Lewis, Lane break masters world records


Melvin Jackson II
Communications Coordinator
USA Track & Field
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HONOLULU - Oneithea Lewis and Trent Lane set world records in the field events Saturday at the USATF National Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships at the University of Hawaii.

Lewis (Bayside, N.Y.) set a world W45 age division record in the hammer throw competition. The 45-year-old, Lewis tossed 52.89 meters/173 feet, 6 inches to better the 50.75m/166-6 set in 2004 by Margrith Druss of Switzerland.

Lane (Baker, La.) set a world M95 age group record in the (1K) discus throw. The 95-year-old, Lane tossed 15.95m/52-4 to better the previous record of 13.56m/44-6 set in 1999 by 96-year-old Waldo McBurney of Kansas.

Another record fell in the hammer throw as Betty Jarvis (Aberdeen, N.C.) set an American record in the W90 age division with a toss of 10.31m/33-10. The 90-year-old, Jarvis bettered the 8.70m/28-6 set in 2003 by Margaret Evans of Louisiana. Earlier in the day Jarvis won the W90 age group crown in the discus throw with a mark of 9.39m/30-9.

Irene Obera (Fremont, Calif.) appeared ready to sprint another 50 meters after she crossed the finish line in an American record time, winning the 100m title. The 71-year-old, Obera finished in 15.57 seconds to better the previous W70 age division record of 15.72 set in 2004 by Audrey Lary of Frederick, Md.

Clarence Trahan (Hemet, Calif.) set an American record in the M90 age division of the 100m dash. The 90-year-old, Trahan ran 20.56 to better the 20.69 set in 1990 by Buell Crane of Idaho.

Carol Aikels (Houston, Texas) ran 12.24 to set a championship record in the 100m W30 age group. The 34-year-old, Aikels bettered the previous record of 12.29 set in 2003. In the W55 age group, Brenda Matthews (Anaheim, Calif.) pulled away to the finish line clocking 15.00 seconds to win in a close finish over runner-up finisher Hillen von Maltzahn (Troy, N.Y.) who finished in 15.02.

Kathy Bergen (La Canada, Calif.) set a meet record in the W65 age division of the 100m finals. The 65-year-old, Bergen clocked 14.71 seconds to better the previous meet record of 15.60 set in 2003.

In a thrilling 100m final, Demitrius Snaer (New York) won the M30 age group title by a nose. The 30-year-old, Snaer finished in 10.98 seconds followed by Jeff Culpepper (Houston Elite) in second-place with a time of 10.99 and Alfy Pettes (Omaha, Neb.) in third-place in a time of 11.00. Robert Thomas (Indianapolis, Ind.) ran a windy 11.20 seconds to win the M35 age division. The 1987 WAC 100m champion, Aaron Thigpen (Brentwood, Calif.) ran the fastest time by anyone in the men's 100m final. The 40-year-old ran a windy 10.73 (+2.4) to win the M40 age division title.

Marty Krulee (Rocklin, Calif.) was in second-place until the last 10 meters in the M45 age division of the 100m final. The 48-year-old, Krulee took the lead with five meters to the finish line clocking an impressive 11.44 seconds to win. Bill Collins (Houston Elite TC) held off a late surge from Oscar Peyton (Accokeek, Md.) to win the M50 age division in 11.50. Peyton clocked 11.60 at the finish line to place second. Other 100m winners were Charles Allie (Pittsburgh, Pa.) M55-12.19, Donald Neidig (Las Cruces, N.M.) M60-12.48, Doug Smith (Laguna Hills, Calif.) M65-12.82, Dick Richards (M70- Encinitas, Calif.) M70-13.81, James Stookey (Dickerson, Md.) M75-14.21, Melvin Larsen (Ames, Iowa) M80-15.00 and John Means (Over The Hill TC) M85-17.23.

Other women's 100m champions were Donna Lawrence (Austin, Texas) W35-12.68, Jackson Milligan (Tacoma, Wash.) W40-13.23, Marthe Mendenhall (Tacoma, Wash.) W45-14.10, Rita Hanscom (San Diego, Calif.) W50-13.61, Nadine O'Connor (Del Mar, Calif.) W60-14.36 and Patricia Peterson (Albany, N.Y.) W75-19.48.

Johnnye Valien (Los Angeles, Calif.) cleared 1.40m/4-7 to set an American record in the W80 age group of the pole vault. The 80-year-old, Valien also won the 100m W80 age group crown with a time of 20.83.

It was a highly contested competition in the men's high jump finals. Bruce McBarnette (Sterling, Va.) cleared 1.96m/6-5 to win the M45 age division title. The 45-year-old, McBarnette cleared the highest height by male competing in today's finals. Thaddeus Chmielewski (Anchorage, Alaska) cleared 1.80m/5-10.75 to win the M35 age group followed by Tony Pollard (San Diego, Calif.) who finished second with the same mark. In the M40 age division, Guy Stockard (Lansing, Mich.) cleared 1.85m/6-0.75 to win barely edging Brian Coushay (Beaverton, Ore.) and John Forier (Tacoma, Wash.) who both cleared 1.80m/5-10.75 to finish in second and third-place respectively.

Other women's (4K) hammer throw winners include Kelly Thompson (Hopewell Junction, N.Y.) W35-28.98m/95-1 and Debbie Zakerski (Elk Grove, Calif.) W40-17.88m/58-8. The (3K) hammer throw champions were Sandra O'Brien (Shorewood, Wisc.) W50-17.86m/58-7, Liz McBlain (Canada) W55-27.81m/91-3, Georgia Cutler (Oregon Track Club) W60-35.83m/117-6, Mary Roman (Norwalk, Conn.) W65-21.01m/68-11, Audrey Lary (Frederick, Md.) W70-18.93m/62-1 and Flora McLeod-Smith (Canada) W80-12.75m/41-10.

