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Team USA picks up 7 more medals at Pan Am Games


Jill Geer
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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – The United States men's and women's track and field teams continued their dominance in the Pan American Games by collecting seven medals, including four gold, Friday night at Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Stadium.

The United States pushed its total to 25 after four days of track and field competition. The U.S. men have earned 14 medals, including six gold. The U.S. women have collected 11 medals including five gold.

The United States got off on the right foot by winning in the men's pole vault with Toby Stevenson (Chula Vista, Calif.) and Russ Buller (Westlake, La.) finishing one-two. Stevenson won a jump off at 17-10 ½, while Buller missed his attempt. The United States extended its string in having won gold medals in the men's pole vault to the last six Pan American Games.

The United States also swept the finals in both men's sprint events with Kenny Brokenburr (Raleigh, N.C) winning the 200 in 20.42 and University of Minnesota senior Mitch Potter (Minneapolis, Minn.) capturing the 400 in 45.11

Potter, running in lane four, surprised the field by holding off Cuba's Yerman Lopez at the wire. Lopez, running in lane six, was timed in 45.13.

Tiffany Lott (Pleasant Grove, Utah) became the first U.S. athlete to win a gold medal in the heptathlon since 1995 by tallying 6,064 points. Lott built on her first-day lead by winning the long jump (19-9) and javelin (162-5) Friday.

Two-time reigning USA Outdoor champion Yuliana Perez earned a silver medal in the women's triple jump in 45-10 ¾.

Seventeen-year-old Allyson Felix (Santa Clarita, Calif.) finished third in the women's 200 in 22.93 to earn a bronze medal.

Despite a late lineup change, the United States men's 4x100 relay team posted the fifth fastest time in the world this year in 38.59 to lead qualifying into Saturday's final. Kaaron Conwright (Woodland Hills, Calif.), scheduled to run the third leg on the men's 4x100 relay, suffered an injury 10 minutes prior to second heat in the semifinal round.

"I am extremely ecstatic," said U.S. head men's track coach Fred Harvey. "They kept their composure right down in the warm up area. Kaaron Conwright cramped up and he made the mature decision not to press it through. Mardy (Marcelle) Scales came in to replace him. And in a meet of this level with all the pressure, they got it done."

Mickey Grimes (Ontario, Calif.), who won the 100 Wednesday, ran the first leg followed by Jason Smoots (Durham, N.C.), Scales and Olan Coleman (Waco, Texas). Trinidad & Tobago won heat two in 38.97.

Larry Wade (Canoga Park, Calif.) and Josh Walker (Stone Mountain, Ga.) led qualifiers in the men's 110 hurdles. Wade, who was ranked third in the world last year, posted the fastest time of 13.35.


Men's 50k Race Walk Final – 1. German Sanchez, Mexico, 4:05.01; 2. Mario Dos Santos Jr., Brazil, 4:07.36; 3. Luis Garcia, Guatemala, 4:12.14; 4. Sergio Gialdino, Brazil, 4:24.42; 5. Philip Dunn, USA (San Diego, Calif.), 4:25.49. Jorge Pino, Cuba, did not finish; Ruben Dario Javiel, Dominican Republic, did not finish; Julio Martinez, Guatemala, did not finish; Omar Zepeda, Mexico, disqualified; Sean Albert, USA (Chula Vista, Calif.) disqualified.

Men's Pole Vault Final – 1. Toby Stevenson, USA (Chula Vista, Calif.), 17-10 ½ (5.45); 2. Russ Buller, USA (Westlake, La.), 17-8 ½ (5.40); 3. Dominic Johnson, St. Lucia, 17-8 ½ (5.40); 4. Javier Benitez, Argentina, 17-6 1/2 (5.35); 5. Giovanni Lanaro, Mexico, 17-0 3/4 (5.20); 6. Ricardo Diez, Venezuela, 17-0 3/4 (5.20); 7. Jose Nava, Chile, 17-0 3/4 (5.20); 8. Jhabari Ennis, Jamaica, 16-4 3/4 (5.00); 9. Francisco Leon, Peru, 16-0 3/4 (4.90); 10. Jorge Naranjo, Chile, 15-9 (4.80); Robinson Pratt, Mexico, no height.

