Valien set two American records to conclude USATF Masters


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HONOLULU - Johnnye Valien set two American records in the W80 age division Sunday to conclude the 38th USATF National Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships. A total of 28 records including six world records fell at Cooke Field's Rainbow Track located on the campus at the University of Hawaii.

Valien (Los Angeles, Calif.) set her first American record of the day after she leaped 5.12 meters/16 feet, 9.75 inches to win the women's triple jump. Valien bettered the previous record of 4.60m/15-1.25 set in 2002 by Margaret Hinton. The second American record fell in the women's (400G) javelin throw. The 80-year-old, Valien tossed 17.89m/58-8 to bettering the previous record of 13.54m/44-5 set in 1998 by Mary Bowermaster of Ohio.

Vicki Bigelow (San Lorenzo, Calif.) ran 6:44.79 to set a meet W70 age division record in the 1,500m final. The 70-year-old, Bigelow bettered the previous record of 6:42.17 set in 1989 by Pat Dixon of Oregon.

Coming off an injury Marjorie Milligan-Jackson (Tacoma, Wash.) surprised herself with a win in today's W40 200m finals. "It was pretty amazing to win coming off an injury. I have not run for a month because of an abductor injury," said Milligan-Jackson. The 40-year-old, Milligan Jackson clocked 27.60 seconds to win in a close finish against runner-up Shemayne Williams (Teaneck, N.J.) who finished in 27.80. "I just kept my head on the curve and picked it up at 75 meters and made the crew (other competitors) run with me," Milligan-Jackson continued.

In the W65 age division, Kathy Bergen (La Canada, Calif.) endured a strong headwind to win the 200m crown in 32.92 seconds. "The headwind was murder, said Bergen. "I just wanted to stay with the leader then pump arms to go as hard as I can and fight the wind. The 65-year-old, Bergen only started running 12 years ago.

In the women's 200m finals, Rita Hanscom (San Diego, Calif.) clocked 28.24 to win the W50 age division crown. "I had to keep my head down because of the headwind and just make the race like the 100m," said Hanscom. "I have a long stride and had to kick and then relax." An alumnus of the University of Hawaii, Hanscom was not able to compete in track & field because the University did not have a team when she attended. "I'm happy to compete here since they (Hawaii) did have a track & field team when I attended school here," Hansom continued.

Other women's 200m champions were Lisa Daley (White Plains, N.Y.) 25.81, Marthe Mendenhall (Tacoma, Wash.) W45-29.77, Hillen von Maltzahn (Troy, N.Y.) W55-31.01 and Nadine O'Connor (Del Mar, Calif.) W60-30.17.

In the 200m finals, Donald Neidig (Las Cruces, N.M.) was relaxed as he ran 25.56 seconds to win in a close finish against runner-up Stephen Robbins (Seattle, Wash.) who finished in 25.66. "I relaxed because I know that it is a very long sprint, said Neidig. "It's a challenge, but I like the competition and it is also good exercise and good for your health."

Former TCU standout Bill Collins (Houston, Texas) held off a late surge from Oscar Peyton (Accokeek, Md.) in the M50 age division. The 54-year-old, Collins clocked 23.36 to win followed by Peyton who finished in 23.59 seconds. "I was pretty relaxed and just wanted to pace myself because of the two relays," said Collins. "Although, I won this (200m final) before, you never know who is there (to challenge to the finish line)."

A former Iowa State University standout, Mel Larsen (Ames, Iowa) cruised 32.81 to win the M80 title in the 200m. "I used the first 25 meters to get up to speed and from then on it's a matter of striding to keep going," said Larsen. "I wanted to move my arms as fast as possible." Larsen, a 1945 All-American enjoys competition at the USATF National Masters Championships every year. "I truly love competition. The best part about this competition is meeting all of my old friends, seeing them, competing with them, learning from them and helping them if I can," Larsen continued.

Other men's 200m champions were Demitrius Snaer (Brooks Fleet TC) M30-22.11, Ron Clark (Texas) M35-21.90, Kettrell Berry (San Diego, Calif.) M40-22.51, Val Barnwell (Brooklyn, N.Y.) M45-24.11, Charles Allie (Pittsburgh, Pa.) M55-24.55, Robert Lida (Wichita, Kan.) M65-26.92, Lloyd Williams (Greenlawn, N.Y.) M70-29.80, Don Cheek (Clovis, Calif.) M75-31.35 and John Means (Richmond Heights, Ohio) M85-36.52.

Clarence Trahan (Hemet, Calif.) leaped 6.10m/20-0.25 to set an American M90 age division record in the triple jump. The 90-year-old bettered the previous record of 5.51m/18-1 set in 1990 by Buell Crane of Idaho. Trahan also won the M90 age group in the 200m finals after he clocked 48.19 seconds.

The (7.26K) hammer throw champions were Mike Curry (Elk Grove, Calif.) M35-41.66m/136-8, Tim Shannon (Seattle, Wash.) M40-45.78m/150-2 and Larry Schrader (Tennessee) M45-41.52m/136-2. The (6K) hammer throw winners include, Thomas Meyer (San Diego, Calif.) M50-48.60m/159-5 and Roger Conboy (Dallas Masters TC) M55-42.81m/140-5.

