Team USA Thursday evening quotes from Helsinki


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Team USA Thursday night quotes from Helsinki

Ryan Hall, 5,000 metersI

t was fun to be out there. I wish I could have run a little better. It was an honor to be here. I did the best I could.(Was leading at 1,000 the plan?)That wasn't the plan. I was planning sitting back. But with the way that I was feeling lately, I knew I wasn't going to have a real sharp finish. I was hoping to make it an honest race.

Ian Dobson, 5,000 meters.

I'm pretty happy with the race. Going in, I knew if I run the way I do, I probably wouldn't get in the final. I learned that we have prioritized your season. You can't peak forever.

Tim Broe, 5000 meters

Really tired out there. Really don't want to make excuses, but it just wasn't there. I got sick three days ago, and I've had problems with my left foot, and have not run for two weeks. I got sick after I started running. I didn't have it in me today. I fought as hard as I could through laps 6, 7, & 8, and when it hit the fan, I was odd man out.

Allyson Felix, 200 meters

I didn't want to press it too hard. We working on the curve and cruising down the straight.Shauna Smith, 400 hurdlesThere were a lot of other factors besides the weather. I've been running since the beginning of January. I think my body is pretty tabbed out. But I'm so grateful to have this experience. This will not be my last team. Expect a lot of good things from me. I'm a novice in this event. I have a lot to learn and lots of improvement. I see a lot of great things from me for years to come.

Sandra Glover, 400 hurdles

This was not as smooth as round one. I hit a couple hurdles. I have a little war wound (scrapped left knee). It was a good run. I needed that going into the finals. I hit hurdle 1. I didn't lose my cool. I stayed calm.LaTasha Colander, 200 metersBasically the race was good. It was pouring down rain as soon as we got out. Basically I was trying to position myself for the finals. I didn't know it was going to be that fast. All in all, I'm happy I made it through to the finals. It's time to get ready for that, and get a medal, especially gold.Lashinda Demus, 400 hurdlesIt was about advancing. There's nothing different about it. Now it's time for me to go back to the drawing tables with my coaches and see exactly what to do.

Khadevis Robinson, 800 meters

The race didn't go as planned. But I ended up getting third and qualified. It's really important and I'm happy that I made it through. I need it to be a little bit better than that. I didn't think it was that bad because I train in windy conditions. But it was tough. I'm going to call my coach and see what we can do. We all have to deal with it. I like it to rain. I like the rain. But it's the wind.

David Krummenacker, 800 meters

It felt pretty good. The main thing was to go out there and make it to the next round, stay out of trouble, don't get mixed up with the pushing and shoving. I accomplished all that. A lot of people have been talking about the weather all week. The bottom line is the weather is the same in all eight lanes. I had to go out there, run and take care of business.

Nick Hysong, pole vault

There are always days to remember. Every meet there is something to remember. I used too small of a pole the first attempt. The second jump I was on the right pole. I just had the standards a little bit in the wrong place. The third one, unfortunately I get a really hard side wind. It was in the wrong place in the runway. It was right at the end of the run. It's hard to recover from that. Brad (Walker) has been doing great for a couple of years. He was really strong in college. He jumped 5.85 last year. He jumped 5.90 earlier this year. I think Brad is the next new talent. He's going to be the real deal when it comes up.Kevin Hicks, 800 metersIt wasn't nothing. I've been training since last year. It finally caught up with me. I'm not upset. It's just too bad that it happened.

Brad Walker, pole vault(On final attempt at 5.50)

I was struggling on the first couple of jumps. I said to myself more than anything I deserved to make that bar. Things clicked. I got over the bar. I made a few adjustments to get a few more clearances. I wasn't planting very well. I'm happy with the result. (Winner) Rens (Blom) jumped extremely well today. This year has been a great year for me. I am extremely excited. I'm excited to start training for next year. There are bigger and better things to come. It's motivating more than anything. The conditions were rough. A lot of the vaulters were waiting until to 2:30 to see if they would postpone the competition like they did for the women. Luckily, things died down a little bit into the competition. The rain stopped a bit. The wind died down a bit. It was tough. We had a lot of side winds and a lot of head winds. You can tell it was a hard day of vaulting with the results. As the night went on, things seemed to calm down a bit.Joanna Hayes, 100 hurdlesIt was not meant for me to be the world champion. If I was going to get beat, I was going to beat on the ground, and that's what happened-I got beat on the ground. I'm either the world champion, or I'm nothing, and I'm nothing. This will be all over, and I will move on.