Men's Discus Final - 1. Jason Tunks, Canada, 209-0 (63.70); 2. Frank Casanas, Cuba, 205-4 (62.61); 3. Loy Martinez, Cuba, 201-4 (61.36); 4. Josh Ralston, USA (Dickinson, N.D.)195-5 (59.57); 5. Jorge Balliengo, Argentina, 194-10 (59.39); 6. Doug Reynolds, USA (Lawrence, Kan.), 192-3 (58.60); 7. Eric Forshaw, Canada, 188-5 (57.42); 8. Marcelo Pugliese, Argentina, 183-4 (55.88); 9. Expedi Pena, Dominican Republic, 168-4; 10. Alleyne Lett, Grenada, 154-11 (47.22)

Women's High Jump Final – 1. Juana Rosario, Dominican Republic, 6-4 ¼ (1.94); 2. Maria Rifka, Mexico, 6-4 ¼ (1.94); 3. Yarianni Arguelles, Cuba, 6-2 ¼; 4. Stacy-Ann Grant, USA (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 6-1 ¼ (1.86); 5. Lauren Spencer, Saint Lucia, 6-0 (1.83); 6. Ifoma Jones, USA (Houston,Texas), 6-0 (1.83); 7. Solange Witteveenm Argentina, 5-10 ¾ (1.80) and Nicole Forrester, Canada, 1.80 (5-10 ¾); 9. Peaches Roach, Jamaica, 5-10 ¾ (1.80); 10. Luciane Dambacher, Brazil, 5-8 ¾ (1.75); 11. Desiree Crichlow, Barbados, 5-8 ¾ (1.75)

Women's Triple Jump Final – 1. Mabei Gay, Cuba, 47-3 3/4 (14.42); 2. Yuliana Perez, USA (Tucson, Ariz.), 45-10 ¾ (13.99); 3. Yasmay Bicet, Cuba, 45-7 ¼ (13.90); 4. Suzette Lee, Jamaica, 45-4 ½ (13.83); 5. Tiombe Hurd, USA (Upper Marlboro, Md.), 44-10 ¾ (13.68); 6. Maria Spencer, Dominican Republic, 44-9 ¾ (13.66); 7. Colleen Scott, Jamaica, 44-8 ¾ (13.63); 8. Maria Jose Paiz, Guatemala, 42-11 ½ (13.09); 9. Monica Falcioni, Uruguay, 42-8 ¾ (13.02); 10. Daysi Ugarte, Bolivia, 40-4 ¼ (12.30)

Men's 4x100 Relay Prelim Heat One – 1. Trinidad & Tobago, 38.97; 2. Jamaica 39.02; 3. Brazil, 39.10; 4. Saint Kitts & Nevis, 40.37; 5. Dominica 40.68; Dominican Republic did not finish.

Men'x 4x100 Relay Prelim Heat Two – 1. United States (Mickey Grimes, Ontario, Calif.; Jason Smoots, Durham, N.C.; Marcelle Scales, Franklin, Tenn.; Olan Coleman, Waco, Texas) 38.59; 2. Cuba 39.50; 3. Bahamas, 39.91; 4. Netherlands Antilles, 39.95; 5. Cayman Island 41.10; 6. Belize, 42.23.

Women's 100 Hurdles Semifinal Heat One – 1. Brigitte Foster, Jamaica, 12.66 (Pan American Games record, old mark 12.76 Aliuska Lopez, Cuba- Winnipeg, Canada, 1999); 2. Angela Whyte, Canada, 12.78; 3, Michelle Perry, USA (Palmdale, Calif.), 12.80; 4. Yaumara Neyra, Cuba, 12.82; 5. Maila Machado, Brazil, 13.17; 6. Francisca Guzman, Chile, 14.04; 7. Juana Mejia, Dominican Republic, 14.17.