Edward Burke (Los Gatos, Calif.) tossed 53.91m/176-10 to set an American M65 age division record in the (5K) hammer throw. The 65-year-old, Burke bettered the 48.74m/159-11 set in 2003 by Bob Ward (Dallas, Texas). Other men's (5K) hammer throw champions were George Mathews (Hayden, Idaho) M60-51.03m/167-5 and Bob Ward (Dallas, Texas) M70-51.35m/168-5. The men's (4K) hammer throw champions were Tom Mullins (Australia) M75-33.80m/110-10, Richard Mulkern (St. Petersburg, Fla.) M80-27.58m/90-6 and Hugh Hackett (Albuquerque, N.M.) M85-19.41m/63-8.

Trent Lane (Baker, La.) does what comes natural to him in the (4K) hammer throw event. The 95-The 95-year-old, Lane tossed 15.97m/52-4 to win the M95 age division title. "I do what comes naturally," said Lane. "I put full concentration in what I do in the throws. I participate to keep fit and for new experiences,"

Other women's triple jump champions were Sarah Boyd (Austin, Texas) W35-9.72m/31-10.75, Caren Ware (Twin Peaks, Calif.) W40-8.86m/29-1, Linda Cohn (Northridge, Calif.) W50-9.11m/29-10.75, Hillen von Maltzahn (Troy, N.Y.) W55-8.29m/27-2.5 and Audrey Lary (Frederick, Md.) W70-7.99m/26-2.75.

Other men's triple jump winners were Henderson Benjamin (Saint Leonard, Md.) M35-12.77m/41-10.75, Brian Coushay (Beaverton, Ore.) M40-13.17m/43-2.5, Marcus Battle (Silver Spring, Md.) M45-12.86m/42-2.25, James Manor (Modesto, Calif.) M55-10.23m/33-6.75, Derek Boosey (San Diego, Calif.) M60-10.17m/33-4.5, Frank Tinelli (Houston, Texas) M65-9.01m/29-6.75, Doug Spainhower (Fruit Heights, Utah) M70-9.42m/30-11, James Stookey (Dickerson, Md.) M75-8.90m/29-2.5, Tom Kennell (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.) M80-6.97m/22-10.5 and Hugh Hackett (Albuquerque, N.M.) M85-4.49m/14-8.75

Robert Richardson (Carson, Calif.) leaped 11.46m/37-7.25 to win the triple jump M50 age group title. "This is a great competition," said Richardson. "I visualize each phase, and try to hit the board at the right angle without scratching."

The women's 1,500m winners were Rachel Menge (Sacramento, Calif.) W30-6:09.29, Mary Grene (Andover, Kan.) W40-4:45.80, Lesley Chaplin-Swann (McDonough, Ga.) W45-4:55.92, Carolyn Smith-Hanna (Pittsford, N.Y.) W45-5:17.35, Wah Berman (Hawaii) W55-6:29.92, Ann Makoske (Cape Canaveral, Fla.) W60-6:16.13, Jeanne Daprano (Atlanta Track Club) W65-6:44.18, Helen Schley (Myersville, Md.) W75-10:01.71 and Gerry Davidson (Fallbrook, Calif.) W80-10:14.15.

The men's 1,500m champions were Kyle Lanier (Lincoln University, Pa.) M30-4:14.47, David Nash (Sioux City, Iowa) M35-4:06.56, Mike Egle (Glenview, Ill.,) M40-4:14.97, Kevin Paulk (Portland, Ore.) M45-4:12.07, James Robinson (Rochester, N.Y.) M50-4:33.44, Stan Mathes (Fond du Lac, Wisc.) M55-4:53.27, James Boughter (Colorado Springs, Colo.) M60-5:14.86, Sid Howard (New York, N.Y.) M65-5:17.59, George Mathes (Green Valley, Ariz.) M70-5:47.77, William Fortune (Pearl River, N.Y.) M75-7:02.12, Roy Englert (Springfield, Va.) M80-8:33.26, Frederic Tompkins (Grand Junction, Colo.) M85-8:33.26 and Frank Levine (Norristown, Pa.) M90-10:26.74.

Joan Berman (Ann Arbor, Mich.) walked 1:00:18.47 to set an American record in the W65 division of the 10,000m race walk final. The 68-year-old, Berman bettered the previous record of 1:00:33.0 set in 2001 by Beverly LaVeck. Miriam Gordon (Hollywood, Fla.) also set an American age group record in the 10,000m race walk competition. The 80-year-old, Gordon walked 1:00:18.19 to better the previous record of 1:15:41.7 set in 2002 by Jane Dana.

