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Submitting Rule Changes

Rule changes for USATF are made at our even year conventions and go into effect at the start of the odd years. However, rule changes do occur in odd years because of need for conformance with IAAF and WMA rules which are changed in odd years, i.e., 2007. Thus the changes for 2008 are the result of changes made by IAAF and/or WMA at their meetings in 2007 and approved for the most part by USATF at the Hawaii Convention in 2007.

  • Odd Years
    • Rule changes made: WMA, NCAA, NFHS and IAAF (Supposedly every 4 years but there have recently been changes every two years.)
    • Rules go into effect at the start of the next even year or May 1 for WMA and IAAF
    • USATF to conform with IAAF/WMA
  • Even Years
    • Rule changes made: NCAA, NFHS and USATF
    • Rules go into effect: start of next odd year

Suggest Rule Changes

If you have a suggestion for a rule change, please email Mark Kostek and include the following information:

  1. Original rule number
  2. Original tule text
  3. How you would like the rule modified
  4. Your rationale for the change

Please remember that any rule changes submitted now can not be acted upon until the next rule change year.

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