Saturday morning quotes from Helsinki


Tom Surber
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Christian Cantwell, Shot Put

My goal was just to get in and go easy and hit it in the end. I knew about 20 meters would get to the final, so I just got it in there.

Adam Nelson, Shot Put

I feel great. I felt a little slow because they sat us down so long, but I feel fine. I'm ready to go.

John Godina, shot put

Too much bad stuff happened over the last eight weeks. The injuries played a role. That's the only reason. I was too good for this to happen other wise. The best thing for me to do is pack it up and get ready for next year. I will be doing this until I'm 40. (He's now 33.) I did what I could.

Justin Gatlin, 100 meters

I feel good. I can't complain. I just got the jitters out of the way. I just want to go out here and run fast. The track is very fast, it feels smooth.I think I'm rested. I was kind of surprised to come out here at 7:30 in the morning, but it was okay. I made it to the next round, I'll go back and rest.

Erica McLain, triple jump

It was really exciting. Being the youngest here was really cool. I definitely think I should have done better. I probably I had my worst competition in two years. I don't know what it was. It wasn't nerves. I guess it was just an off day.

Lisa Galaviz, women's steeplechase

I went out conservatively. I don't know if I made the finals. It was just hard. I mean, the crowd and everything, it makes you kind of pumped up and it makes you go out pretty hard.I didn't have quite as much at the end as I thought I would. It's very disappointing.

A.J. Kruger, men's hammer

I was a little disappointed in how far I threw. It was better than last year. I have to keep on figuring it out and hope to get and further and further. I'm expecting many people in the next group to throw far. But just like in the first round, I was expecting 73.63 (241-7) probably being about 10th. Who knows? I could possibly make it.

James Parker, Hammer ThrowI felt good in warm-ups. I feel healthy and strong, but it just didn't come around in the competition. I just wasn't able to pull it out.Today I was far off from my season's best. It was a good experience.

Hazel Clark, women's 800

It was great out there. I took control at one point. I figured it was better to do that then fall down and get in a mess. I feel very confident. I didn't want the lead, but it left a whole for me. I figured I got to take it. It's better to take the lead than lay back and fall down. I have long legs and I tend to get tripped out.

Kameisha Bennett, women's 800

The race was faster than I thought it would be. I just ran to qualify basically. I was a little concerned (I wouldn't make it.) I got boxed in a little and I had to stop and go around. I think that's the only problem I had with my race. I felt good.

Alice Schmidt, women's 800

My heat was slow, and that great because we race tomorrow. My time was 2:07, but it felt really awesome. I was thinking this is too good to be true. No wanted to take the lead at 200, so it slowed dramatically. I thought if somebody doesn't take it, it's going to be so slow that there will be some sprinters in this race that will out kick me.

Kerron Clement, men's 400 hurdles

It went real well. I can't complain. 48.98 in the first round and I'm on to the semis. I got out today and tomorrow I'll be fine. I still won and I'm happy about it. The race was not my best. I feel pleased about it. It wasn't that bad.

James Carter, 400m HurdlesIt was an easy race. I just wanted to get out, get my rhythm down and finish in one of those top spots.

Bershawn Jackson, 400 meter hurdlesThings went a bit rough like I expected. You know, this is the first big European meet of the year. I've had other little meets, but nothing like this. It's good, I got through the first round safe, now I'm ready for round two.I felt a little rusty at first, but it gradually came back to me. I didn't want to push to hard in the first round, I wanted to save it all for the final. This is what I've worked hard for all year.