The W55 age division in the women's 10,000m race walk came down to the wire. Kathleen Frable (McKinney, Texas) clocked 1:09.06 to win against runner-up Doris Mcguire (LaGrange Park, Ill.) who finished in 1:09.25. Other women's 10,000m race walk champions were Kelly Murphy Glenn (Kuna, Idaho), W40-57:31.00, Leslie Sokol (San Jose, Calif.) W45-1:04.07, Debbie Topham (Mayville, Mich.) W50-59:21.00 and Jolene Steigerwalt (San Diego, Calif.) W60-1:07.03.

Peter Corona (Walnut Creek, Calif.) set an American record in the M75 age group of the 10,000m race walk competition. The 76-year-old, Corona walked 1:10.35 to better the previous record of 1:05:10 set in 2003. Other men's 10,000m race walk winners were Michael Blanchard (Castle Rock, Colo.) M40-55:06.00, Tommy Aunan (Bellevue, Wash.) M45-55:28.00, Klaus Thiedmann (Chicago, Ill.) M50-57:19.00, Michael Wiggins (Hawarden, Iowa) M55-54:17.00, Edoardo Sorrenti (Greenwood Lake, N.Y.) M60-1:01.29, Paul Johnson (Fort Smith, Ark.) M65-1:00.48 and Carl Acosta (North Hollywood, Calif.) M70-1:07.22.

The women's 300m (30") hurdles winners were Caren Ware (Twin Peaks, Calif.) W40-1:13.67, Joanne Petkus (Auburn, Maine) W45-1:31.95, Irene Thompson (Syracuse, N.Y.) W50-55.90 and Rhona Trott (Canada) W55-59.79. The men's 300m (30") hurdles winners include, Warren Graff (Merrimac, Mass.) M60-48.76 and Michael DeStefano (Tucson, Ariz.) M65-49.37. The 300m (27") hurdles winners were William Clark (Sicklerville, N.J.) M70-54.54 and James Stookey (Dickerson, Md.) M75-53.15.

It was close competition in the men's 400m (36") hurdles as Chris Grant (Austin, Texas), clocked 54.67 to win against runner-up Don Drummond (Fresno, Texas) who finished in a time of 54.75. Other men's 400m (36") hurdles winners were Drew Monaghan (San Francisco, Calif.) M40-1:04.57 and Jeff Brower (Austin, Texas) M45-1:01.27. The 400m (33") hurdles champions were Brian McKinley (Boise, Idaho) M50-1:01.60 and Lester Mount (Dallas, Texas) M55-1:10.99.

The women's (600G) javelin throw winners were Shaun Mcpherson (Arlington, Wash) W35-16.50m/54-1, Caren Ware (Twin Peaks, Calif.) W40-22.32m/73-2 and Carol Finsrud (Lockart, Texas) W45-33.70m/110-6. La Tanya Glass (Seal Beach, Calif.) set an American record in the W55 age division of the (500G) javelin throw final. The 58-year-old, Glass tossed 28.08m/92-1 bettered the 26.53m/87-0 set in 2004 by Sharon Raham of Colorado. Claudette Fabian (Long Beach, Calif.) tossed 36.15m/118-7 to set a meet record in the women's (500G) javelin throw. The 52-year-old, Fabian bettered the 37.95m/104-7 set in 2003.

The women's (400G) javelin throw winners were Marg Radcliff (Canada) W60-28.61m/93-10, Joan Berman (Ann Arbor, Mich.) W65-14.77m/48-5 and Betty Jarvis (Aberdeen, N.C.) W90-7.09m/23-3. Christel Donley (Colorado Springs, Colo.) set a meet record in the W70 age division with a toss of 23.99m/78-8. The 70-year-old, Donley bettered the 21.53m/70-7 set in 2004.

The men's Ad Hoc 4x100m relay team (James Stookey, Robert Hewitt, Lloyd Williams and Dick Richards) set a meet record after they finished in 56.39 seconds. The team bettered the previous M70-79 record of 58.58 set in 2004. The men's Ad Hoc 4x100m relay team (Mark Hastings, Charles Allie, George Haywood and Bill Collins) set tied a championship record after they clocked 46.40 to win the M50-59 age division.

The women's AD Hoc 4x400m relay team (Ann Makoske, Mary Trotto, Carolyn Smith-Hanna and Kathryn Martin) set record in the W50-59 age division. They clocked 5:20.15 to better the previous record of 5:24.26 set in 1992.

The men's Ad Hoc 4x800m relay team (Stephen Chantry, James Robinson, Bob Prather and Russell Patton) set an American record in the M50-59 age division. The relay team ran 8:40.32 to better the previous record of 8:41.55 set in 2004 by the Portland Masters Track Club.

The women's Ad Hoc 4x100m relay team (Patricia Peterson, Johnnye Valien, Fei-Mei Chou and Irene Obera) set a championship record after they clocked 1:15.65 in the W70-79 age division. They bettered the previous record of 1:24.54 set in 1997. The women's Ad Hoc 4x100m relay team (Brenda Matthews, Nadine O'Connor, Kathy Jager and Rita Hanscom) set a championship record in the W50-59 age division. The team clocked 55.91 seconds to better the previous record of 57.81 set in 1992.

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