The women's discus throw champions were Georgia Cutler (Eugene, Ore.) W60-21.17m/69.5, Cherrie Sherrard (Vallejo, Calif.) W65-19.89m/65-3, Flo Meiler (Shelburne, Vt.) W70-20.47m/67-2, Leonore McDaniels (Virginia Beach, Va.) W75-11.78m/38-7 and Flora McLeod-Smith (Canada) W80-11.91m/39-1.

The men's (7.26K) shot put champions were Todd Adelgren (Elkhorn, Neb.) M35-14.38m/47-2.25, Tim Shannon (Seattle, Wash.) M40-14.39m/47-2.5 and Robert Carr (Clarksville, Tenn.) M45-13.74m/45-1.

As the temperature rose, athletes heated up the track in the 10,000m finals. Rachel Menge (Sacramento, Calif.) W30-49:53.75, Jeannie Young (Honolulu, Hawaii) W40-41:43.69, Connie Comiso-Fanelli (Hawaii) W45-47:14.32, Kathryn Martin (Northport, N.Y.) W50-40:38.31 and Yvonne Nickel (Sacramento, Calif.) W55-55:32.12.

The men's 10,000m winners were Kareem Lanier (Lincoln University, Pa.) M30-34:02.21, Drew Bell (Alabaster, Ala.) M35-37:36.45, Brian Pope (Oxford, Miss.) M40-32:50.00, Craig Young (Honolulu, Hawaii) M45-33:26.17, Gregg Horner (Goleta, Calif.) M50-36:21.88, David Taylor (Corvallis, Ore.) M55-39:56.26, Richard Webb (Wilmington, Del.) M60-42:40.10, Thom Weddle (Minneapolis, Minn.) M65-44:58.84 and Bill Iffrig (Everett, Wash.) M70-44:13.21.

It was a close race in the 800m M55 age group as Carroll Blake (Boston, Mass.) clocked 2:17.37 to barely edge runner-up Stan Mathes (Fond du Lac, Wisc.) who finished in 2:17.83. Rich Tucker (Spokane, Wash.) held off a late surge from Larry Barnum (Reno, Nev.) to win the M60 age group title in 2:19.69. The 61-year-old, Barnum clocked 2:19.85 to finish in second-place in the 800m final.

Other men's 800m champions were Kyle Lanier (Lincoln University, Pa.) M30-2:03.44, David Nash (Sioux City, Iowa) M35-1:54.93, Mike Egle (Glenview, Ill.,) M40-2:02.65, Kevin Paulk (Portland, Ore.) M45-2:04.35, James Robinson (Rochester, N.Y.) M50-2:06.12, Sid Howard (New York, N.Y.) M65-2:25.29, Jim Selby (Fallbrook, Calif.) M75-3:05.20, Roy Englert (Springfield, Va.) M80-3:45.30, Frederic Tompkins (Grand Junction, Colo.) M85-4:48.88 and Frank Levine (Norristown, Pa.) M90-5:36.21.

The women's 800m winners were Monique Lucero (Brentwood, Calif.) W30-3:01.43, Lorraine Jasper (Birchrunville, Pa.) W40-2:23.37, Lesley Chaplin-Swann (McDonough, Ga.) W45-2:21.56, Kathryn Martin (Northport, N.Y.) W50-2:31.91, Debbie Stiles (St. Louis, Mo.) W55-3:09.92, Ann Makoske (Cape Canaveral, Fla.) W60-3:04.33, Jeanne Daprano (Atlanta Track Club) W65-3:24.97, Vicki Bigelow (San Lorenzo, Calif.) W70-3:15.12, Helen Schley (Myersville, Md.) W75-4:36.63 and Gerry Davidson (Fallbrook, Calif.) W80-5:02.08.

Nadine O'Connor (Del Mar, Calif.) cleared the highest height by any woman in today's pole vault final. The 63-year-old, O'Connor cleared 2.90m/9-6.25 to win the W60 age division crown. Other women's pole vault winners were Debbie Zakerski (Elk Grove, Calif.) W40-1.80m/5-10.75, Rita Hanscom (San Diego, Calif.) W50-2.40m/7-10.5, Hillen von Maltzahn (Troy, N.Y.) W55-2.70m/8-10.25 and Flo Meiler (Shelburne, Vt.) W70-1.90m/6-2.75.

The (1K) discus throw champions were Bob Ward (Dallas, Texas) M70-41.49m/136-1, Arnie Gaynor (Palm Desert, Calif.) M75-36.63m/120-2, Richard Mulkern (St. Petersburg, Fla.) M80-29.86m/97-11, Hugh Hackett (Albuquerque, N.M.) M85-15.38m/50-5 and Leland McPhie (San Diego, Calif.) set a meet record in the M90 age division with a toss of 18.40m/60-4. The 91-year-old, McPhie bettered the 16.40m/53-9 set in 2004.

The (700G) javelin throw winners were Mike Wasp (Odessa, Fla.) M50-54.43m/178-7 and Martin Menkin (Florida Athletic TC) M55-49.34m/161-10. The (600G) javelin throw winners include John Burns (Lafayette, Calif.) M60-43.63m/143-1 and Frank Tinelli (Houston, Texas) M65-38.35m/125-10.

The men's pole vault champions were Murray Mead (Hermosa Beach, Calif.) M50-3.95m/12-11.5 and John Altendorf (Oregon Track Club) M55-3.05m/10-0.

For more information on the 2005 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships, including results and photos visit www.usatf.org.