Team USA Friday night quotes from Helsinki


Tom Surber
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2005 IAAF World Championships

Friday evening quotes – August 12, 2005

Kristen Heaston, shot put

I'm just really upset at myself that I didn't trust what I know how to do. I knew it was going to just take an average throw from me to get in the finals and I warmed up well, then I rushed it. I've done this enough to where I should be showing up in the finals.

I warmed up well, I was just rushing it. When I got in the ring, I tried to do too much.

Mardy Scales, Men's 4x100 relay

We were in the exchange zone. The baton we had was slippery, but that's not to blame. We had a good exchange, it just seemed like the baton just slipped out.

We were in the zone, it was a good exchange.

We're disappointed, very disappointed. We've practiced a lot. We've been here three weeks; we've been working together. We just didn't execute today.

Tyson Gay, Men's 4x100 relay

I didn't receive a medal in my individual event. I was counting on a gold here, to take something home. Sometimes that's the way things happen.

It was real frustrating. I competed on a relay team at Arkansas and we never lost a race. We never dropped a stick, we never got beat. I kind of take it personal, my leg anyway.

Leonard Scott, Men's 4x100 relay

I put all the blame on myself. We can sit up here and say the stick was slippery or whatever, but the bottom line is that we practice on these sticks every day and we're supposed to get through the zone. It slipped out of my hand. I was trying to pull for it and it slipped out of my hand. It's my fault.

I can't even tell you how it even came out of my hand. It's just too bad it had to happen today.

We had it, it just slipped out.

Elizabeth Wanless, shot put

The unthinkable was definitely getting here, and I competed like a little daisy. Coach (Larry) Judge and I worked miracles just to get here, and as far as my performance goes, I am not satisfied. The only thing I had going today was aggression. Maybe I could've concentrated a little harder on getting the technique right.

Maurice Greene, 4 x 100 meters

(asked if he'd seen the replay) It looked like it slipped out of Leonard's hand, and we just didn't get the job done.

(on how long Scales & Scott had to practice together) Maybe two days.

It's real simple to pass the stick. We just have to get people who know what they're doing. People make it harder than it seems. They had the just slipped out of his hand. One thing we say is don't let go until you feel the tug. You've got to get the stick around before you can win the gold medal.

LaTasha Colander, women's 200

I was in Lane 2. I tried to get out in the first 50 meters and control it and come off the curve. It was a bit tight. All in all it was an awesome race. I think we are the new generation. I think the US has a wealth of medals right now. It was just a great race. I was dreading drawing Lane 2. I would have preferred lane 4. I like lane 4. I had it yesterday. I took what I was given and it was an awesome race.

Rachelle Boone-Smith, women's 200

I came here with a medal in my spirit, so I knew I was going to get a medal, I just didn't know which one. I'm happy with second, I'm happy three Americans made it to the final. Allyson ran an excellent race, Tasha did well. I'm just ecstatic right now.

Lauryn Williams, Women's 4x100

That's the most important thing, getting the baton around the track. You'd like to do something spectacular but if you don't do the simple things you can't take care of business.

on the men: It's very unfortunate. We were really looking forward to gold in the men's and the women's relays but what can you say?

Allyson Felix, women's 200

I feel I have more confidence and strength. I know I'm not the greatest starter and that I have a lot of work to do there. I know that I'm strong.

I really was thinking to stay relaxed and power home.

I knew they were out there (after the curve). I was thinking I didn't do that 600's and stuff for anything. So, they had to pay off today.

Looking at this race and how I came off the curve, I think I can be a lot better.

I think that now I'm pretty comfortable that I don't get out well and I think it's something I'm always working for. But, I also know how to recover from it.

I can come out in races like this and be comfortable and relax and not let it overrun me. At my first World Championships, that's when I was taking in the whole experience. I'm thinking my future is pretty bright. I'm going to keep trying to be humble and keep on working hard.

Khadevis Robinson, men's 800

My tempo was probably too fast, to be quite honest. It was a little windy. The thing is all these guys are coming off their tempo. The came past me, broke my momentum, then they cut in and I was boxed in.

It was important for me to go for it, since the first four guys in my heat are going to make it. That was my rationale. The rationale was to make it fast. I knew that if I didn't get the top 2, I still might have a chance. We had a tough heat. I ran a terrible race, that's life.

David Krummenacker, men's 800

The last 150, I didn't just have that final gear that I need to drive home. Unfortunately, some days you have it and some days you don't. This just wasn't one of my days. Anytime you don't make a final, it's very disappointing.

Treniere Clement, women's 1,500

The plan was to stay out of trouble, and I did that. The race picked up a little bit. I wasn't in the right position at all to go with the pack up front. This is my first world championships. I was hoping this would be the topper. But it just wasn't the right day.

Erin Gilreath, women's hammer

I was really disappointed it didn't rain today. It's kind of disappointing because obviously you want to qualify in the top eight. I was just having trouble today moving my feet. I felt like I was stuck to the ground. But, I'm still not satisfied, but I'm happy with the way I did. I did better than I did in Athens. I can't walk away totally bummed out. This is only my third year throwing the hammer. I'm still learning. Obviously, I'm still learning about throwing it. I have to learn about competing.

Terrence Trammell, 110 high hurdles

I just didn't react. That's all there to it. You can't give these guys that much room and I did and I paid for it. I'm healthy, so I'm grateful for that.

Dominique Arnold, 110 high hurdles

It was a great race. I made a couple of technical mistakes, and that cost me a medal. I'm happy. I'm not worried about it.

Allen Johnson, 110 high hurdles

I thought it was first or second. I didn't even see Xiang Liu on my left. It was a hard fought race. I just made too many mistakes. Three one-hundredths of a second is not a take over (of the young guys). It's a win. I hit a couple and I got off balanced. I think I was in position to dip for the win. But I sat back on the 10th hurdle and that was it. I got a good start and I was happy with it. Then it went downhill from there.

Jeremy Wariner, 400 meters

I executed the race plan real well. That's what (agent) Michael Johnson told me to do. My talent shows it all. I have had great competition through out the season and that has helped get me better. I have had a great training partner in my coach. I'm just out here enjoying myself. I had a couple of bad races this year. I used that to my advantage. I'm a great championship runner. I know how to run the rounds.

(What's bigger, winning the Olympics or the Championships)

I have to say the Olympics last year. It was my first season. I was proud to be at the Olympics. The Olympics is a big deal for a lot of people. But this is really close to it. I proved last year that I'm a consistent runner. I can't ask for anything else right now. This has been a great season. I'm happy with my time. I finally got below the 44-second barrier. When I saw the clock, I was ecstatic. Once this season ends, I'm going to start to get ready for the next worlds, in two years.

Andrew Rock, 400 meters

I felt good. It felt like the race got out hard. I felt pretty strong through the end. I wanted to push through the line and not give up. It was so close between (Canada's) Tyler Christopher and myself. I wanted to sneak in there and try to get a medal. It was obviously good weather as compared to the other night. I think being through the U.S. Nationals helps. We have to run those rounds. Running with Jeremy and Darold helps. I have raced against those guys before, so you get a feel for what they can do. Coming off the turn, I was in either fourth or fifth. I didn't panic. I just keep going. I knew the race was going to go out hard. It's hard to be in the outside lane. I have run in a lot of outside lanes this year, so I was kind of familiar with it. I expected they would come up real fast. I didn't panic. I stayed patient.