. We want to get back to where things used to be in the 1980s. It's a step in the right direction.

Peter Gilmore, marathon

I felt good. I think we were trying to run the race that Brian ran. I was doing ok until about 10-12k to go. I had a real bad side stitch, and that did me in. It wasn't my best day.

We get a lot of crap from people back home about how bad American distance runners are. We stuck it's a sign of improvement. Our team got fourth. It's a great showing for the U.S.A. Everyone had the guts to finish and proud to put on the USA uniform. I think it's a small breakthrough for American distance running. I'm glad to be part of that.

Clint Verran, marathon

I thought finishing fourth as a team was real significant. Brian ran a great race. I thought I ran pretty respectable, and just kept moving up. My goal was top 25, so I can't complain.

(Hanson's/Brooks) runners were ninth and 22nd today. I think that people will see that what we're doing in Rochester, Michigan is a good thing. I'm proud of those guys.

Jason Lehmkuhle, marathon

It was the classic marathon crash for me. I felt really good through the halfway point. Then at about 30K, the wheels started to come off. We hung in there and did really well as a team. (Finishing fourth) is a little bit better than we expected. We are really happy with how we did. It's a difficult course, but not the hardest marathon course.

Chad Johnson, marathon

I didn't really have it today. I wanted to keep going. I heard my teammates were running well, and I wanted to be part of that and at least finish the race. I'm really happy for my race. Two of the guys I train with all the guys ran really well. If I keep training with them, I will have my day. The course had a lot of turns and a lot of uphills and downhills. It's a beautiful course.

Lashinda Demus, 400 hurdles

I went too fast. Obvious today she (Russia's Yulija Pechonkina) was to get it. It was written before we even knew it. I know I can do better. I wasn't better. It was a personal best. I'm satisfied and but I'm not happy. That silver is still not gold.

Sandra Glover, 400 hurdles

I'm pleased. I try not to look around in a race. I do believe that I got a little bit stronger than I normally do because I don't think (Russia's Yulija Pechonkina) really got away from me like she normally does. I put on a strong kick, and hers is a little bit stronger than mine. But I'm pleased to get a season best and a personal best. The timing was pretty good.

Derrick Brew, 4 x 400 meter relay

The objective was just to get the job done and get the stick to Darold.

LaShawn Merritt, 4 x 400 meter relay

The first and second legs did what they had to do. I got the baton. Darold had a long week, so I had to open up a gap. We got the stick around and we won.

Miles Smith, 4 x 400 meter relay

I ran an ok race. The objective was to get in the finals, hold on to the baton, and we're in.

The top three finishers in the open 400 will run in the finals, and one of us who ran tonight. I hope it's me.

Darold Williamson, 4 x 400 meter relay

We're trying to get the stick around today and run smart. We weren't trying to set any records. We just wanted to get the stick around and qualify for tomorrow's final. We've got Jeremy (Wariner) and (Andrew) Rock tomorrow, so we are looking good.

Lisa Barber, 4 x 100 meter relay

I'm very thankful and blessed that we came out victorious. We made sure we passed safe. All of us did a great job.

I made sure I got the stick ok from Muna, and my job was to maintain or extend the lead and make a clean pass to Lauryn.

Angela Daigle, 4 x 100 meter relay

We've only been able to get together as a group for only a week, because everyone's had their individual events. As a whole this is only our second time together.

You're always excited about trying to achieve something great. It's an adrenaline rush. There's no better feeling than to be a part of history. It's an honor for someone to choose me and say 'represent our country'.

(on her Athens 2004 wristband) It's something I picked up to remind myself to never give up. It's go until I can't go anymore.

Muna Lee, 4 x 100 meter relay

I think we were being kind of conservative. We just wanted to get it around. We weren't thinking about anything else. We knew we could do it. As long as we did the same things that we did yesterday, we would be fine.

Lauryn Williams, 4 x 100 relay

I was trying to run it as fast as I could. I was pretty sure that we were winning it. The next thing that went through my mind was a world record. I was trying to stay focused and get to the line as fast as I could. I was nervous before the race. I got an excellent pass. I think I left right on the mark.

Dwight Phillips, long jump

I'm very, very happy. I was able to come out here tonight and dominate the field. I tried for the world record, but I came out foul, foul, foul, foul, foul.

I also came out with a win, so I'm satisfied with that. This means a lot to me. I have a personal goal to win four world championships. This is number two, so I have two more to go.

On the first jump, I knew it was going to be hard for everybody to surpass that jump. I was hoping someone in the competition would come close, so I could jump even farther. It would be nice to have someone push me. After a while, it feels like practice.

I think I'm capable of jumping nine meters. I don't jump far in practice. Earlier this year in Madrid, I had a marginal foul and it was right there at nine meters. Technically, I felt I got my feet to the board. I had a good landing earlier this year, I had problems with landings. I think it was technically a sound lunch. It was not my best jump, but technically, it was a sound jump.

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