USATF Long Distance Running Notes - June 11-12, 2005


Jim Estes
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USA Track & Field
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Team USA Marathon Summit to be held for Helsinki squad

As the 2005 Team USA marathoners begin their preparations for this summer's IAAF World Championships in Athletics, USA Track and Field will be holding a marathon summit for the Helsinki-bound squad this weekend in Rochester Hills, Mich.

Visions of repeating the 2004 Olympic success of Team USA marathoners Meb Keflezighi and Deena Kastor led to the summit which will once again be conducted by Dr. David Martin of Atlanta, Ga. Martin is widely credited for coordinating the summit which led to Kastor's bronze and Keflezighi's silver medals in last year's Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece.

The summit will include sessions focusing on the marathon course, nutrition, psychology and race strategy. Dr. Martin will be providing the athletes with valuable information regarding the Helsinki course, expected weather and history of past championships. Dr. Dan Benardot will conduct sessions on hydration and nutrition and Dr. Ralph Vernacchia will conduct the sessions regarding the psychology of the marathon.

"This upcoming summit is intended to do for the Helsinki-bound runners what the Athens-bound runners had last summer - a detailed view of the course, the weather, the city, the competition, and how to arrive healthy, heat-adapted, unaffected by the time change, and mentally ready to focus on making the podium by delivering their best race," said Dr. Martin. "Meb and Deena were prepared to race well, and we want all 5 of our athletes on the two world championships teams to be similarly ready."

In addition to the technical information, the summit will serve as an opportunity for the team members to spend time together in order to bond as a team and discuss preparations and strategies.

The summit will be held at facilities provided by the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project in Rochester Hills. Three Hansons athletes, Brian Sell, Trent Briney and Clint Verran are on the 2005 team along with Scott Larson of Superior, Colo., and Peter Gilmore of San Mateo, Calif. The women's team is Jill Boaz of Los Osos, Calif., Jenny Crain of Milwaukee, Wis., Heather Hanscom of Arlington, Va., Kelly Keane of The Woodlands, Tex., and Turena Johnson Lane of Muncie, Ind. Team coaches for the marathon are Jack Hazen and Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick.

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USA 100 Mile Trail Championships

2005 marks the 16th consecutive year for the Mohican Trail 100 Mile, which will this year be the first ever USA 100 Mile Trail Championship, sanctioned by USA Track and Field.

In the course of the Mohican Trail 100 Mile, runners ascend, and descend, over 11,000 vertical feet (roughly the total vertical equivalent of two trips from the rim to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back). Weather can be a major factor. Temperatures during the event have run the gamut from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and trail conditions vary as well, with numerous miles of slippery mud adding to the challenge during the more rainy years. On the plus side, runners say, the natural beauty of the forested trails helps to distract them from the difficulties and, during the night, fireflies, starlight and the sounds of night birds and crickets can help to make the run a surrealistic experience.

The Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run is one of more than 30 100-mile races in North America. The 100-mile run is arguably the most popular distance among ultra-marathoners. An ultra-marathon is any running event longer than the marathon (26 miles, 385 yards), with events ranging from the shortest standard event of 50 kilometers (31 miles) to transcontinental treks such as foot races across the United States.

The race records are 15 hours 11 minutes for men, set by Courtney Campbell of Va., and 18:53:20 for women, set by Janice Anderson of Ga., both in 1999. Runners are allowed up to 30 hours to officially complete the event.

Further information is available at, or by contacting Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run Publicity Coordinator Robin Fry at:

ZAP Fitness Adds All-American Thomas Morgan to Resident Team

ZAP Fitness, the Blowing Rock, North Carolina based post collegiate distance running center, has added University of Kentucky graduate and All-American Thomas Morgan to its group of resident athletes. Morgan, an SEC Cross Country Champion and track All-American has run 13:42 for 5,000m (2005) and 3:42 for 1,500m. Morgan will be joining the ZAP team in September after completing a summer internship with the USATF LDR Division at the USATF National Offices in Indianapolis, IN. The addition of Morgan brings ZAP's team roster to 10 athletes.

ZAP Fitness is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Zika Palmer and her husband Andy Palmer. ZAP Fitness provides its resident athletes with room, board, health insurance, a monthly stipend, travel, gear, coaching, and an annual four- week training retreat in Florida. . ZAP also has an on-site chef who cooks for the resident athletes. For more information on ZAP Fitness you can visit them at

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