Michelle Perry, 100 hurdles

I could feel everybody. I didn't where I was in the race. I knew I had to charge home. I'm happy that I just finished clean and strong. I enjoy the hepthalon. I like for it. At first, it was an adjustment for me. I'm not completely developed in all the events. I believe I can do both.

Terrence Trammell, 110 high hurdles

I'm grateful to make it to another final. I wanted to get out there, not focus on the conditions. I executed my race. I'm pleased.

Joel Brown, 110 high hurdlesI need to put some things together real quick. The conditions were good tonight. This was all my fault. I had some mental lapses that I need to correct. I had to force myself back into the race. Good thing I had a good competitor next to me. He forced me to run with him. I knew had to run under 13.50 to make it to the finals.

Walter Davis, triple jump

I wasn't running through the board the first two rounds. I made the adjustment and ran through, and I hit it. I kept hearing about Oprea and how people were picking him to win, and I thought, 'why not me?' I've been making teams since 2001, and I figured this is my year.The biggest change is that I've been staying healthy.Kenta Bell, triple jumpIt was a good competition. That all I can say. I got a season's best. It was a great meet, weather or not. It went very well. I wish I could have got a medal. I couldn't ask for more. It's been a long time since the U.S. won a medal in this event. We both have struggled over the past few years. When you don't get the medal, something goes wrong. He worked very hard. He deserves it.

Allen Johnson, 110 high hurdles

I'm happy to make the finals. I'm ready to take it on the track and run it a little bit better. I'm going to out there when the gun goes off and give it my best.

John Capel, 200 metersThese young guys, they just kept coming. We all got together and said if you're gonna step up, this is how it's the time to do it. I'm proud of them...they did a great job.This old man's still got some legs. I think I can still do a little something.(on Justin Gatlin) He's on his way to becoming one of the best ever. He may be on his way to being mentioned in the same way as Maurice Greene, and in a few years he may surpass that. (on the grand slam) This means the United States has a very strong team, and if we keep this up, we'll get another medal in the 4 x 1.

Wallace Spearmon, 200 meters(on the grand slam)

We'll take it. We are a part of history. I am happy with what I got.(on Justin Gatlin) He's a beast. I'm a few years younger than him, so when he's done, I'll have a few more years. I hope to beat his soon. Last year he beat me up, and now this year he beats me up. I'm just waiting for my turn.The guys let me know what to expect coming here, and now I get to come home with a silver medal.We're trying to get that medal count up there.

Justin Gatlin, 200 meters

Those guys, it's the utmost respect to be out there running with them.In the semi yesterday, I thought I'm going to come off the turn and gun it. After I did I had to make sure to have enough in the tank at the end. People like Wallace Spearmon, those guys come on strong at the end. But at the same time, Tyson Gay comes on strong at the beginning. I didn't get sucked up by Tyson, but at the same time I didn't get sucked up by Wallace. I had to make sure I was calm, patient and made my way strong through my whole race. Double gold means I've instilled my place right now as the king of sprints. It feels great to go out there and run in these conditions and run a great time. The crowd was cheering us on. They're happy to have us here. They knew we could do a sweep. They were always behind us. It feels great to be here. Other than the weather, the chilliness, going out there with less than an inch of clothes on. I think I'm in more shock, more awe than anyone else now. The 200 (was hardest), most definitely. With those guys and me practicing so much in the 100, sometimes I look at that curve and the straightaway together, it's like 'wow, that's a lot of track to run.' But I'm glad I came home with a victory, I hope I can do it again.Track and field is funny.

Maurice Greene has run so many sub-10s, and he's come through with a victory like I did tonight. You really can't put anybody equal to anybody. Everybody has their own chapter, their own book. It's a great sport. Everyone has their own standing, their own place in history. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Tyson Gay, 200 meters

I gave it my all. I ran the curves like my coach told me to. I think I just got to the end of the race and just had a little bit left in the tank. I have to give props to the other competitors, I gave it my all. I tried to stay relaxed, but he passed me in the end. I didn't have anything left. I gave it my all.I feel very confident, I'm glad I made history (in the American sweep).