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Team USA Athlete Quotes - Evening Session - August 7, 2005

Justin Gatlin, Men's 100 meters

I'm feeling great. I'm going to go out here and get rested and get ready for the 200. I might go out here and grab a medal from these young boys running past. Basically, I'm just happy. I'm really excited about my gold victory in the 100 and I want to do the same in the 200 and the 4x100.

I would say I'm very confident, especially after I come out of the drive phase and I look up and see exactly where I am in the race, I know where to move and how to move and when.

Having the Olympic gold and the World Championships gold, nobody can take that away from me. Records are meant to be broken. That record will be broken by me.This year I'm hungry for the 200, I'm hungry for the 4x100, I want three gold medals.I think this race really stakes a claim that I'm a champion. I run like a champion. I show up big when its time to show up big in championships. I'm very happy.

The race was a great race. The start wasn't the greatest start. But, at the same time, everyone in the field has a greater start than me. But, the second half I was victorious, I pulled away from the field.

What more can you ask for? I'm victorious, I have the gold medal.I really didn't know the margin of victory until I looked on the scoreboard. So, whatever it takes to win, I've told you guys I'm a true competitor. If that means winning by a mile or inch, I'm there.

Leonard Scott, Men's 100 meters

It's my first world championships. I have to get to a point where I get used to this and hopefully come back next time and do better. I can start with the best of them. My thing is just learning that last little part. Once I learn that, the sky's the limit.I came a long way. I tried professional football and it didn't work out. I was in a down slope in my life. So being able to come here and compete, that brings joy to me.

Shawn Crawford, Men's 100 meters

It would have been lovely to be in the final and be number one on the podium.If they need me (in the relay) I'll do my best. If they feel someone else is better suited at the job, then that's fine.The condition I'm in, it's crucial to have the least amount of flaws possible.

Alice Schmidt, women's 800 meters

I don't know what time I ran. It was fun to be part of a race like that. I wish I'd been up with them.I'm definitely out of the final. I'm okay with that. I feel like I'm sort of a rookie this year. No matter how I finished, I think of this as a learning experience. I've never learned so much from a race that I've won than a race that I lost. I'll be interested to see what this race can teach me.

Hazel Clark, women's 800 meters

I just tried to get out of trouble. I ran as tough as I could and it worked out for me. You can kind of sense when you're in the lead. I pushed it just enough to make sure I was in the lead. I did not want to get nipped at the end and not make the final.

James Carter, Men's 400 Hurdles

I just wanted to go out and run and relax as much as I could. Technically, I'd rate it a B+. There's still some things to work on coming off the hurdles. If I can duplicate that come 4 hours from now, I should be on the podium.I just need to run my race and that's (the podium) what I'm focusing on.Kerron Clement, Men's 400 Hurdles

I'm happy because I qualified for the final, that's what I was hoping for. In the finals, you'll see a different person. I'll be more confident and I'll be hungrier. I'll go for the gold.At USA's I unleashed myself and now in the final, I'll unleash myself again.

Bershawn Jackson, Men's 400 Hurdles

It felt great. All year it was my plan to start out smooth and relax. So I just wanted to do it one more time. When finals come it's all out. I just wanted to keep my same race strategy to get through the rounds and put it all out. I've worked hard for this all year, I can't wait another year for it.

Steve Slattery, Men's 3,000 m Steeplechase

It was just a bad day. I ran 8:17 about two weeks ago and I really started cranking on the training from there. To be honest with you I was just tired from the gun.I knew the Europeans were going to switch laps and run fast, but there was just nothing I could do about it, I was just dead all around. I just wasn't running well. It wasn't a good

day for me. I'm very disappointed. I like to think of myself as a runner who runs better than expected. I just didn't run well from the start. I tried to back off a little bit and try to come back but nothing worked.

Anthony Famiglietti, Men's 3,000 m Steeplechase

I wanted to win this race. I didn't come out here to make a final, I wanted to make a personal best and win this race. Those guys in this race, they can lead the race and still win. They can kick like monsters, so I decided to wait and see what they what they would do. They wanted me to take if from the gun. I held back, I was real patient as well. I knew I'd be strong the last half of the race, but when you try to make a move, you try to split it open and make a big gap. I did a pretty good job of doing that, but it was so windy out here out front, I couldn't get a substantial lead. I figured I'd get enough lead so I could get at least top three, top four and at least get in on time, but as windy as it was today, to be out there by yourself going over the water jump, it slowed me down.

