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Resources - Officials Training


Certification Chair Duties
Updated: March, 2011
Best Practices Collection
Certification Clinic Materials
Updated: January, 2011
Best Practices Collection
Certification Clinic Presentation
Updated: January, 2004
Certification Info, Criteria and Process
Updated: October, 2013
Best Practices Collection
Training/Certification Clinic Outline and Slides
Updated: January, 2004

Clinic How-to's

Clinic Planning and Content Analysis
Updated: January, 2004

General Training and Mentoring

Administrative and Mechanics Manual
Updated: January, 2002
Officials Mentoring Handbook
Updated: January, 2005
Officials Mentoring Slides
Updated: November, 2005

International Officiating

How to Prepare for an International Officiating Experience
Updated: December, 2009


Officials Recruiting Brochure
Updated: October, 2012
Best Practices Collection

University-Level Officiating Course

Class 1 - Introduction and Syllabus
Updated: January, 1999
Class 2 - Event Planning and Management
Updated: January, 1999

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