Team USA Tuesday evening quotes from Helsinki


Tom Surber
Media Information Manager
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Joanna Hayes, 100 hurdles

It got frustrating at times. We all decided to preserve and be mental lytough and move on. It got frustrating but these things happen, and you have to survive. Perdita (Felicien of Canada) and I thought we could use our strong championship voices, but they weren't listening to us. It really didn't matter. We tried to get the girls to take a vote. But it was kind of hard when everyone speaks different languages. They made us run and we ran. I'm glad that we got it in. I would be upset if I was home right now. But it's over and tomorrow morning, I'll wake up and get treatment. Once I came through eight, nine and 10, I relaxed.

Michelle Perry, 100 meter hurdles

At first I was a bit concerned, because it was slippery. Coming into the race I had some groin problems, so I was running cautious. (The groin) didn't bother me at all, so that was a good thing.

Ginnie Powell, 100 meter hurdles

It was a distraction, but I tried not to make it be that big of a distraction. Our bodies totally cooled down, and the intensity was gone.

I stretched and did a bunch of drills. It's been almost 4 hours since I began warming up. I started about two hours ago, and we had a two-hour delay. I was inside the call room when they decided to delay it. They did a good job of cleaning up the water off the track. It was a matter of just keeping your focus. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a lot sharper.

Daniel Lincoln, 3000 steeplechase

Tonight wasn't my night. It was a slow early pace. I tried to relax and get ready for the moves. The kick wasn't there. It was a long sustained drive, and I just didn't have it. I just wasn't ready to go fast at the end.

I just relaxed and put my feet up (during the rain delay). I got to relax for over an hour, and started up again.

Hazel Clark, 800 meters

I felt really tight. I probably ran the worst race of my life. I was just out of it, making bad moves.

When the field jumped me, I never recovered.

I did my whole warm-up and didn't know they delayed the meet. I tried to ignore that fact, but I didn't. I had a very bad warm-up and a very bad race. I am very disappointed. I'm so disappointed that I can't even think about my next race. I hope I can go home and get over it.

Bershawn Jackson, 400 hurdles

Weather wasn't anything. We all had the same conditions.

I was fourth at the Olympic trials last year. I had a lot of technical problems. I wanted to be like Edwin Moses one day (after saying that, he turns and is congratulated by Moses, whom Jackson hadn't met in person)

I was very humbled, and very determined to come out and do something this year.

My goal was to win the race. I wanted it to be gold.

I feel very grateful for tonight. James and I had a plan, and that was to go 1-2. It's a blessing for us to come 1-2. I wasn't going to let anything stop me, neither rain or snow or wind.

Kerron Clement, 400 hurdles

It was really tough, but I kind of pressed it on. I gave it my best. I couldn't let lane 1 take the best out of me. I was just running my race. I gave it all I got. I'm disappointed (with missing the bronze), but I'm still 19. But I came to the world championships and finished in the 400 hurdles. I'm really proud of myself. The rain delay didn't affect me at all because my coach and I were under the tunnel doing drill.

James Carter, 400 hurdles

I'm not disappointed at all. I said I was going to make it to the podium no matter what, and that's what happened. I thought it would take a personal best by anybody to take this race. I tried to block the rain out as much as possible. I was defiantly hoping that we got it over tonight. I didn't care about the rain. I would have run in the lightning if I had to. I didn't care, I just wanted to get this race over. There was too much rain and wind, but I was able to fight through it.

Paul Terek, decathlon

They shortened up in the middle, but with the delay, it was as long as at nationals. We looked forward to getting home by 9. We were in the rest room and the high jump was still going on. They had to go out and finish the high jump then we had to wait for the last races to be run.

Bryan Clay, decathlon

I had five solid events today. I was disappointed with my high jump.