Women's 100 Hurdles Semifinal Heat Two – 1. Lacena Golding-Clarke, Jamaica, 12.76; 2. Nadine Faustin, Haiti, 12.83; 3. Perdita Felicien, Canada, 12.84; 4. Anay Tejeda, Cuba, 12.99; 5. Yolanda McCray, USA (Miami, Fla.), 13.37; 6. Princesa Oliverso, Colombia, 13.80; 7. Patricia Riesco, Peru, 14.05.

Men's 110 Hurdles Semifinal Heat One – 1. Josh Walker, USA (Stone Mountain, Ga.) 13.54; 2. Redelen Dos Santos, Brazil, 13.54; 3. Dominique De Grammont, Haiti, 13.78; 4. Paulo Villar, Colombia, 13.81; 5. Anier Garcia, Cuba, 13.83; 6. Ricardo Melbourne, Jamaica, 13.90.

Men's 110 Hurdles Semifinal Heat Two – 1. Larry Wade, USA (Canoga Park, Calif.), 13.35; 2. Yunier Hernandez, Cuba, 13.39; 3. Dudley Dorival, Haiti, 13.54; 4. Charles Allen, Canada, 13.58; 5. Hugh Henry, Barbados, 14.01.

Men's 110 Hurdles Semifinal Heat Three – 1. Marcio De Souza, Brazil, 13.67; 2. Jackson Quinonez, Ecuador 13.70; 3. Karl Jennings, Canada, 13.80; 4. Christopher Pinnock, Jamaica, 13.81; 5. Alleyne Lett, Grenada, 14.10

Women's 200 Final – 1. Roxana Diaz, Cuba, 22.69; 2. Cydonie Mothersille, Cayman Islands, 22.86; 3. Allison Felix, USA (Santa Clarita, Calif.), 22.93; 4. Digna Murillo, Colombia, 23.26; 5. Crystal Cox, USA (Chapel Hill, N.C.), 23.36; 6. Daniele Browning, Jamaica, 23.46; 7. Norma Gonzalez, Colombia, 23.47; 8. Judith Kitson, Jamaica, 23.80

Men's 200 Final – 1. Kenny Brokenburr, USA (Raleigh, N.C.), 20.42; 2. Christopher Williams, Jamaica, 20.54; 3. Andre Da Silva, Brazil, 20.68; 4. Heber Vier, Uruguay, 20.85; 5. Julieon Raeburn, Trinidad & Tobago, 20.93; 7. Claudinei DaSilva, Brazil, 20.99; 8. Kevin Arthurton, Saint Kitts and Nevis, 21.02.

Women's 400 Final – 1. Ana Guevara, Mexico, 50.36; 2. Hazel Ann Regis, Grenada, 51.56; 3. Aliann Pompey, Guyana, 52.06; 4. Lisvania Grenot, Cuba , 52.23; 5. Melisa Barber, USA (Columbia, S.C.), 52.53; 6. Noviene Williams, Jamaica, 52.83; 7. Moushaumi Robinson, USA (Columbus,Ohio), 52.96; 8. Michelle Burgher, Jamaica, 53.26.

Men's 400 Final – 1. Mitch Potter, USA (Minneapolis, Minn.), 45.11; 2. Yerman Lopez, Cuba, 45.13; 3. Alleyne Francique, Grenada, 45.51; 4. Adam Steele, USA (Eden Prairie, Minn.), 45.72; 5. Shane Niemi, Canada, 45.78; 6. Carlos Santo, Dominican Republic, 45.85; 7. Michael Campbell, Jamaica, 46.10; 8. Davian Clarke, Jamaica, 46.17.

