Team USA Wednesday evening quotes from Helsinki


Tom Surber
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Wallace Spearmon, 200

I heard I came out of the blocks pretty bad. But besides that, I felt

pretty good. I'll be ready to go tomorrow. I have no idea what was

happening (in the blocks) but I was starting to get annoyed. We

haven't done anything. We have to get ready for tomorrow. As long as

four of us show up tomorrow, something good can happen.

Tyson Gay, 200

The race was great. I had the gold medalist in my race. He was going

to give me a tough race. What I tried to do was take the curve hard,

get the lead and relax. It's great (to have four in the finals).

America is always going to bring it's a game. I believe the other

countries are going to do great.

John Capel, 200

Every time I'm here, every time there's a world championship, I make

it fun. I like being the underdog. The underdog gets a chance and

might come out on top again.

(Prior to the race)

I was trying to explain about the block settings, but she didn't want

to listen. She told me I had to change them up to my feet. No matter

what I did, they made me put it on the pads. I think it will be an

American sweep. But where it falls, nobody knows.

Justin Gatlin, 200

The race was good. My coach told me to come out and run a technical

race on the curve, come on the straightaway, run about 50-60 meters

then shut it down, hopefully coming out with a victory. I didn't.

Tyson (Gay) made a great statement. Hopefully in the finals, I can do

the same thing. One of us will be upset and not get a medal. But it

will be a historic night. I know Jamaica and Great Britain are trying

to upset that. I think we can all go out and run a great race


Ginnie Powell, 100 hurdles

The beginning of the race was alright, but it was slippery out there.

This is my first big year, and I'm basically satisfied with what I've

done this season. It's been a long year, so I'm going home and get

ready for school (at the University of Southern California).

This season was a very successful year. My goal was to win the NCAA

indoor and out door titles, and make the team, and I did that. I

remember watching this meet on tv two years ago and thinking to

myself that this is where I want to be, and that my day will come.

Joanna Hayes, 100 hurdles

(referring to her gold space blanket) This is the color of the medal

that I want. I pray that I'm going to get it. I'm going home, get

focused, and correct the mistake that I made tonight (hitting the

first hurdle), and be ready for a war.

I saw everyone pass me when I hit that first hurdle. Once I hit it,

I decided to go for top two. I got out of the blocks to challenge

the wind, and instead, the wind pushed me into the hurdle. I think I

got too close to the hurdle and got on top of it.

Michelle Perry, 100 hurdles

I am happy that this is over. Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be

better. Every time the hurdles come on, it seems to rain.

I think I ran a technically sound race.

Dee Dee Trotter, 400 meters

I don't know what to say. It was not my day. I don't like the rain

was a factor. It was a bad day.

Monique Henderson, 400 meters

It was rough out there, but it was an equal playing field, so I can't complain.

I am glad I got over here and got the experience. I think this meet

was a good way to end the year. I am going to take some time off and

get ready for next year.

Sanya Richards, 400 meters

I am happy with my first individual medal. I wanted to win so bad;

my two good friends on the team, Bershawn Jackson and Lauryn Williams

won gold, and so I didn't want to let them down.

I don't want to say that the weather was a problem. It wasn't sunny,

it wasn't warm, and the wind wasn't cooperating, but I am not going

to blame the weather. It wasn't my day, and I hope I can be back.

Andrew Rock, 400 meters

Obviously the conditions weren't very good today. I tried to remain

conservative on the back. It was definitely a harder race than

yesterday. The weather was tough today. I'm just happy to be in the

finals. There's no easy heat in the semis. I wanted to get into the

finals for sure, that was my goal.

Jeremy Wariner, 400 meters

I worked the turn pretty well. Coming off the turn, I had to fight

for it. With the weather conditions, I thought I had a good race.

Darold Williamson, 400 meters

It was windy and cold. We all had to fight. It was hard for all of

us. It was cold in all eight lanes.

Grace Upshaw, women's long jump

I wasn't happy with my performance. But it's nice to see the U.S.

bring home the gold. I'm so happy for Tianna (Madison). It was just

cold. The wind wasn't bad. Even the rain wasn't bad. We all had the

same conditions. Some were able to capitalize a little better.

Tianna Madison, women's long jump

This was no surprise at all. I knew that this was going to happen; I

didn't know what year. I am really grateful. I am overwhelmed.

(on the winning jump in round 5) I fouled the jump before, but that

jump gave me confidence to jump far. I have not seen the tape of the

jump, but what I think was a good jump, my coach might not think so.

(on whether she would forfeit her eligibility at the University of

Tennessee to claim the prize money)...I don't know (laughs).

This is what this competition did, bring out the best in me. All I

know is that I am the world champion.

Paul Terek, decathlon

(Bryan) Clay did a great job. It was nice seeing him out there. It

was disappointing with myself. The weather was the greatest. You kind

of lose track when you're not losing track. (Clay) is probably one of

the most hard working guys. He's definitely talented. He's very

focused. He's very determined.

Phil McMullen, decathlon

It was really tough. I had a couple of injuries. I had a back injury

before U.S. Nationals that put me out for three or four weeks. Two

weeks before this I had a groin pull. I wasn't able to get a whole

lot of work in. It was two grueling, tough days. Not only the event,

but the weather as well. As far as elements, I'd say this was the

toughest. Bryan (Clay) is truly a special athlete. He's composed with

extreme explosiveness. I call him a pocket rocket.

Bryan Clay, decathlon

It was a very, very challenging decathlon. Physically, we train for

this all the time to come out and do 10 events. You're always going

to have a decathlon where the conditions aren't great. The last two

days have been definitely mentally trying for everyone. I really

don't mind not having the recognition. I'm one those guys that likes

to come out, do my job, go home and be with my family. I have a new

baby now. My wife is at home waiting for me. I can't tell you how

much I wanted to pack everything up, go home and be with them. I'm

really looking forward to celebrating with my coaches for a day, then

getting on a plane, flying home and seeing my wife and my kid.

Lauren Fleshman, 5,000 meters

I stared out the race really well. Run on my race strategy, I wanted

to get right in the thick of it. I wanted to get excited about it

when it heated up. I didn't see any splits, but it felt really hard.

Going through 3K I felt like I don't know if I could do another 3k. I

broke down in the last 2k quite a bit. Bad day and my best wasn't

good enough today.

Amy Rudolph, 5,000 meters

It was very slow and tactical early. There was a lot of pushing and

shoving. It gradually got quicker and quicker. I'm not that type of

racer off of that. It was a disadvantage for me. When you go through

at 9:24, you leave the door wide open for some people who might be

quicker. I wouldn't have done anything differently.

Shalane Flanagan, 5,000 meters

I was focused on trying to qualify, and trying to be patient, which

is something I haven't been good at. With 400 to go, I didn't have

the gear that these ladies have. I've been plagued with a foot

injury this year, and it's come back again. I haven't been able to

practice the kind of turnover that I need over the last 400, and it

showed. I am going to get my foot checked out

(9:24 at 3000) is a jog for these ladies. I didn't pay attention to

the splits, but rather to how my body was feeling at that point. I

knew that it would begin to string out with about a mile to go.

Alan Webb, 1,500 meters

It was all or nothing. I was either going to win or... that. That was

my plan. I wanted to go halfway through the race and see if I could

get a gap. (The first 800) was too slow. That first 800 did nothing.

It would have worked if it was 1:58. I tried. I could have run for

second or third. But I wanted to go for the win. It didn't work out.

The guys here are the real deal. You can't run away from them

Hopefully I will get a little more strength. I wanted to see if I was

the strongest guy out there. I wasn't. There are two more years until

the next time.