Daniel Lincoln, Men's 3,000 m

There wasn't much strategy. I was going for the top three spots and if nothing else run around 8:20. I was a bit clumsy out there, I kind of expected that because I just got off the plane yesterday. Anyway I got the job done and hopefully I'll have another chance on Tuesday. This is what I came for.

DEE DEE TROTTER, Women's 400 meters

It feels pretty good. It was a little windy. I didn't think it was going to be that windy on the homestretch. But other than that, I felt that I had a very good, calm and controlled race. I executed pretty well.

SANYA RICHARDS, Women's 400 Meters

I felt really good. Coach Hart wanted me to get the first 200 executed almost exactly the pace. That's what I tried to do. I was just happy that I was able to run the first 200 well. It felt good.

I've got the cobwebs out now so I'm looking forward tomorrow.

MONIQUE HENDERSON, Women's 400 Meters

It was a little tough, I haven't raced in a while. I had to get the kinks out. It was good. I definitely felt the wind. It was more of a swirling wind, so it wasn't really bad anywhere.It's a little cool, but it's cool in everybody's lane.I was nervous competing in an individual meet so big, so I was definitely a little nervous. I just try to focus on the track, not look around.

Seilala Sua, Women's Discus

I had really good warmups, but as my competition started I guess I kind of froze. I was stopping and everything wasn't flowing.My season's done. I'll take a little break and start training. I'm coaching UCLA's women's team next year that'll help me get motivated, get back in the game. I had a pretty good season, I did some really good things.Aretha Hill-Thurmond, discusHonestly, this was a sorry performance. I don't want to know how far Ithrew, because it's not really important. The goal was to make it to the finals and I didn't.There was nothing wrong with the conditions. It was a situation where you take the blame. I didn't do what I was supposed to do today. I didn't getit done. There's no excuses. I don't make excuses. If there was one, I wouldn't make it.

Becky Breisch, Women's Discus

I didn't get any good ones. It's a pretty, much disappointing day all around. It was my first time out of the U.S., but maybe another meet would have been different.Hopefully getting some experience in this will help me down the road.

Jarred Rome, Discus

To get my best throw in the first round and to battle back was exciting. I was in first at the end of round 1, and got back to fourth after round four, only to see myself go back to seventh in the fifth round. I've been injured all summer, so to throw like this was unexpected. I don't think there hasn't been two guys in the top 8 in a major championship since 1976.I knew that it was going to take a meter and a half to medal, so I pressed a bit in round 6. I hit the finish, but I hit it up, but not out.Guys started throwing further after Kanter's 68 meter throw in round four. That was a motivator to myself and to the field. It woke everyone up.

Ian Waltz, Discus

I can't complain placing fifth in the world championships after not making the Olympic final. I felt that I could've gone 65-66 meters. It just didn't happen. There was so much adrenaline going. I can't complain. Jarred and I getting top-eight is just awesome.We went into round one with the objective of getting a good throw to take the pressure off. That was the plan, and it worked out. My body felt better yesterday, but overall I felt good today.

Virginia "Gi-Gi" Miller, Heptathlon

It was a blessing to be here. I am happy with the experience. This is my first outdoor world championships. It was a learning experience.I wanted to score around 6,400 points, so whatever place that would get me, I was aiming for that. I was initially aiming for top-8, but it didn't get that way.My coach and I are going to go back to the drawing board, and analyze what we can do different to get better, and prepare to get a medal.

Hyleas Fountain, Heptathlon

This was a real good experience being in my first world championships. I planned to come in and do very well, but stuff happens.I wanted to finish in the top eight, but it didn't happen. At least I didn't go out and quit on myself. I wanted to finish, so I am happy about that.I will take home a lot from this experience.

Lauryn Williams, Women's 100 meters

I think it was significantly better than the first one. I feel like I might have been winning for the majority of the race. I knew it was going to be a tough one with Veronica, she's a very tough competitor. I think she beat me to the line by just a little bit, but it's the second round and I made it back. I can't complain about that.I felt pretty good in it (the Nike Swift suit). It doesn't restrict you I heard a lot of different things about it, but it I think it does a really good job of keeping me warm. I still go with what I know tomorrow. I wore it first at Penn Relays.(On breaking sub -11): I don't see any reason why not. I'm healthy, I feel good and there's tons of fast people around for me to compete against.

Muna Lee, women's 100 meters

If I could just hit a reaction time wasn't good. I don't know. I think I can do pretty good if I can just hit a start. It (the track) feels fine to me. I just run on it.Lisa Barber, Women's 100 meters

It was pretty good. Sherone Simpson is a great runner. I just wanted to get through this round with no injuries. I'm good.It (the race) is very wide open. As you can see everyone is on their A-game right now, so may the best woman win.

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