Women's 10,000 Final – 1. Adriana Fernandez, Mexico, 33:16.05; 2. Yudelkis Martinez, Cuba, 33:55.12; 3. Bertha Sanchez, Colombia, 33:56.17; 4. Kim Young-Fitchen, USA (Palo Alto, Calif.), 34:15.09; 5. Madai Perez, Mexico, 34:27.71; 6. Jennifer Crain, USA (Eugene, Ore.), 34:40.19; 7. Elsa Monterroso, Guatemala, 36:34.23; 8. Luz Eliana Silva, Chile, 37:11.17/

Final Heptathlon Scoring – 1. Tiffany Lott, USA (Pleasant Grove, Utah), 6,064 points; 2. Nicole Haynes, Canada, 5,959 points; 3. Magaly Garcia,Cuba, 5,864 points; 4. Judith Mendez, Dominican Republic, 5,783 points; 5. Yoleidis Limonta, Cuba 5,496 points; 6. Thaimara Rivas, Venezuela, 5,472 points; 7. Francia Manzanillo, Dominican Republic, 5,359 points; 8. Valeria Steffens, Chile, 4,988 points.

Women's Heptathlon Long Jump – 1. Tiffany Lott, USA (Pleasant Grove, Utah), 19-9 (6.02), 856 points; 2. Yoleidis Limonta, Cuba, 19-8 (5.99), 846 points; 3. Nicole Haynes, Canada, 19-6 (5.89), 816 points; 4. Thaimara Rivas, Venezuela, 19-3 ½, (5.72), 813 points; 5., Francia Manzanillo, Dominican Republic, 18-9 ¾ (5.72), 765 points; 6. Magaly Garcia, Cuba, 18-5 (5.61), 732 points; 7. Judith Mendez, Dominican Republic, 17-8 (5.38), 665 points; 8. Valeria Steffens, Chile, 17-0 ¾ (5.20), 614 points

Women's Heptathlon Javelin – 1. Tiffany Lott, USA (Pleasant Grove, Utah), 162-5 (49.52), 851 points; 2. Nicole Haynes, Canada, 158-9 (48.40), 829 points; 3. Judith Mendez, Dominican Republic, 155-1 (47.24), 807 points; 4. Magaly Garcia, Cuba, 150-2 ½, (45.79), 779 points; 5. Francia Manzanillo, Dominican Republic, 145-5 (44.32), 750 points; 6. Thaimara Rivas, Venezuela, 126-8 (38.62), 641 points; 7. Valeria Steffens, Chile, 114-9 ½ (34.99), 571 points; 8. Yoleidis Limonta, Cuba, 103-5 ½ (31.33), 502 points.

Women's Heptahtlon 800 – 1. Judith Mendez, Dominican Republic, 2:16.56, 871 points; 2. Francia Manzanillo, Dominican Republic, 2:20.28, 820 points; 3. Nicole Haynes, Canada, 2:21.65, 801 points; 4. Valeria Steffens, Chile, 2:24.75, 760 points; 5. Thaimara Rivas, Venezuela, 2:25.16, 755 points; 6. Magaly Garcia, Cuba, 2:26.26, 740 points; 7. Tiffany Lott, USA (Pleasant Grove, Utah), 2:27.74, 721 points; 8. Yoleidis Limonta, Cuba, 2:29.23, 703 points.

2003 Pan American Games, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Day 4 Track & Field Quotes August 8, 2003

Men's 50k Race Walk Finals

Phillip Dunn, Chula Vista, Calif., 5th place, 4 hours, 25 minutes, 50 seconds "My time was about what I expected in these conditions so I can't complain. With this heat and humidity, I wanted to be patient the whole way. I thought if I could keep a steady pace, a lot of the people in front me would falter and I could move up. Most never did. I sure didn't want to get out too fast."

Sean Albert, Chula Vista, Calif. (DNF) "This wasn't my most stellar day. I started having problems after about 10 kilometers, the I just tried to keep up. It really became a struggle and they finally asked me to leave (about three-quarters of the way home). There was just too much heat and humidity for me today."

Men's Pole Vault Final

Toby Stevenson, Chula Vista, Calif., Gold medal, (17-10.5, 5.45m) (won in jump off) "Today was no different than a normal meet. We didn't jump any more than we normally would even though we were in a jump off. I've done this several times. As long as you don't get rattled you'll be fine. It feels great to win but I hate that we didn't jump higher. The facilities are great but there was a serious cross wind. It was jumpable though."

