Team USA Friday morning quotes from Helsinki


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Kyle Lancaster, men's high jump

It's an honor to be here. But I'm not just settling for just being

here. Not making the finals is extremely disappointing for me.

I'm from Kansas, I can't blame it on the wind.

Jesse Williams, men's high jump

A lot of things went wrong and this was the wrong day for that to

happen. I was not being standing tall on my curve. I needed to do

that total my speed out to power me up. I was just falling into my

curve and it paid off in a bad way. I was actually very close to

making it. I fell on my first attempt at 2.24 into the pit. If I

wouldn't have done that, I would've made it into the finals. It's my

first time and I'm glad to be here. I'm going to win 2007, that's

the plan.

Matt Hemingway, men's high jump

That's what coach said, 'you like doing it the hard way.' I had to

get a few jumps out of me. I haven't jumped much. This is only my

third day jumping since US Championships. So, it showed a little bit


It's kind of a hard test, I'm trying to figure out where my steps are

completely after taking so much time off. I haven't forgotten how to

high jump, but I wanted to be smart and ready.

Kim Kreiner, javelin

Actually, the wind wasn't that bad. It's been a lot worse early in

the week. I couldn't quite put it together at the end. The snap on

my throw wasn't quite there. I kept mistiming it which is kind of

hard to get it together in three throws.

Dwight Phillips, long jump

It was fine. It was a nice, easy day. This was my goal, to come out

and make it in one jump, go home and get ready for the final

tomorrow. It was a very strong wind. I really had to chop down on

my steps in order to hit the board. I was able to control it. I'm

satisfied with today's performance.

Brian Johnson, long jump

It didn't go as well as I wanted to. I was flat, and I couldn't

find the board. I think I might have pressed a little bit. I didn't

have a good showing today.

My first jump was around 8.00, but I fouled. I just didn't rebound after that.

This makes me hungry, and it makes me want to prove that I'm a better

long jumper than what I showed today.

Miguel Pate, long jump

I thought I was feeling good until I actually started jumping.

Things just didn't go my way. I was hoping for them to go a lot

better, to at least make it to the finals, at least crack eight

meters. I knew eight meters would make the finals, but I just

couldn't make it happen.

It means a lot to be on the team. I wanted to come here and make a

showing, a good showing for myself, injury or no injury. It's tough

to not make the final. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Walter Davis, long jump

It was a little tough. My body was shot from the triple jump last

night. I thought I could come back and at least make the next day

tomorrow. Things just didn't work out that way.

My legs weren't really (tired), my back was a little tight. It was

rough out there today.

I woke up this morning, I got worked on. I came out and did the best

I could do today. I'm satisfied. I'm not satisfied with how I did

today, but I am satisfied with the overall outcome of the whole thing.

If I hadn't gotten a medal in the triple jump, I'd have been upset

with today. I'm still excited from last night.

Philip Dunn, 50k race walk

I just wanted to show my support by bringing the flag into the stadium.

It went pretty well considering my fitness and the conditions. I'm

certainly very pleased with my finishing place. That was better than

what I'd hoped for. It guess it's my testament to finishing what you

start. In the 50k, that can sometimes be the hardest obstacle.

The course was alright. It was mostly asphalt, there were some train

tracks that we crossed over, but they were fairly well marked.

I would've had a much better chance in the race as an American if

it'd been a 200 meter race walk.

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