Russ Buller, Westlake, Calif. Silver medal, 17-8.5 (5.40) (second in jump off) "The crowd was great. They really got behind us and supported us even though we didn't jump as high as we could. It's great to be here competing for the country and showing everyone what we can do. We've got a great group of vaulters in the U.S. right now and it was our chance to show we're the future of vaulting."

Men's Discus Finals

Josh Ralston, Dickinson, N.D., 4th place, 195-5 (59.57) "I was little disappointed, but it is nice to finish 4th. I know was capable of winning a medal and I wish I could of has a few more decent throws. This was my first international event and it was a great experience. It was definitely a eye opening experience going against this top notch competition. I am now going to take a break and get prepare for my senior season (Texas A&M).

Doug Reynolds, Lawrence, Kan., 6th place, 192-3 (58.60) "The conditions were great out here tonight. Jason (Ralston) did a great job and he had a solid day. Every competitor put on a good show and the Cubans were solid as always.I really struggled today. I just need to take my knocks and compete like I know I can."

Men's 4x100 meter Relay Semifinals

Mickey Grimes, Ontario, Calif. (first leg), USA 1st in Heat 2, 38.59 "I took the same approach I always take and pushed winning the 100 in the back of my mind. I wanted to shut the door and focus on this race. I just wanted to go out and have some fun. We'll be ready tomorrow."

Jason Smoots, Durham, N.C. (second leg) "I've been here a week so it was difficult to all of a sudden make a sudden change when Karron (Cartwright who ran third leg) got hurt. We can improve the handoff but the main thing was that we got the stick around. We want to run quick tomorrow."

Marcelle Scales, Franklin, Tenn. (3rd leg) "It was good out there. I was in front of the pack all the way. I was a sluggish because I didn't know I would run on the relay until about 10 minutes before. Kaaron (Conwright) had some hamstring problem and couldn't go."

Olan Coleman, Waco, Texas (4th leg) "All I had to do was bring it home because of what Mickey did on the first leg. Mickey picked up so much ground it made it easy on the rest of us. I probably got the baton with a five meter lead."

Women's 100 meter Hurdle Semifinals

Heat 1: Michelle Perry, Palmdale, Calif., 3rd place, 12.80 "I was a little tight in the hips and I guess it showed in my time. I don't think my time was good enough to get me into the finals.

Heat 2: Yolanda McCray, Miami, Fla., 5th place, 13.37 "My hamstring (right) is killing me. I tried to push it but I hit the last three hurdles. Two weeks ago I strained the hamstring in practice and took a week and a half off. I just started hurdling again on Wednesday. I thought it would hold off today.

Men's 110 Hurdles Semifinal

Heat 1: Josh Walker, Stone Mountain, Ga., 1st place, 13.54 "I'm feeling really good. (after the false start) I just had to refocus and stay composed. That's what I do and that's why I'm an athlete and that's what I cam here to do. I'm just having fun and taking it round by round. I just came off a long college season so I'm glad I stayed healthy and could come here to represent my country."

Heat 2: Larry Wade, Canoga Park, Calif., 1st place, 13.35 "The false start didn't affect the way I ran. I didn't go in the way I should of have mentally. Win, that's all that matters. I want to get the U.S. another gold medal."

Men's 200 meter Finals

Kenny Brokenburr (Raleigh, N.C.), Gold medal, 20.42 "As I was warming up earlier, I felt that I was too relaxed. The first two heats were that easy. I knew the others weren't running well. But I knew I felt too relaxed. I'm the type of runner that needs to feel a bit of an edge. So I decided that I was going to do the same thing I did in the last two races and then I knew I wouldn't have any problems in the final, and that's what I did. I stuck with what got me here."

Women's 400 Finals

Moushami Robinson, Columbus, Ohio; 7th place, 52.96 "I didn't hear the set command and I had to look back and see how the girls were set. And I kind of stumbled. I'm disappointed but it was a good experience, to come here and learn."

Me'Lisa Barber, Columbia, S.C., 5th place, 52.53 "I just did not get out hard enough to run my race. It was some tough competition out there and anyone could have won the race."

Running on 4x400 relay team tomorrow "We should definitely win the race tomorrow. We have a great core team of runners and hopefully we can come out on top."

Women's High Jump Final Stacy Ann Grant, Brooklyn, N.Y., 4th place, 6-1.75 (1.86) "I had a really good rhythm tonight. On the attempt at 1.86 meters I didn't get a chance to put it together but I was able to clear it. The next height I was a little overanxious but overall it was a very good competition. This was a very good experience and I felt honored to represent the United States.

Ifoma Jones, Houston Texas, 6th place, 6-0 (1.83) "I never felt the rhythm tonight. Everything was fine I just couldn't feel it. It was a tough crowd too. They aren't afraid to let you know about it. I've never seen a crowd like this before."

Men's 400 meter Finals

Mitch Potter Minneapolis, Minn., Gold medal, 45.11 "I did exactly what I had to do. I almost got beat at the end because it was hard to see. Nobody ran with me in the last 100 meters. If no one's ahead or besides you, no one's pushing you and you think you're running fast but it's hard to tell. I'm lucky to be here. Its a lot different than running in Minnesota."

Adam Steele, Eden Prarie, Minn., 4th place, 45.72 "I got out okay. I ran an all right race, but … I don't know."

On U. of Minn. Teammate and Pan Am Gold Medalist Mitch Potter: "It's fun to have him here with me and it's great that he won."

Women's Triple Jump Final

Yuliana Perez, Tucson, Ariz., Silver medal, 45-10.75 (13.99) "This was my first Pan Am Games competing for the U.S. and I was extremely proud. There was some tough competition out here tonight and it will be even tougher at the Worlds. I plan to go home now and starting training again for the Worlds. All the top jumpers will be at the worlds and I want to give my best performance"

Tiombe Hurd, Upper Marlboro, Md., 5th, 44-10.75 (13.68) "I was definitely not pleased with my performance tonight. I was glad I did not foul much, because that has been a problem early this season. Unfortunately, I did not jump well today. I had troubledcoming off the board and just did not get it done."

Women's Heptathlon Final

Tiffany Lott, Pleasant Grove, Utah, Gold medal, 6,064 points "It was a pretty solid performance. It was my best since having my child on Aug. 12, 2001. I was hoping I could qualify for the World Games but it wasn't quite enough (6,105 points needed to qualify). Coming in, I had no idea if I had a chance to win the gold here. I knew Nicole (Haynes from Canada) would be here and she's really tough. It turned out to be a better field overall than I thought it would be."

"(My strategy) was to finish. I was trying to run on pace through the first 400 because sometimes you can get caught up when it goes out fast. My time (2:27.74) was a little slower than I wanted but that's okay."

Women's 10,000m

Kim Fitchen-Young, Palo Alto, Calif., 4th place, 34:15.09 The pace seemed a bit slow in the beginning but it was really hot so I expected it to be slow. I didn't want to do all the leading so I led for the first mile or two then I let someone go ahead.

I wanted to do top three and I really thought I could, but fourth isn't bad. I was a bit feverish, but I think it was just the humidity. I'm sure everyone was hurting out there, it was pretty hot. But I hung on, and I did the best I could, and I didn't want to give up, and I kept thinking I could crack the top three, but it didn't quite happen, so next time.

I'm going to do a half-marathon, the Chicago Marathon in the fall and I'm going to shoot for that for the 2004 Olympics.

Jenny Crain, Eugene, Ore., 6th place, 34:40.19 We knew it was going to be very humid, even though it did cool down tonight. I felt like I had adjusted my pace accordingly, but after what my coach and I had figured on, I was actually much slower. I was unable to maintain the pace I set. I probably should have gone out a little slower. This is the type of race you really need to run your own race, and I did feel that the pack went out at a reasonable pace, and I did my best to maintain.

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